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Similarities between Men and Dogs

Updated on August 12, 2022
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Take a moment to laugh, it makes everyday better and you will be happier.

The Saying, "MEN ARE DOGS"

As a woman, I have many of times heard a man being called a ‘DOG’, but have never actually taken the proper time nor given the proper thought to how true this may actually be. That is, until recently. The similarities between men and dogs are astounding and feel confident in saying, “Men are Dogs”.

Dirty Dogs

FACT ONE- Men are like dogs because just like a dog, a man will bark and get all worked up when another dog gets too close to something or someone he deems as his own.

This is the dog's way of saying, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

Unfortunately, both. dogs and men want to claim you as their own, while also going out on the prowl for more. Don't be surprised if you find your dog, or your man at the house down the street with the pooch you know is up to no good.


They want to bury their bone

FACT TWO- Men are like dogs. You will find that they are always trying to bury their bone. Whether or not you want them to.

Dogs will dig up your flowers, grass or what ever else is necessary to bury their bone. Men will find a dark corner or empty room any chance they get to bury their bone. Sometimes they don't even care if where they bury it is their home. Doesn’t really matter if it is in your backyard or front -they just want it buried.

Cute When Young!

Sure...they all start out sweet...but they don't stay babies forever-they will lose the cuteness...
Sure...they all start out sweet...but they don't stay babies forever-they will lose the cuteness... | Source

Their temperament is just like a dog's

FACT THREE- Men are like dogs because they are loyal when you are close by-but roam when you are gone.

Point being, when you go out of town to your mothers house for the weekend, where is that dog of yours? Who knows, because where a dog is concerned, out of sight out of mind-but when you return; he will be over joyed to see you and show you just how much he cares…until the next time. Perhaps consider a kennel or taking the dog with you next time you leave town?

FACT FOUR- Men are like dogs because if you start petting the neighbors dog-they get very jealous…

but every time your best friend stops by they think it is acceptable to drool and pounce on her. Why is this? Why do men always make comment about our attractive friends like they are meat and we do not take offense to these comments? Duh…at least wait to pounce on someone we don’t know.

Men can do tricks

FACT FIVE- Men are like dogs because if you wave a treat in front of them…you can get them to do all sorts of tricks.

This is especially good when you are not in the mood to do chores-if a man thinks he is going to get a little something, something from a lady-he will do more than get on all fours for you.

Their bark is tougher than their bite

FACT SIX- As with most dogs, the bark is often much tougher than the bite.

Men will talk all sorts of sh*t, but when adversity confronts them-they will bow their heads, put their tails between their legs and scurry away.

Doesn't matter their size, they think they are the big dog

FACT SEVEN- No matter a dog's size or breed, they all tend to act like the big dog-until they are put in their place.

Making sure that a dog is trained to understand what behavior is acceptable and what will result in punishment is essential. You don't have to humiliate your dog, but you may want to keep in mind that humility isn't a bad thing. It is character building.

See FACT SIX for further reading on FACT SEVEN.

The earlier you can teach them, the more success you will have with him

FACT EIGHT- How does that old saying go, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”?

This is why you must find a suitable dog for you at the right age. Younger dogs are easier to train and teach so helping them reach their full potential is usually easier. Opting for an older dog will often help you avoid potty training accidents, but older dogs come with their own set of issues depending on where you found them. Ask questions and make sure they are up to date with their shots ladies.

A man's instinct is to act like a man

FACT NINE- Men come in a variety of shapes, sizes and their overall style can vary greatly between them.

But just as with canines; a Dog is a Dog…No matter the breed, watch them closely, it is their animal instinct to act like a dog. They probably love you, and would be lost without you- but their impulse control may be underdeveloped and lead to irrational behavior.

They run and hide when they are naughty

FACT TEN- Dogs run and hide when they know that you know they have done something wrong,

I have also noticed that men have a strong tendency to do the same when in trouble. They try to avoid issues all together, instead of talking to resolve them or working to solve problems. For some reason they never see that their behavior is the issue???

For the Processes


It is a doggy dog world lady… We must learn to run with the dogs or lead the pack; something tells me leading the pack may get us where we want to be a whole lot faster that letting the dogs sniff things out and determine the direction.

Take a Good Look at the Subjects?

MAN?    or..... THE DOG???
MAN? or..... THE DOG??? | Source

The Experiment

Every scientific hypothesis needs an experiment to go along with it, right? Right

No matter the dog, a good bath and some sedatives can make them appear clean and well behaved; I have come to find that the same goes for a man.

Truth is men are not Dogs- as much as we would like to think of them as these lovable animals. How can we be sure, easy? There is one thing that a man can not do that is a distinguishing characteristic of a dog, which is…lick his own balls.

Although I am sure every guy would do so if he could- a man is not proportioned in such a way that it makes it easy or even possible for him to lick his own ‘balls’. However, this is something that is commonly done by dogs. I suppose Mother Nature had to distinguish a discernible difference between man and dog, other than the possession of thumbs. Sometimes… I would take the dog over the man, I am sure the dog would cause far less headaches and show far more pleasing, loyal behavior than the guy.

Take Time to Laugh - Not Get Mad

This Hub was inspired by a few people. One of which is Cagsil…who actually gave me the idea, so thanks Cagsil. I hope that everyone who reads this hub, does not take it too seriously… it was done in fun and to get a little laugh, so please- enjoy.


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