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Friends That Last And Friends That Pass

Updated on August 3, 2015


Brothers and Buddies:)
Brothers and Buddies:) | Source

Friends Are Friends Forever

Childhood Friends

My mind goes back to the grade-school days when it seemed like it was just plain and simple. Having little friends was a way of life; like little magnets sticking together in buddy packs, making silly promises to always be friends forever. Not to make light of lasting friendships, but years do prove how lacking in substance those oaths of " forever friends" proved to pan out.

I also remember having besties; those were the ones you shared your biggest secrets to and were soul-mates.

There was always the fickle friends as well, that hopped from one friend to the next in a frenzy, as if you were a passing trend.

Friendship is fascinating. We all love to have lots of friends, but what defines true friends from acquaintances? If one can have one or more "true" friends they have attained something to be forever cherished.



Friends For The Tough Times

The analogy of the eagle has always captured my imagination in regards to loyalty in friendship. During the eagles molting season, whenever his beak is broken, his wings are gone, his beauty, dignity and strength have diminished; that's when he finds who his friends are. Yes, during this incredibly difficult time in his life, the fate of his life is now resting on the shoulders of his friends. When the eagle is at this break or make time in his life-span, his friends come and feed him delivering strength. Had they not seen their friend in need and responded, he would have joined the casualties of those not so fortunate,

You see if the eagle survives his molting season, then he will renew and become just as young and beautiful as ever, living many more years.

It's when you find yourself in your own kind of life's molting season you'll find the "true" friends will show up in your life.

I remember as a kid watching my parents go through a seasonal, financial circumstance. When the money was flowing in, people came around, invited us for dinner, hung out with us and celebrated our company. Oh, but when something happened that rocked our world and took the finances down with it; suddenly it was like we had a plague and were alone on a desert island. However, I can tell you smiling of the few faithful friends that would call them up and encourage them, put their arms around them and cheer them past those difficult times.Those people are still their friends to this day.

The best way to be a so-called friend repellent is to have a struggle. Sadly true, but instead of looking at the loss of numbers, look at the quality and value in the treasure of those left standing with you. In them you have the picker up of your head, the warm embrace, instead of the cold shoulder of the betrayer. In them you can share laughter and tears, loyalty through the good and the bad, happy and sad. Being a friend should not be on the grounds of how they will benefit you, but benefiting each other.

Like the old song talks about, "let old acquaintances be forgotten"; it's easy to lay aside a glitzy, plastic jewel you got out of the gum machine. However, that rare jewel that you found that appraises costly, "Don't let it go!" Just one of those rare jewels is worth more than a semi load of costume jewelry.

A friend loveth at ALL times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17


Be A Friend Today

Challenge yourself today to be a friend to someone. There are many people out there that are lonely and depressed, all they need is someone to be a friend to them. Don't size them up by the way they dress or their bank account balance, just open your heart and do some gesture of kindness to brighten their day.

If you are the one that's depressed or lonely; remember that a man that has friends must show himself friendly. "Get out of your shell and show a friendly smile to someone who needs it, you may be surprised that making someone else's day will brighten up your own.

" Don't waste all your energy sad that the snobby people pay you no mind, you don't need them, there is a world full of people that need you."

"Go be a friend!"


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    • mrron46 profile image

      mrron46 6 years ago from U.S.A.

      Interesting story.

    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 6 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thank you for the great comments, I agree with them both:)

    • profile image

      marellen 6 years ago

      Very true and being a good friend in return pays off in the end. I'm lucky to have several friends that really are.....forever and true. In a time of need who will be there constitutes and test the friendship. Those who come through are the treasured ones.

    • icciev profile image

      icciev 6 years ago from Kuwait

      I totally agree with you, when ever you are good you don't really now how is your friend but when you are in trouble you will find out how is your truly friend, voted up.