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Are They "The One"? - Signs You've Found Your Soulmate

Updated on January 13, 2015

So you're with someone new, there's this crazy attraction, this fire about them - does this mean they're the one? Or maybe you've been with somebody for a while, and this spark has worn away - does this mean you've fallen out of love? The answer to both is no, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Here are signs to look out for in your relationship, new or old, but usually you "just know".

You can be yourself around them

Now, I don't mean you non-stop burp and fart and spend your days on Netflix with pizza around your mouth. No, that's still uncool. But you know that if you want to snuggle up in your onesie pajamas and not wear any makeup, you won't be judged for it. Likewise, you don't feel pressured to act a certain way. You don't have to be the "cool guy" with smart comebacks all of the time, or the "health freak" who sometimes just doesn't want to go for a morning run, but instead have a fried breakfast. You can relax and be yourself. Isn't that great?

You can let them be themselves, too

It was them being themselves that drew you to them! Even if you find it a bit irritating that they have to wear their lucky shirt (which is moth eaten, faded and barely fits anymore) every time their home team plays a game, or they eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right before they go to bed - remember that you love them and turn these minor annoyances into adorable quirks.

You can both accept your different opinions

You don't have to agree on everything - opposites attract, or so they say! You can see both sides of an argument you have, and you still respect what each other has to say, even if you know you're right!

And if there are major differences between you, such as religion, you are willing to accept that you both follow separate beliefs, but that it doesn't change who you are.

You're beyond jealousy

You don't get jealous. You let them hang out with friends of the same gender, let them go on a night out without you, because you trust them and you wouldn't even consider the thought that they'd look at anyone else but you. But also, you don't get jealous because they're not always with you. Let them have their own life too, their own hobbies and passions.

You can't picture your life without them in it

Every time you think about the future, it's almost automatic that you just assume they will be in it with you. It's not necessarily marriage and babies, but even if it's your next vacation or moving house, you know you want them there too.

They make you a better person

Does your partner make you feel prettier, funnier, smarter? They should bring out the best in you, you work well together, complete each other, feel like they are literally you're other half.

You laugh together

You need to be able to laugh together, whether it's an inside joke between you two, a silly memory, or to lighten an awkward situation. Once you can crack each other up, you're made!

You let them see your bad days

They're so used to seeing you smiling, could you let them see you when you're having a bad day? Maybe you had an argument with someone, maybe you were fired from work, or maybe you just got up on the wrong side of bed, the fact is you shouldn't have to hide this from your other half. They should be okay with it and help to comfort you however they can.

There's a comfortable silence

The pair of you don't have to be chatting constantly. There's no awkward silences, you shouldn't feel the need to fill the gaps all of the time. It's okay to quietly enjoy each other's company.

You tell them things you wouldn't tell anyone else

This isn't one of those "hey, you'll never guess what..." after one too many Vodka and Cokes. No. Don't do that. This is when you have complete trust in them and you're ready to tell them personal things, things that happened, things that you want to happen, how you feel about things, things you're passionate about, etc. Or really embarrassing things because you know they'll think they're cute and won't tell anybody else!

They just get you!

Yep, it's that simple. Did you ever just meet someone and you know that they just get you? You're on the same wavelength, you understand each other perfectly. You can't really explain it, it's just there. It's the best feeling in the world and something that is essential for falling in love.

Have you found "Yours Truly" yet?

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