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You Fool! Five Ways of Being One! Three Examples!

Updated on August 11, 2016

This is about Relationships

Do not get all offended. Be cool.

Main Ingredient


Remember that song with the chorus Everybody plays the fool? Listen to it! it was originally performed by the singing group Main Ingredient, but it is not the type of fool that I am talking about.

Main Ingredient sang that song about love-sick fools. Everybody plays the fool sometimes--I ain't writing about playin' a fool. I am writing about BEING a fool--actual fool! I am writing about people who are deficient in judgement.

Now that we are clear, answer the question honestly.

Fool - Jester


Five Ways of Foolishness

Now that the question has been considered, I will explain.

It is not that I want to present myself in a negative light. So, take what I am writing as an example of one aspect of my personality when I reveal that yes, I have played the fool and BEEN the fool.

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where someone told you "Ha, ha, I fooled you?" If you have, you have been the fool.
  2. Have you ever found yourself the subject of conversation, but it was not flattery but friendly joshing? That technically makes you the fool.
  3. Have you ever found yourself the subject of conversation, but it was not flattery or friendly joshing and you stayed? Oh yeah, you were a fool.
  4. Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth so far that you considered the validity of your birth? You have been a fool.
  5. Have you ever told a secret to a known blabber mouth? You, my friend, have been a fool.

These are just a few ways that I have personally been the fool. They are also gages for you to know if you are currently being a fool right now.

Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

If you are thinking that you are not the fool, then great. If you are thinking that you are the fool, then welcome to the world of normal people. It is okay if you are the fool. It is fun to be the fool sometimes--especially when no one gets hurt.

That means that in the near future, once you get over the embarrassment, you will have a neat memory to laugh about, hopefully.

Never let the past ruin your life. I know I don't do it often. Hey, I'm human!

Let me tell you what happened to me during three of my FOOL fits--in no particular order. What...? Doing five is too many!


Foot in the Mouth Fool

Once I served a mission in South Africa. I tended to be a very overly expressive person in those days. Oh who am I kidding; I still am, which is why I write!

Anyway, us missionaries were all visiting in a boarding we called the Mansion because it was a large and beautiful house with tennis courts and a swimming pool with over six bathrooms and toilets. It even had a Bidet! I loved that thing.

One missionary who lived there, who I can only describe as a mountain of a man. was a wrestler and a football player, American football.

He was excruciatingly muscled, tall, and annoying as all get out! He never provided straight answers! Every query I posed him he responded with a joke to the point that I began to dislike him.

When I saw him in action wrestling another missionary for fun--both being large and muscled men --it was like seeing two elephants crashing into one another. Can I say frightening? I eventually begged them to stop because I feared for the furniture in the room!

Well, this missionary again started with his fake answers. He showed a picture of his sibling and announced it to be his brother. I took a look at the photo. As I looked he said it was really his sister.

I looked at him in disbelieve because the person in the photo looked like him with long hair, and he was a manly man. Everything about him would be the envy of lesser men physically. I screeched in annoyed disbelief for him to stop messing with my head being that I tended to fall for all of his fakeries!

He then insisted that the picture was really of his sister and swore that he told the truth. I told him again that I did not believe him because he constantly deceived me. I then open my FOOL mouth and said,

"If that is your sister, that is the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my life!

His smile faded and his eyes became teary. At that moment, I will not pretend, extreme fear rushed into my heart and I know that my face turned every shade that can approach white without becoming white all together. I quivered as I saw the truth on his face that that picture was of a woman who is his sister.

My knees became weak and I felt like the fool I was. I swallowed my foot whole all the way up to my thigh! I knew this man would now hurt me in some extreme fashion.

I stood before him looking up at him while awaiting retribution. Luckily, being that we were missionaries he only looked away and told me it was okay, that he should not have said she was his brother.

Afterwards, I followed him around begging for his forgiveness and he gave it several times to the point that he threatened to hurt me if I asked again.

I learned a lesson. When a man tells you his sister is his sister and not his brother, believe him.

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Have you ever played the fool?

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Butt of all Jokes FOOL

This usually happens to teenagers. Guess what, it happened when I was a teen!

I just wanted to fit in, but it is easier for others to make sure you don't fit in at all, but stand out so that they can make fun of you!

After I decided to follow my new religious beliefs, word got out from me that I was a virgin. Now, no boy wants to be poked fun at for being virgin. Apparently, I did.

I tried to make the news of my lack of experience a positive thing; and it was until it wasn't. For almost an hour a group of my "friends" made fun of my choice and called me the silliest things. I was offended but I played the fool by laughing with them though it was hurting.

I wanted to be included in the group even though I had made a choice that made me stand apart from the group. I stayed to my emotional detriment. I longed for inclusion and became the fool of the group and still was not accepted because I had to leave due to conflicts with my new faith.

I learned that some things are better-kept secret, I mean sacred so that I am not the butt of negative attention.

Answer This!

Be honest, Are you a fool more often than you think you should be?

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Blabber Mouth FOOL

I was at a slumber party for boys! I know, unconventional, but it happened.

I was about 12 years old and smallish for my age, but I had a secret.

My secret was that I was about to lie to everybody in the house to the known blabber-mouth so that my secret would get out to hide my real secret!

I told the group blabber-mouth that I had wet dreams because I had started puberty.

Now, any fool could look at me and tell that I was far from getting into manhood. I was a late bloomer and did not actually hit puberty until I was 14, and that was just starting it!

Of course, the blabber-mouth told everyone and I feigned embarrassment until the mother there asked me a question. When I described it, she told us that there is no round wet spot left on the bed after a wet dream. She told me it was probably urine.

I died and went to boy-hell. She had found out my real secret! My bladder was weak and I still wet the bed! Of course, blabber-mouth boy helped me become known as Pissy Boy though I did not wet the bed that night.

I learned to keep my secrets, secret!

What Have We learned?

  1. I learned a lesson, when a man tells you his sister is his sister and not his brother, believe him.
  2. I learned that some things are better kept sacred so that I am not the butt of negative attention.
  3. I learned to keep my secrets, secret!

Word to the Wise

I never mentioned that the principles I learned were good ones. I learned them so that I could survive socially until I was married!

Think about your own foolishness and remember what you survived. If it is a good Tale, write about it below in the "Share Your Foolishness Story" section or hub about it and we can link to each other.

Share Your Foolishness Story

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