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Are You In Love With The Wrong Person????

Updated on March 2, 2016

Love is the best feeling in the world. It’s the strongest force which can achieve anything. There’s nothing like it. Love can change your life totally. There’s thousands of people all over the world whose lives have been changed entirely only because of love. People have achieved great things with love. But like everything else, love has also a dark side. There are also people in the world whose lives have been completely destroyed only for love. Love took everything they had. So how did this happen? The answer is simple. Wrong decision. Falling in love with the wrong person. If you love someone so dearly, but he/she doesn’t love you back, they just show that they love you, then you might lose everything without even knowing it. So you need to be very conscious about it.


How To Find Out If You’re In Love With The Wrong Person or Not

When you fall in love, what do you consider? Do you check that person’s background, family, history, color or money? You don’t. You just fall for that person in a blink of an eye. But if that person turns out to be wrong, then your world just changes. You lose everything. You might also even lose the will to live. But it’s not easy to find out if your partner loves you back or not. Sometimes, people spend years after years not even knowing it. So you have to be very conscious and careful with this issue. So how to find out if you’re in love with the wrong person or not. Let’s talk all about it, shall we?

  • First of all, we all need to be very clear about a few characteristics of a real lover. A real lover will be selfless, he/she will care about you more than himself/herself. That person won’t show ego with you. He/she will be ready to do sacrifices and compromises for you. Your happiness and the betterment of the relationship will be most important for him/her. If it’s not the case with your partner, than think again. You might be in love with the wrong person. But these things are not easy to detect, right? Let me help you with it. Let’s talk about a few real life situations. Think very carefully.


A real lover will be selfless, he/she will care about you more than himself/herself. That person won’t show ego with you. He/she will be ready to do sacrifices and compromises for you.

  • When you get involved in an argument which turns pretty serious and you guys stop talking with each other, then who ultimately breaks the ice? Who says sorry first? Is it always you? If that’s the case, then it proves that your partner gives his/her ego more priority than you. But in real love, there shouldn’t be any room for ego. So are you willing to spend your whole life with a person filled with ego? Is that person right for you? Think.
  • When you buy something, or choose something to do, what your partner does? Does your partner always go with his/her choice? Or he/she does what you like? If your partner always chooses to do what his/her heart says, even when you don’t like it then it proves that your partner gives more priority to his/her choice than yours. He/she will never consider what you like. So is that the right kind of person for you?
  • Does your partner compromises or sacrifices things which he/she loves for the sake of your relationship? Suppose, your partner has a drinking problem. Is he/she willing to give up drinking for you? If no, then think again. Because sacrifices and compromises are very important parts of a relationship. It’s needed in the long run. Are you willing to stay with a person who has an uncompromising personality?
  • When there’s a problem in your life, what does your partner do? Does he/she tries to deal with your problem or tries his/her best to figure the solution out, or he/she just leaves it to you to solve on your own? If your partner is too busy with solving his/her own problem and has absolutely no time to try and deal with your problem, then it means your partner is a self-centered person. He/she will never consider your problems like his/her own. Is that the type of person you want to be with?
  • Does your partner suspect you frequently? Yes, suspicion comes from insecurity and jealousy. They’re parts of love. But there’s a limit of everything. When you talk to a random people on the road or in the mall or a wrong number on the phone, then what your partner does? Does he/she take it lightly? Or he/she just starts questioning you with suspicion? If your partner can’t trust you with these simple things, then he/she will never be able to trust you ever. He/she will always suspect you. So do you want to be with a person who has serious trust issues? Time to think.


These were the most basic and easy real life situations to judge your partner and the future of your relationship. But real life is much more complicated. Every person aren’t the same. So it’s up to you to find out how you want your partner to be. But if you ever notice any of these cases in your partner which you can’t live with, then it’s best to leave. But yes, when you’re in love, then you must try to talk things out and change the mentality of your partner. If he/she understands, then it’s best. But if not, then don’t waste your time. Leave and give yourself time. You will find someone better.

Does your partner try to rectify his/her bad habits which you don’t like?

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How often your partner suspects you?

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How much your partner understands you?

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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 22 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting about having the wrong person in one's life.