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Are You Willing To Change? Pt. 2 (Learning How To Handle Problems)

Updated on July 19, 2011

Everyone experiences some type of problem or issue in their relationship. But not everyone knows how to handle it. Though this topic is a bit broad, it still seems to boil down to one thing: Communication.

Communication can make a relationship grow stronger or it can shatter a relationship if there’s lack of it. If you’re going through a problem that’s causing your relationship to break, speak to your partner. Let him/her know your feelings and work on a solution. Involve your partner in the situation- especially if he/she is the cause. Don’t build up feelings of resentment or anger.

There may be other times, however, that the problems that you’re going through may not involve your partner. Though it may not be a relationship issue, I still advise that you communicate. By talking with your partner you’ll gain three things:

1. Valuable feedback

2. Support

3. Someone who’ll listen

Whatever problem you’re going through in your relationship, understand that you choose the direction you want your relationship to head in. Make your relationship stronger by communicating.


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    • loveguru23 profile image

      Daniel Amis 6 years ago from Queens, NY

      I appreciate your feedback. Yes I agree that in order for proper communication to be effective (especially during conflicts), both people should be willing to listen- in addition to sharing their thoughts.

    • profile image

      Carolyn 6 years ago

      I is very important to understand that listening, dileverence, and keep an openmind is the key to resolving conflicts. No matter how much you may communicate it won't get resolved when the other partner is not willing to listen with an open mind.