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The Devil & Bitter Old Jilted Dumbja's of the World

Updated on October 12, 2017

The Blind & Deaf Kitty on the Rail-Road Tracks

Bitter Root Bitter Women & Bitter Men

What is wrong with men and women who stay bitter for years and years, unable to cope with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend getting married to another person? What REALLY is their internal issue that they just can't move on or forward in their own lives? Do these men and women just want to win at all costs because they have been rejected? Yes and they will usually stop at nothing to attempt to destroy out of bitterness. They lack God, integrity, values, morals, and their sense of righteousness is twisted inside their spirits.

Why can't they move forward in their own life and find their 'true Adam or Eve' after their ex's has moved on and married? Are they angry because they can't force that man or woman to love them? Are they bitter because they can't force their ex to marry them? Are they furious when they are told that their is no room for them in their ex's new life and their marriage of three? You bet they are. It is real simple. God, husband and wife! Three, NOT four!


I personally have never heard of the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend being fourth person in a marriage. In God's world it just doesn't work that way. When you take a husband or a wife, you are made "One" by God, with God, from God. (or at least you are supposed to.) Old lovers from the past are placed to the wayside and that is the way God expects it to be. You are marriage partners now! Dedicated and committed fully for life to each other first and foremost. It is the way it is supposed to be. Any other belief is irrational and just crazy thinking.


My husband asked me long ago before we ever got married to put the old boyfriends in the trash receptacle and place the lid on the emails, phone calls and texts forever. I honored his request because I loved him and I desired only my Adam. Now why would I even want the interference from my old lovers to step forward into our marriage and dishonor my husband and my vows, ultimately dishonoring God? I wouldn't and God was pleased my Godly choice. I don't owe anything to my ex boyfriends of why this was done, and I surely don't owe any of his ex girlfriends either! It is just common sense.

I am intelligent enough to know that any of my old boyfriends still desire me, my attention, my love, and they would not come to my door with a blessing for our marriage. They would come to cause division, problems and discord. No-brainer!

Adam & Eve

Truth Will Set You FREE

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you and married another? Has he told you that he loves another woman or man and they are getting married? Are you bitter because this person chose and married another partner and it wasn't you? It is really time to get real, get truth, get over it and move on.

My Place To Tell The Real Truth

I know a woman that I will call "Dumbja" who lived with my husband for ten years and illogically pretended that he was her husband. She didn't want to marry him because she wanted to keep the money that was coming in from her dead husband instead--mammon meant more. Neither were sexually faithful to each other anyways,so what did it really matter if he left her? Was she able to make him into a better person? No. Did she become a better person? No. Did God bless this long-term lying, cheating and fornication? No.

When I met him, he had already been involved in many, many sexual escapades under his belt while living with her, and he stated that he was very unhappy with this woman. This had nothing to do with me and his sexual liaisons happened for years before I had even met him. Why do I continually get blamed for his failings and sin?

She in return was cheating on him as well but kept it hidden. (or at least attempted to) When he would leave for extended days of work, she would pull her car out of the garage and sneak another man into his house. She would allow him to drive inside his garage actually believing she was hiding her sins. She brought another man inside his home over and over and over while he was away working and paying the bills. (The man said that they were not having tea and cookies.) This is not a woman of love and integrity but a lying, jilted old whore--no brainer there.

She would pretend to be a woman of God and a person of great integrity. Really? What type of character and darkness is really inside a person to do such a thing to someone who is taking care of them and free of rent? Nothing much of anything good from what I see.

Godless Whores...Nothing More.......

The neighbor would watch her cheat and on every occasion, she would call his mother and tell her of Dumja's sexual escapades. Vivian was the neighborhood spy and Dumja kept her busy-oblivious that everything she did was monitored not only by God but by her smiling neighbor.

So let me get this straight...I should feel bad for Dumja? No. Dumja received what she caused through her willing and purposeful sin and this will never be my fault. I have integrity, truth, character and faithfulness in dealing my husband. I attempt to teach him a better way to live; to be a better man for God and for me. Dumja's God is the devil and that is Dumja's problem, not mine.

In God's world all this is called sin and fornication--NOT marriage. What did Dumja expect to receive for her sin? A reward? Really? Hardly. Does she still not think it is sin? No. She thinks that these things are okay. This may be her underlying problem of why she can not move on, move forward and find her own Adam. Want to talk about a pain in the ass this one has been? Miss Dumja, when you are out there slandering me, attempting to bother me....remember that it is you that is bat-shit crazy, and it is you that is the real whore. I laugh at you because your days are numbered. You are wickedness pretending to be of God. My authority comes from the God of Israel, and you were squashed like the cockroach you are under my feet long ago--you must have missed the memo.

Godless Bar Fly Old Lady who Signed the Devil's Contract.....

I know another woman I will call her Katie-bell. A faithful church goer, and a 'sit at the bar and try to seduce men for sex" 82 year old--if that can even be possible. ha ha ha. This is just another fraud and imposter for Christ in the so called church of God. She had been told upfront from the very beginning that he had no intention on marrying her or moving in with her. She was told that he still loved his ex-wife. This would have been the time a "TRUE" Godly woman would say..."I don't know what happened and why she left you, but you need to fix it and go back to the wife you LOVE."

She is angry, bitter because she was dropped like a hot potato for his wife? WHAT? Seriously? Did she think that he would have ANY respect for her when she has no respect for herself? Apparently, she gave your body away for nothing, except to be used like a tissue for 5 years and this is supposed to be my fault as well? Nope. She is bitter and angry with his wife, but she is not not angry with herself? Interesting denial of truth, denial of God, denial of the devil, and certainly a great denial of repercussions for sins....and she expected what to happen from her sin?

People need to spiritually wake up!

She labels herself a Christian yet called her boyfriend a 'heathen' although she allowed to him to have sex with her for over a five year period for a walk through the strawberry patch, a cocktail, and a $15 dollar dinner. Interesting values and morals from a follower of Yeshua--NOT! He had told her UPFRONT that he was never going to marry her or move in right from the beginning and she was angry when he left and married a good woman. What? Seriously? How could she ever be angry with me, when she was told up front what would happen for her sin and she agreed and signed the devil's contact?

"It took a long time to tell me that he loved me!" Ummmm. No. She continued to say it over and over and over to him, (hoping for a response, begging to hear a lie) and he said he felt sorry for your redundant, repetitious pathetic "I love you's". He said it to appease her. He was cheating on her over and over and over throughout the 5 years. Am I surprised? Not at all. Married women, whores, pretend women! He was running ads for women all the while he was "In love." She took a man who needed to FIX his SERIOUS problems that made his wife leave him in the first place and she did NOTHING of God's work. She worked for the devil and got what the devil gave her! She should get a grip on earthly and spiritual reality! If you act like the devil's whore than you will be treated like the devil's whore. No brainer. She's kind of old not to know this--right? ...and this is MY fault? How? How is it that every whore who has had contact with him is angry with ME? I am not at fault here. I think these Godless whores should remove the 'circus' mirror in their home and get real with themselves quickly!

She had an old, sloppy, fat married whore friend of hers--I will call her "LUCI" who chose to physically assault me twice while I was out with my husband. Really? Sick pigs both of them are. They are both under judgement.

Dear Katie-bell-from-hell

Please do remember that those narcotics you fed him illegally that almost killed him while drinking on his motorcycle should have been your downfall. You should be changing your immoral behavior! You should feel blessed that you didn't get any diseases like AIDS. I will let you know that I am one Warrior of God's who will whip your ass with the truth old lady. You are NOTHING about God, and they should yank your nursing license. Don't push me because my sword of TRUTH will come out and I will bring you down quicker than those whore, stiletto heels that caused you to fall down in. ( You actually sued for your OWN incompetence of drunkenness!) You seem to like to blame everybody else but yourself for who you REALLY are. I am his wife and I left him for good reason. I will NOT be your door-mat or your punching bag because I did not do anything to you. You did it to you! You allowed him to do it to you because you are Godless! You signed on the devil's contract! No-brainer!

I would repent if I were you...your days are numbered as well.


After consummating our marriage on 7/7/14, he actually returned and dropped the old, rotted potato...only to have her begging for sex. ha ha ha. Out of the treasures of one's heart right? Like the 80 year old church whore she is, she actually thought her saggy titties, outdated,buffoon teased hair-do of the 60's and her rotten devil's crotch was going to change anything? Oh please! He had been cheating on you for 5 years already. Get a GRIP on reality! ha ha ha. I am shaking my head at the lunacy of people.

Does she even realize that she is the bigger heathen for using the name of the Lord and never seeing her sin and hypocrisy? I have never heard of such crazy things, total stupidity, blindness to their very own destruction. They ask for it, beg for it, agree to it, pursue it and then get angry when the results are exactly what they ordered. What?

Mean Kitty


One women took the liberty to text back after she called my home and my husband politely told her that he was happily married and to cease and desist calling. She was a whore who freely gave her body to anyone, and apparently had sexual flings in the past with my husband when he was unsaved. He politely told her that he was married and that he no longer wanted her to call and he was not interested in anything anymore. She actually congratulated him, hung up and then proceeded to text him in anger and jealousy. What?

What did she expect? To be invited to the house for dinner and a bed romp? Her first text was deplorable and they only got worse. He just couldn't make her understand that there was no place for her in his life any longer and she was never of any importance. She signed up for it!

"Now that you are fussy whipped, call me if you want to clean pipes."

I suppose marriage would sound like 'Fussy whipped' to a worldly, ungodly prostitute who has no respect for herself or her body, a chronic bed hopper with no interest in stopping her sin. She had no interest in stopping her texts and took pleasure in coming against a sanctified marriage of God's without a dash of remorse. When the texts continued it clearly showed that she wanted to win at all costs, but unknowingly the cost would be hers and not ours.

But what did she really win? She won a huge, burning, endless hot flaming fire in the pits of hell and she's too stupid to see it or repent it. Is that truly winning? No.

Though God has given me the gift of prophecy and great wisdom, I can not force anyone to receive the message. I already know the very exact place that her feet are standing on U.S. land. That land she is standing on is getting ready to be shuffled into the Pacific Ocean. Will she repent before that day? Who knows. It is no longer my is hers. She rejected the message of truth. Whose fault is it that she does not believe in God and she does not believe that there are repercussions and great judgment for sin?

Oh but people...there is.

God is a God of Judgment and Justice

10 Commandments


Are you still harboring anger, resentment, bitterness and plotting your next e-mail, phone call, stalking, intrusive text message fifteen years later? If so...Oh my! You have serious issues in your dark spirit and because God's judgments are getting greater, this may be the writing just for you! You may want to get the full picture of what is going to happen should you be one of those very unfortunate people following this path of destruction. What you believe is destroying a God's sanctified marriage in actuality is your path to your very own destruction. Surprise!

The ending, I can most assuredly say will not be what you think for those who reject this message and continue to do this. God is merciful but He is also a God of Justice and He will always rise up and defend those who are His. The clear line in the sand is that if you are doing this to someone's marriage which has been sanctified by God, you may just find your self ten feet under from the thunder, if you get my drift. He has the power to give breath and take it away. Ponder these thoughts deeply.

Now I am no mother Theresa but I have learned from my mistakes, my sexual sins from years ago. I also know where this type of sexual sin leads. If you could see the utter darkness that I saw from being sexually immoral, you would NOT want to be there EVER!

I would suggest anyone reading this, repent (Which means STOP and have a change of behavior ASAP), especially from sexual immorality and turn your face back to God immediately! The judgments are coming, and no matter what you call yourself, as these above mentioned pigs call themselves "Women of God, you can't trick the God of Israel. You may want to turn back after reading this and acknowledge a very real warning to you.



God will eventually arise and step in when His child has had long suffering from others maliciousness. If you are doing these type of things to a sanctified marriage of God's you may want to think twice before continuing on in your sin. You don't think it is wicked? I can assure you that God says it is wicked and wickedness will be punished. It is just that simple. You really want to wait and see if I am telling you the truth? If so...get ready for the 'ten feet under with thunder' because we are in the end-times and the judgments are becoming more severe.

Those that do these wicked things and continue on unrepentant, refusing the message to stop will eventually be stopped by the Great I Am. Many men and women have no remorse, no conscience and they actually believe that there is no God therefore there is no consequences or repercussions for doing such things. Oh my ladies and gentlemen...there is. Judgments are becoming great!

I can surely tell you that I have seen it for myself and two resulted in quick unexpected, swift deaths and neither are allowed any longer to come against our sanctified marriage again! Both who were swiftly destroyed were spoken to and asked to stop prior. In fact they were asked over and over to stop. They were pleaded with and begged to stop. They did not listen, one laughed in my face. What they did not realize is that they did not come up against me. They came up against a woman of God and God stepped in on her behalf. They went against the Lord and nobody stands against the Lord and lives to tell about it. Seriously.


They thought God was as a joke and they found out the hard way. If you are going through this situation be assured that God will step in for you and stop it if they won't. It may be long suffering but eventually He will arise in your behalf if you are being a Godly faithful spouse. He will never let a sanctified marriage of His to be desecrated..not for long.He WILL intervene.

For those worldly men and women who are doing these type of things, I will say this as bold as I can. "EXPECT IT because it will come!" If you think He won't step in and stop it, you are sadly mistaken. How many times will you refuse the message before He steps in and stops it for you?

I WOULD TURN BACK IF I WERE YOU Dumja...Katie-bell....all the Godless Whores...


‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

As I have said during this entire writing, God will only let wicked people come against His people for a time and when they do not receive the message and stop the wickedness he will smite them down. That is how powerful our God is to stand up for us, especially after long suffering.

The Lord has allowed our marriage to be assaulted continually by an ungodly women, especially 'Dumja' for fourteen years. She flat out refuses to repent and continues attempts to come against and destroy a sanctified marriage that God has placed together. I did not live with a man unmarried for a decade and play house. I married my husband and moved in the way God expected it to be. I did not sign a contract for sin, so I have nothing to feel guilty or badly about. The devil likes to be tricky that way but it does not move me one way or another.

As of recent she has called when she has been told to stop, continues to email, blatantly lies, manipulates people and situations, and even has had her girlfriend text due to her mental illness. Sadly she has used my mother-in-law and even her very own son to continue her path of destruction. She stops at nothing to destroy herself. She can not destroy our marriage because God is in our marriage. She is the only one who is going to be destroyed and she is too blind to see it coming...and it is coming. I stand on the Word of God. Nobody comes between a sanctified marriage, God says so and so it is.

When she can not get her way and win she resorts in writing terrible emails calling my husband names 'paranoid?' She should be paranoid. The thunder to send her ten feet under is coming for her. She refers to me as his 'crazy wife' and states that I am violent though she has never even met me in person nor have I ever been violent towards her--me being very attractive bothers her very much.Who but a bitter, hateful person slanders and says these type of things? Only crazy, bitter, old, lying, cheating, whore, Godless women like Dumja and the ilk of them do these type of things. Dumja lives in lies, telling them and receiving them. She is going to receive a hundred-fold back for her wickedness! Given!

Most normal wives would have beat the living crap out of this type of nuttybutty women long ago, so I would say that I am quite patient considering it has been fourteen years + dontchathinkso? Ha! I am well aware that these are just comments from a jilted, sinful, angry, bitter, old washed out woman who is not interested in going away. God is going to make her go away because she won't.

After her being told on countless occasions the first marriage, to just move on and find her own Adam, she actually sent an email saying "My bond with your husband will never be broken. You can't ever break that bond!" There is no bond here Dumja. Real creepy stuff here people and in her delusions and threats, unawares that she has just taken on God. Oh my! Talk about delusional, irrational and truly a very miserable old woman indeed. God will break you and your ungodly bond with our marriage! Wait for it and expect it! I am.

God is going to make Dumja Go away


She continues to attempt to destroy due to jealousy, anger, bitterness and an nonacceptance of the God of Israel. She has spent fourteen years +being this way due to being told that there is no room in our marriage for her. It is logical and simple to understand. She just won't accept reality and she will not come to God. She uses the name 'God' but it is not the name of the God of Israel. She willingly follows the devil. She will be handed over to the devil with no repentance.

How can a person keep this up for fourteen years and not believe that this alone is absolutely crazy? She has had fourteen years and now the Lord is going to arise in my behalf. How do I know? Prophecy! Do I feel bad about it? No. She has been given the message and refused it for years. It is not my problem any longer. She contended with God, not me and in the spiritual this is what she has done--the spiritual repercussions will be great.


Your warning is here and I would heed it. It is your last warning and your word of personal prophecy from me. Your judgment is coming for coming against the Daughter of the High King and a "Sanctified marriage" after being told to stop...over and over and over. You still have time to repent...God will SMITE you...and if no repentance...You WILL perish. You will be the THIRD that did not heed and did not take God seriously and perished swiftly. He will no longer let you abrupt and attempt to destroy my marriage that HE placed together with His very hands.

You are not contending with me! You are coming up against the Lord himself and he WILL defend me. He does not know you nor does he hear any of your prayers. You best turn back and repent and stop your nonsense immediately. That is your last warning that you will be given. Judgment is placed upon. You have been weighed with the righteousness of God and have been found deficient. Your Kingdom will be taken away if no repentance. Soon! Very soon! In that very night the decree from the King was made.

David prayed anathema upon his enemies and then allowed God to defend him and God did. My God is faithful and I wait faithfully for Him to stop this! Do I feel bad? Absolutely not. God is a God of Justice! I will clap my hands in praise when ALL WICKEDNESS IS WIPED AWAY FROM EARTH!

Nonja needs to move on

Dumbja's Deceptions & Judgements Journal Writing 2014

Dumbja’s “God help you”
meant as a curse
God turned into our blessing
as he emptied her purse!

A million in debt due to her greed
Ten years of unrepentant fornication
She's the devil’s bad seed.

There is GREAT repercussions for these sins you commits.
The loss is just beginning for those who WON’T admit.

God help you, you say?
And he has in every way!
GOD sent his loving-forgiving-Godly Wife back to him…
The devil led him astray.
He is now HAPPY today!

As the garage door went up
and your car drove out
another man’s car drove in
no neighbor in doubt
that when your man was away
the Jezebel woman did play

Dumbja the old bitter kitty

God Always Exposes Truth

But God always exposes the truth one day!
It doesn't matter what you say with sly words
Your actions alone
reek of demon's residual turds.

Thank you dear LORD
For her wickedness shown
Of her true colors
Another man in HIS home.
Not just once..not just twice…
It’s sufficient to say that your heart is dark and cold as ice.

God knows it all!
It is YOU that is dark!

Thank you Yeshua for hearing my prayers
GREAT JUDGMENT upon you Dumbja
You will burn as a TARE!
He gave my husband & I this great foundation!
Our marriage is called "Sanctification."

You lied over and over
You played and betrayed
A “sanctified” marriage you attempted to slay
But eight and a half years later
On my birthday!
Yeshua restored a husband & wife with a miracle that day!

Dumbja has Anathema called upon her

God is Going To Stop You Should You Not Stop!

The devil's door I do slam right in your face
Eight and a half years I walked alone in disgrace
Never was that my ownership
It is now “YOU” in my place!
You rightfully have earned
to receive 100 fold back
UN-godly-lies and slander
Your JEZEBEL acts.

You have rightfully earned the place that you NOW stand
just a heads up
“You are on quicksand.”

You fooled so many with your wickedness and lies
Your slander and jealousy
against God you have tried.

HE is rising up to shine on my face
The LORD’S restorations are ALL taking place.
HE is a God of JUSTICE and a GOD of TRUTH.
He has vindicated me against foul women such as yourself
Dirty Jezebels


It is not 'me' that you fight
but an army of Angel’s
And your darkness will never be permitted at OUR table!
The door to your darkness
has now been slammed shut
no more discussing who is

“Satan's slut.”

Judgment has been called upon you
Repent and stop these horrid things that you do
Because if you don't...
There is a very BIG house getting ready to fall on YOU!

You think I am kidding?

You have been warned!

Slamming the door to the devil!
S-L-A-M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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