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Are men afraid of Independent Women

Updated on March 25, 2012
Whoever wrote this is NOT afraid!!!
Whoever wrote this is NOT afraid!!! | Source

Strong Women

Why are men still subjegating women?

In many parts of the world, the repression of women still goes on. They are even mutilated in the hope that this will keep them "under control" of a very male dominated society.

The question is why does this still happen?

Are we so frightening, unlovable, promiscuous or simply to stupid to make our own decisions?

Come on guys, well at least those of you who would still see we women "barefoot and chained to a kitchen sink", time to look again.

Time to ask yourselves why women are kept under thumb in so many countries still, time to look at yourselves and your own shortcomings and behaviour.

For instance why is it alright for a man to be forgiven for his unfaithfulness, but a women to be maybe stoned to death................there is no justice in that at all!!

I can only think that men who still uphold such barbaric traditions as genital mutilation, have to be ineffective and lacking self-confidence, either that or brainwashed by centuries of male dominated religions and politics.


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    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 6 years ago

      Thankyou for your comment. I also respect women who stay at home and care for their families by choice, I did for 10years, but really feel for those who are forced into that situation and basically treated like doormats all their lives , therefore losing the will to be themselves even.

    • insidiousglamour profile image

      insidiousglamour 6 years ago from Bowge IX

      I think the problem stems from someone always thinking they must be holding power over others. Equal does not mean the same and it never has. Both men and women should be recognized and respected for their individual contributions to society. I respect the Islamic woman who chooses in the United States to wear her burqa; I do not respect the government that does not allow a woman to make that choice. I respect the woman who is "barefoot and pregnant" out of choice; I do not respect a society that forces men and women into prescribed roles. I enjoyed your little vent. I wish the world would wake up to the reality that no matter your genitalia, genes, coloring, or geographical location we are all members of the human species.