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Are relationships all about oral sex?

Updated on April 29, 2013

Some people feel that oral sex is a must for a long lasting relationship. Your boyfriend is telling you how bad he wants it. Your friends are telling you you have to do it otherwise your boyfriend will cheat on you.

Relationships are all about putting someone elses needs before your own. You both have to be on the same page. When a guy loves you he will want to be with you no matter what. If you tell him how you are uncomfortable giving oral and he is still pressuring you then he is not the guy you want. A good boyfriend will understand how you feel.

Just because you do not give oral does not make you unlovable. There are many ways to please a guy without doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is not for everyone and it shouldn't be a must for a relationship.

There is a difference between not liking something and doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you don't like something you aren't into it but now and then you might do it. If you feel uncomfortable doing something then you are sacrificing your beliefs and putting yourself at discomfort which is pretty bad.

Think of it this way would you go see a horror movie that you know will give you nightmares just to please your guy? It's the same way. Don't sacrifice yourself by putting yourself at ease just to save a relationship.

The right guy will be with you no matter what. He will understand how you feel and be okay with it. Don't listen to your friends that say a guy will dump you if you don't give him oral or it's okay if you love someone. It's okay if you feel it's okay. It's not for everyone and if it is not for you or you feel grossed out by the thought of it then don't do it.

Do you believe a guy will dump you if you don't give oral?

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Is oral sex really important in a relationship

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Would you or have you ever gone down on a guy before?

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    • mrblueishmouvesky profile image

      mrblueishmouvesky 4 years ago

      I'd suggest if people are "telling" you to do lots of things, stick up for yourself a bit more and decide what you'd like