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Are you Tired of Your Relationship

Updated on March 22, 2016

Don't give up on your Relationship

Don't give up on your Relationship

sometimes we do get tired of our relationship, but is it really worth it? you come to a point sometimes we do feel like we are tired of our relationships and think that the best thing we can do is to end the relationship. We have to know that relationships are not as easy as saying the word because there's a lot of ups and downs and we actually need to be strong

Ending your relationship because you are tired or something is broken is not the best move because you are still going to face the same problem even in your next relationship You have to firstly try to fix it and put your differences aside before you could even think of ending the relationship. just hang in there for your partner and all is going to be well.

The other this to know is that there's no perfect relationship in this world, all relationships are in short of perfection and you will never find love if you want a perfect relationship because there's no such thing as a perfect relationship.I believe that perfection ended 2000 years ago when Jesus was was still alive so you gotta think twice before even considering to search for a perfect just have to love you partner will all those imperfections, that's how we reach perfection.

Learn to be patient and all is going to be well. when the relationship was still fresh you always said through thick and thin and you don't have to break that vow, always go back to your word and I tell you, you will never again think of ending your relationship. just practice what you preach and be a man of your word.

I know that we do come to a point where we sometimes don't have any choice but just to end the relationship, try to fix it first and if things don't get any better then you can think of ending the relationship, the first thing is trying to find the root of the problem in hand and cut t from there, sit your partner down and try to express how you feel about the situation, and I promise that all is going to be well if you do it right. Communication is the best remedy of any relationship and without it, our relationships are dead as a corpse.

Try to fix it first, and trying doesn't mean that you will win but some things are worth your try and you should give it all you got before ending the relationship, Never take decisions out of anger because you are going to cause more harm. try to talk to your partner before trying anything stupid

If you can't solve the problem consult people who care about you for advice or you can even go to professionals for a professional help. Don't be too quick to end it because you are going to regret it and with you have never ended it and sometimes you might even be too late to fix it


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