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Are you ready for the relationship you want?

Updated on March 18, 2016

Have you ever thought to yourself why am I single or why am I not married?

If you have asked yourself these questions it could be that you are not ready for the type of relationship that you want.

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Does he fit your puzzle? Do you fit his puzzle?
Does he fit your puzzle? Do you fit his puzzle?

Here are 10 signs that you are not ready for a relationship:

  1. You can not count on yourself to be trustworthy -- Do you feel that certain situations can make you be unfaithful?
  2. You do not put others feelings before yours -- Do you only think of yourself?
  3. You do not accept people as they are -- Do you look for the ideal person off of your checklist?
  4. Communication is not important -- Do you have bad communication skills?
  5. Little things matter -- Do you not accept someone's flaws?
  6. Need someone to complete you -- Do you feel incomplete?
  7. Singleness is a highlight for you -- Do you enjoy being single?
  8. You hold ties to your ex -- Do you keep a backup?
  9. You do not set goals for the future -- Do you live day to day?
  10. You are not ready to incorporate your life with someone else -- Are you only focused on your own happiness?

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There are several steps that you can take in order to prepare yourself for the relationship that you want:

  • Date yourself
  • Make goals for your future
  • Practice good communication
  • Be open minded

Dating yourself

Learning to date yourself simply means treating yourself to dinner, flowers, or whatever you like. Dating yourself empowers you in the sense that you have a foundation of standards on how you would like to be treated.

So many times women look for a man to take care of them, when actually in the dating stage it is a treat for a man or woman to voluntarily do anything for you. We have some how come to the conclusion that we are owed an allowance and bill payments while we are dating someone.

Getting treated financially is great, but while you are dating this is not an obligation.

Setting Goals

Setting goals for your future allows you to prepare yourself for the type of life that you want.

Here are a few goals to set to get you started:

What type of career do you want?

Do you want a long-term relationship?

Do you want kids?

What type of living arrangements do you want?

Are there any spiritual or religious standards?


Know that there are two people in a conversation and both parties must be heard.

Learning to communicate will greatly help your relationship. There are many times that relationships don't work out because things that were said were taken out of context.

Clear head

Being open minded to new people that you never thought that you would have given a chance, could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Learning to love yourself is the best way to learn to love someone else!


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    • profile image

      AshleyMetscher 21 months ago

      Dido to what Deb said! Everything will fall into place if you put Him first :)

    • originalbouje profile image

      Ashley Udell 21 months ago from Little Rock, Arkansas


    • profile image

      Deb 21 months ago

      Love God first and all those things will be added.