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Are your friends ruining your love life?

Updated on October 21, 2013

We go to our friends for advice. We trust their opinion and know that they only want the best for us. Sometimes going to our friends for advice isn't the best thing to do.

If your friend is always giving you the negative side of things it could actually be hurting you. They may be telling you that they don't want to see you hurt but that is not the right thing to say. You can't put yourself in a bubble.

Friends will want you to give that go a shot or go after what you want. If a guy you like says he wants to hang out they should say go for it. If they say he doesn't like you it will make you start questioning yourself. Soon you will feel bad and discouraged.

If you have a friend like that limit to what you tell them. If they are always bursting your bubble when you are smiling something is wrong. Only tell people things who smile when you smile and encourage you to take chances and go after who and what you want.

Have you ever had a friend who ruined your love life before?

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