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Army Wife, Army Life

Updated on March 19, 2012

No one ever told me that being a Miltary wife was going to be a job within itself. Always being told to hurry up and wait can be so frustrating. I grew up as a military brat, traveling around the world while my dad served his country. Now that was easy, following my dad everywhere he went was amazing and wasn't as hard as being married to someone in the military.

A lot of people have this picture in there heads that we as military spouse's have it so easy, when in reality it's not as easy as it looks. We forget our own social security numbers at times because the military only needs the ssn of the service member. When we make doctors appointments they ask the service members' info before ours. If we need to renew our military ID's the service member has to be there or sign a special power of attorney granting us permission to do it on our own. To learn all the acronyms of the military so we don't get anything wrong or know what is being said. Everything that we do as spouse's reflects on the our service members. So if I were to get a speeding ticket on base, my husband would get into some major trouble with his chain of command. And, I definitely do not want my husband to get in trouble for something that he did not do.

When you have been in the military life for so long everything becomes second nature to you and it becomes a part of your everyday life. I get asked everyday by friends who do not live this lifestyle about how I actually can remember all the rules and regulations. It's not about remembering the rules and regulations it's about morals and responsibility; if it's something that you would not do in public as a civilian then we wouldn't do it in the military life. I have lived this way my whole life being that my dad was in the military for 28 years. This is the only way of life that I know which is hurry up and wait.

To be continued...


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