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Magical way of kissing

Updated on May 28, 2009

How to Initiate a First Kiss

A first kiss is like a first impression, except it is much more important. This kiss will be your first intimate experience together. Follow these steps to make sure your first kiss is not your last kiss! Here are some steps on how to initiate a first kiss.

  • Find somewhere to be alone. Crowded parties, dance floors and greasy restaurants are all terrible places for a romantic first kiss. Think up an excuse to be alone. Go for a walk, take a drive, get some fresh air.

  • Pay attention to body language. Is there contact? Is your heart pounding?

  • Wait for a good moment. Wait for a lull in the conversation, when your eyes meet and you both can't seem to look away. The moment will feel right.

  • Build up your contact and culminate it with a kiss. Let him or her anticipate it eagerly.

  • Lean in slowly. Give a kiss on the cheek gently and move toward the lips.

  • Take it easy. You got your kiss, don't push it. A kiss should not be rushed.Smile and pull back.

  • Keep eye contact and say i love you.

How to Hint for a Kiss from a Guy

Traditionally, men always initiate the kiss. However, women sometimes feel frustrated if the guy is a bit shy to kiss. If you are a woman who wants to kiss a guy and does not know how to start, here are some pointers on how to hint for a kiss from a guy:

  • It is necessary to look approachable so the man can feel at ease. Let him feel that you enjoy his company.

  • You can touch him on the shoulder or arm slightly while you are talking. A simple touch can strenghten the intimacy between you and the guy. If he is too shy, do not wait to for him to make the first move.

  • If you want to be kissed, look at the guy’s lips and make an eye contact. From his eyes, gaze at his lips. Howver, you do not want to make it too obvious. The guy will probably take this as a hint that you want to be kissed. Afterwards, move in. This is the time to get close.

  • When you think that the moment is right, move your face closer to his and look at him. Act as if you are going to kiss him and if he does not kiss you first, give him a little kiss on his cheek

How to make a girl kiss you

Get that kiss you always wanted. You see a girl that you like and want her to kiss you, are you have being talking to this angel for a period of time and you never kiss her, How do you make she kiss you and want to do it over and over again? Here how!

  • Make sure your lips are not cut up. No girls want to kiss a lip looking like that.
  • Make sure you have good dental hygiene. Brush teeth twice a day and don't forget to floss especially if you have braces.
  • Remember to keep mints in your pocket. Don’t use gums.
  • Make sure you do not smell offensive. If you do, then don't even think of approaching the girl.
  • Maintain good eye contact with the girl.
  • Make the first moved, and be confident. Girls like it when a guy is confident and believe me they know when you are not. Some girls like it when you whisper in their ear softly put your thumb on her chin when you get done kissing wipe her bottom lip and look at her again and smile if she likes it go back in for another kiss.
  • Get your self check out. Girls want to kiss guys they are attracted to. Girls don't expect you to look perfect, but you must look presentable.
  • Be thoughtful and considerate of her: open doors, send love notes or text messages or talk on messenger, don't over do it.

How to Kiss a Girl

Now that you've found a girl you want to get physical with, make sure you start off right. This article takes you from not kissing all the way to French kissing.

  • Keep your breath fresh. Make sure to brush your tongue each time you brush your teeth, and do both regularly. If you'll be meeting your girl later, avoid foods with powerful scents like garlic and onions. For a quick freshness boost, keep mints or gum handy but remember that those are only aides to support the good habits above.

  • Pick the right moment. Watch for signs that your girl is feeling close to you, such as: smiling & laughing in conversation; touching your arm; or leaning her head on your shoulder.

  • Start slowly. Don't surprise your girl with a first kiss. Send nonverbal signals to let her know what you're thinking, such as: leaning in towards her or holding her hand and gently tugging it toward you. Do not go for more "sensitive" areas like the hips, butt, or breasts.

  • Wait for her to respond. If she matches your action, that's the signal she's ready. If she doesn't lean in toward you or turns her head away, the time isn't right. Do not force the kiss on her; that's a sure way to make sure you never get a second kiss.

  • Kiss the girl. Start with a short, closed-mouth kiss. If she responds well, do another short kiss. Continue this, and as long as she's still into it feel free to start making your kisses longer. An important part of kissing is to always move slowly. Fast moves get you rejected; slow moves turn your girl on and open the door for more.

  • How far will you go? Don't expect too much on your first kiss. A short closed-mouth kiss is a great start. Several is even better. If it goes further than that, congratulations! As long as your girl is responding positively, you can continue to get closer. Open your mouth slightly and see if she does the same. Even if you move to the open-mouth kiss, don't use your tongue for a while. It's a whole separate step.

  • If you've been open-mouth kissing for a little while, you can try using your tongue. First, gently touch your tongue to her lips as a signal that you want to use your tongue. If she does the same, that's her signal that it's ok. Start tracing your tongue slowly and softly over her lips. Make sure any contact between your tongue and hers is soft. As you continue to kiss, you can slowly increase the force of your tongue.

  • Throughout the kissing, make sure your hands match what your lips are doing. For short kisses, keep your hands to yourself. As the kisses get longer and open mouth begins, "safe" areas like arms, shoulders, and legs below the knee are ok. Touching her face at this point is also good. As you start with the tongue, you can include the legs just above the knee or her waist. Stay away from the hips, butt and breasts until after you've been using the tongue for a while.

How to French Kiss a Girl

French Kissing is an essential skill for any great lover. Make yours a work of art and dazzle her from the first kiss.

  • CLEAN UP :-Take a long, hot shower and wash your hair. Use a strong deodorant to prevent body odor. Floss between your teeth. Brush well. Use mouthwash. Apply a small amount of cologne. Smelling good is a big plus, but not too much. Excessive odor can give women headaches and that is NOT sexy.

  • BREATH MINTS:-Not gum! Breath mints! Not cinnamon or fruit, but MINT. Always carry breath mints when you think you might kiss. Use them throughout your time with your girl, not just before kissing. She'll be smelling your breath long before the kissing starts. Bad breath can kill a good kiss before it even happens. Choose a small breath mint-- one that will fit under your tongue. Find a sly way to slip one into your mouth. Your mouth should be fresh and inviting. Even a fairly clean mouth gets stale and unpleasant without the occasional mint. Before you start working up to the kiss, slip one under your tongue and let it dissolve. When the time comes to kiss, your mouth will be ready.

  • GET PERMISSION!:- Before you move in for a kiss, you need to have permission. It will make the kiss more enjoyable for both of you. Kissing a girl who doesn't want it is about the same as assaulting her. Make sure you have her permission. Say something like, "I want to kiss you, but I don't know if you want me to." Or, "I really want to kiss you right now." If she objects or says nothing, forget the kiss for the moment. Just keep talking for a while and ask again later. If she says that it would be OK, move on to step #4.

  • APPROCH SLOWLY:- You don't want to rush in for the kiss. There's nothing sexy about being swallowed whole. Instead, tease her a little. Move in slowly. Hesitate before your lips touch. Build the excitement for her by delaying the kiss a little. When you start to kiss, give a gentle kiss with your mouth closed. Pull back, pause for a moment. The anticipation will help draw her out of her shell.

  • WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!:- Pull your lips an inch or two from hers. Wait to see if she leans in or pulls away. If she pulls away, drop the kissing for a while. If she leans in for more, give her little teaser kisses. Always leave her wanting more.

  • OPEN UP:- If she responds by leaning in for more kissing, let her lead for a moment. Open your mouth slightly, but don't slip any tongue yet. Let her be the first to introduce the use of tongue. After she uses her tongue, you are free to use yours as well.

  • THE TONGUE:- Once she has slipped YOU the tongue, you are free to do the same to her. Never too much! Remember, you want her to want more. Too much tongue will make her wish the kiss would end so she can breathe. Play it cool. Just a little tongue. Gently meet her tongue with yours and then withdraw. Try again. Try swirling your tongue around hers. Just briefly. Then withdraw and give more little kisses. Move in for more French kissing, but remember, keep it brief. Give her time to breathe and want more.

  • You may be thinking that a passionate French kiss includes a strong embrace. WRONG!!!! Wrapping your girl in an octopus hug is never good. It's overwhelming. Remember, you are trying to build excitement, not smother her. Don't reach for her breasts. Don't grip her in your arms. Instead, put your hands on hers. Gently touch the side of her face. You want her to want more, not look for an escape.

  • THANK HER:- When the kiss is over, pull back. It's vitally important to thank her. But you need to do it with style. Not, "Thank you for letting me kiss you." Instead, "Thank you. That was beautiful." Or, "Thank you. I've wanted to do that all night." Or, "Thank you. I'll sleep better now."


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