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Ashley madison- For better of for worse

Updated on August 29, 2015

Marriage on the rocks

Personally, I do not care much for the news because there is not much good news to care about. The news appears to be mostly negative and sometimes I have to ask myself where is all the good news? As much as I do not care much for the news, there appears to be no escaping it. All I have to do is try and access my e-mail account and the news of the day or the week jumps right out at me. Good for those who make a living selling news, but a positive twist to some news would also be welcome.

So let's put a twist to something that appears to be popping up in the news recently. Let us try and find some positivity to recent news, to current affairs and the phenomenon called Ashley Madison.

It is in fact, an occurrence that some have been observing for a while either because they are a part of it or because they are concerned about it. It took fourteen years and a hacker or a band of hackers to bring it even more attention and make it more news worthy. Now we are observing its circumstances and studying it and scrutinizing it. Ashley Madison is currently under the microscope but in due course it will escape from under the microscope for something else in our wonderful society to take its place.

It is something that is impressive or extraordinary in a variety of ways and on different levels.It is something remarkable and unique in its own way. It is also fascinating because it tells its own story about our society and all of us. Like or dislike them, love or hate them, you have to give them some credit for knocking on the door of marriage and creating a niche. Yes, the niche is questionable but 124 million visitors a year questions something else. It questions Marriage and it questions happiness.

Marriage and happiness are supposed to complement each other but unfortunately they do not always do so. On the contrary marriage does not bring the fairy tale hope of happily ever after but its own woes. Couples tend to dump all negativity from everywhere else into their marriage and let love escape.

It is love that makes marriage sacred and the vows but once love disappears, so does the purity and sacredness to marriage . Once love disappears, it is other things that hold the marriage together. Other things like children, responsibility, financial insecurity, the fear of being alone or the fear of adding a failed marriage to your life resume. Ashley Madison may also be one of the reasons why some marriages still exist and the divorce rate is not higher.

Think about it carefully. Sexuality is a part of our human nature and it also a part of marriage. It is a part of the package but a part that disappears somewhere along the way for many couples. It disappears because love gets lost and passion dies somewhere along the way or life and everything else just happens to take out the joy of making love with your partner. Here you will find one frustrated partner, a negative partner or a frustrated and negative couple. The referee is Ashley Madison.

The state of mind and state of being of one partner affects the other. A frustrated or negative partners starts an argument and it grows into a monster. Any argument begins with someone but no arguments, if no one begins them. There are only discussions. There are fewer arguments when either party is happy, because when one person to a marriage is happy, the other person is also likely to be happy or happier.

You may not always know why your other half is happy or smiling at you but what if it is compliments of Ashley Madison. It may not be Ashley Madison. It may be something else an occurrence closer to you, that you are not yet observing.

Ashley Madison may be responsible for a number of divorces but so is social media like Facebook. The revelation, the shock to one party, the lack of consent and shame are the keys to both. Ignorance or turning a blind eye is sometimes bliss. The other side to the coin lies the simple truth that many may be ignoring or not wish to acknowledge is that Ashley Madison could be holding more marriages together than anyone probably realizes or wants to acknowledge.

If you are a critic and you are glad that your husband or wife is not a part of Ashley Madison, what makes you think that they are not a part of something else similar to Ashley Madison? Hopefully they are not because you are happily married and have a great sex life. What makes you think that they are not having an affair with your best friend, your next door neighbor or a colleague at work? Hopefully they are not because they love you too much to do so. What makes you think that when your partner travels on a business or work related trip, they are not traveling into the bed and arm of someone else? Hopefully not.

Like it or not Ashley Madison has become a part of our culture and almost every american Zip Code but for Alaska and New Mexico. Like it or not Ashley Madison is here to stay for a while, unless of course the site is just down but where is the justification for that?

We should be more concerned about Ashley Madison, If what they are doing is illegal or unnatural. We should be more concerned about Ashley Madison if they are responsible for killing love and the breaking up of happy marriages . The truth is that any individual that visits or subscribes to the website, does so for a reason and of their own free will and the number will grow, unless marriage becomes a better place to be and for the right reasons. Maybe we need a few more websites that promote marriage, fidelity and the joy of sex within marriage.

Love your partner, know that your partner loves you and you should have nothing to worry about, especially not Ashley Madison. Make your marriage and happy place to be and Ashley Madison might be short one or two more visitors.

Right or wrong always remains a choice
Right or wrong always remains a choice


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      It was revealed today according to a data analysis conducted by Gizmodo, the vast majority of the 5.5 million profiles for (women) on Ashley Madison were fake!

      Among those that were real, fewer than 10,000 responded to a message from a would-be cheating partner and (fewer than 1,500 ever checked their inbox). Clearly this suggests there were very few "hookups".

      Since over (31 million men) had accounts there is no way the majority of them would have ever been matched up with a woman. Imagine if all 5.5 women profiles were real there would still be a 6 to 1 ratio of men to women.

      Ashley Madison and probably other online sites have been known to create fake profiles of beautiful women to lure men into signing up for memberships. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the "real women" on the site are actually escorts looking to leverage customers off the site.

      Lets think this through for a minute. Would any half way decent looking woman need to pay a website membership to find men willing to have sex with her???? Hell noooooooooooo! Women get hit on everyday!

      The reality is Ashley Madison may cause several divorces for men who actually (weren't able to cheat) using their site! LOL!

      (These men got ripped off! Most of the women profiles were fake.)

      The vast majority of affairs still occur in the workplace.

    • Mike Nolan profile image

      Michael Nolan 

      3 years ago from Sarasota, FL

      A bit of advice: proofread your title before publishing


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