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Asian Wedding Decorations

Updated on March 7, 2014

If you are dreaming of an Asian wedding complete with all the trimmings, your dream is about to become a reality. It’s so easy to create a magical day that brings your Asian heritage to life. If you’re not so sure how to get started, here are some tips that should get your creative juices flowing.

Paper Lanterns

Whether your wedding is taking place in the day or evening, you’ll want to include decorative paper lanterns. You can hang them from the reception hall ceiling or use mini paper lanterns to decorate trees and other structures. The effect will be lovely. And because you can order battery-operated lanterns, you don’t have to worry about open flames. You might even choose to have an entirely lantern-lit reception for a more cozy feel.

Photo from
Photo from


The parasol is so very delightful as an accent. You can purchase parasols online and use them as artful decorations around your reception or ceremony area. If you’d like to add a slightly more personal touch, you may want to see if you can borrow one from a relative for a meaningful addition.

Bonsai Trees

You can really create a simple but eye-catching décor with the use of bonsai trees. You can have them at the head table, the guest sign-in table, or on each table as a centerpiece. You can also find artificial bonsai trees with lights. They create the perfect effect when the sun goes down. 

Lotus Blossoms

Your reception can take on a distinctly romantic tone with the use of carefully placed lotus flowers. Float them in bowls of water along with floating candles at each table or use them as accents alone. There are battery operated floating lotus flowers available online if you want to light up the night in a special way. Fill a pool, fountain or pond with the blooms for an extra accent. 

Chinese Lanterns

Because red is the color of luck, you’ll want to sprinkle red Chinese lanterns throughout your décor. You can purchase miniature or full sized lanterns online and hang them from branches in a vase or give them as favors. The look will be stunning. 

Photo from
Photo from

The Mandap

The bride and groom’s table, the mandap, is a major focal point in Asian weddings. Be sure to decorate it with lovely flowers—calla lilies, orchids, or cherry blossoms work well—and include lanterns or candlelight. You might also want to include garlands and draped fabric as every eye will be settled here.

Image from
Image from

Origami Napkins

A nice touch for each table is a napkin folded into an origami crane or other shape. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, you can find books that will easily show you how. Or, you may get lucky and someone in your circle of friends might have the talent. Ask around.

Check out the great video below for step-by-step instructions for making a peacock shaped napkin.  Even if you don't use this idea at the wedding, it is great for dinner parties too!

Image courtesy of Wedding Favors Unlimited
Image courtesy of Wedding Favors Unlimited

Take Out Boxes

You can include tasteful restaurant take-out boxes that can house anything from a candle to candy. Let your imagination run wild. You might include a bamboo or other plant or a few soaps in the shape of lotus blossoms or with your names engraved.

A great Asian wedding favor idea utilizing take out boxes is shown to the right. You can buy the white handled take-out box along with custom fortune cookies, red ribbon, and the red Asian bamboo place cards at Wedding Favors Unlimited. These fun do-it-yourself wedding favors will definintely carry your Asian theme through to each reception place setting!

Photo from
Photo from

An Asian Wedding Cake

Your cake is an important part of the décor too. Why not include the double happiness symbol into the frosting or on top? You might also choose to have live calla lilies brought into the design or place a lantern or a fan on top. Your cake should reflect colors that are meaningful to you, so don’t be afraid to ask for red or other bright colors from your baker.

You could also finish off your cake with a double-happiness cake topper like the one available at Wedding Favors Unlimited (

Asian spoons from Wedding Favors Unlimited
Asian spoons from Wedding Favors Unlimited

The Reception Dishes

You can really make an impact with the dishes you choose to set your tables with. Even if you are using a caterer, you might bring in lotus or cherry blossom plates for the appetizers or salads or porcelain soup spoons and sake cups. You can visit an Asian grocery store or restaurant supply to buy these items in bulk. Enlist a friend to round them up from the caterer at the end of the night. 

Asian Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

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  • TheWeddingSecret profile image

    TheWeddingSecret 7 years ago from Bath, UK

    Just beautiful :)

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

    Love the origami touch to the table setting. Your pictures are fabulous! Great topic, I learned a lot!

  • featherpin profile image

    featherpin 7 years ago from Los Angeles

    your hub was very informative. i enjoy your tastes on Asian cultures.