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Asking Her: 12 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

Updated on October 11, 2019
curiousdestiny profile image

I've been through too many failed relationships and finally found the one. I enjoy writing about relationships and spiritual connection.

When is the perfect time to make a move?

Your eyes met and you instantly feel the “attraction”. Since then, your mind has gone binary. “Is she interested in me?” Or “Is she not interested in me?”. You are unsure if she is equally attracted to you or is it an unrequited attraction?

Firstly, you are not alone in this journey. Every male friend I have, encountered this situation before and as a female, I would like to offer these 12 positive signs of attraction. Go chase the girl if you get 3 or more positive signs!

What is stopping you from pursuing her?

Maybe you were rejected before and you were hurt badly. Think about the worst-case scenario; pursue and you get hurt again. Well, you were hurt before, and you overcame that. Now, think about the best-case scenario, which is getting the girl you are so attracted to, to be your girlfriend! You are probably in cloud nine now while fantasizing about this outcome.

If the upside is so much more than the downstairs, shouldn’t you take a chance to pursue her? Don’t let fear paralyze your actions and always trust your intuition.

Basically, ladies prefer bold men with a combination of sexiness, intrigue, and romance.

Now, read through the 12 subtle signs coming up next to decide whether to make a move or not.

12 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

Did you know that a girl can be crazy over you but since she doesn’t want to look desperate, she keeps hiding her feelings? No decent woman wants to look like a desperate no matter how she wants you to make a move. However, many times girls will make subtle signs to hint her attractive to you but men are sometimes too oblivious to see the signs!

1. Approaching you when you are alone

Has she agreed to come to your place when you are all alone? This is one of the signs that you should make a move. If she has spent time at your place, you don’t need to be confused about whether she wants you to make a move or not. No woman risks having alone time with a guy she does not trust and is attracted to. Coming to your territory puts her in a vulnerable position even if it’s just for watching a football match.

When it comes to avoiding awkward moments, women are the pros. She’d rather pretend she’s picking a call than spend 20 minutes alone with someone she has no interest in. Does she mind spending personal time with you when the rest of your classmates are gone? If no (she doesn’t mind at all), then she really likes you. If she talks to you on an individual basis, it is a very positive sign.

Third time is always a charm. If this girl has been alone with you for at least three times, she is definitely interested and is secretly waiting for you to make a move.

2. Contacting you at odd hours

Who wakes up in the middle of the night to make a call unless it’s something important? It’s only logical that she is interested in you if she can text and call past midnight or early in the morning.

It is one of the signs that you are on her mind and hopes for you to make a move quickly. Even if you are a night owl, hours between twelve till six o’clock in the morning are regarded as personal time. The two of you are expected to be asleep, and when she risks waking you up from sleeping, she is indirectly asking you to open your eyes and see how much she is hinting at you. You should take advantage of this and flirting is welcomed into her late-night texts but do not overdo it as she might back off.

A girl who thinks about you will find a way to let you know e.g. making sure that she is the last person you speak to before you sleep or the first one to text you in the morning. This is one of the signs that she rolls in bed thinking about you all night long and wondering when you will make a move.

3. She is interested if she talks to her friends about you

Girls care a lot about how their friends think about their dates. As a matter of fact, the reason they seek Mr. Right is that they want to show off to the world that they have a great man. If she speaks well of you in front of her gal pals, she is looking for approval from her friends in order to close the deal with you. However, it is none of your business to know what she says to her friends, so don’t coerce her to tell you. This is one of the signs that she wants you to make a move.

Look out for her girlfriends looking at you, whispering around and giving you the “I-am-not-looking-but-looking” glances to gauge their approval level (Good luck!).

4. Reciprocating your flirtations

Of all the signs that she wants you to make a move, this is the most obvious. She is offering you the green light for you to make a move if she doesn’t seem to avoid your flirting games.

If you start a flirtatious conversation and she stays tuned for more than 10 minutes, believe it or not, she is interested in you and wants you to make a move. You wink at her severally and she doesn’t look away or even wink back - get the hint that she’s into you.

Have you tried to dance with her and she keeps on dancing for a number of songs without pulling away?

If she responds positively to your flirtatious moves, she must be willing to test the waters and all that remains is for you to make a move. She doesn’t invest her time in anything. What she wants is your attention and to find out if chemistry exists between you two. You must take your game to a higher notch if your basic flirting has been accepted before someone else takes her.

5. Welcoming signs

Does she act warmly towards you? If she wanted to shut you down, she wouldn’t be nice to you and would do anything to get away sooner from you rather than later. Some of the welcoming signs include: asking you lots of questions, laughing at every joke you make including the lamest, being attentive to you no matter the situation, being in a relaxed mood around you, and positive body language.

An unapproachable woman is as clear as daylight and she acts distant and cold because she is not interested. On the other hand, when her actions and words are inviting, do not be afraid to make a move. As you make a move, don’t forget to send the correct message with your body language to avoid misunderstanding (e.g. like being overly flirtatious). You don’t want to face the awkwardness of being rejected by a potential date due to a misunderstanding.

6. She initiates contact

You might have missed the early signs that she wants you to make a move. If your female friend came to you first, she is attracted to you and you should have made a move a long time ago.

Find out if she does any of these things before:

  • Finds you in a crowd and introduces herself

  • Gives her number and asks for yours

  • She suggests a place the two of you should hang out

  • Asks if you could meet her friends.

She definitely wants to build a relationship with you if she makes these moves. However, don’t expect her to initiate everything and be ready to make the next move as soon as possible.

6 More: Body Language Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

The art of understanding body language to decide to make a move is very important. You probably see the signs every day but are still confused. But at the back of your mind, you already know what they mean. Words can lie but the heart doesn’t. When a woman is attracted to a man, her body always tells the truth.

It is easy to know if she is dying for you to make a move. But if everything is not yet clear, check out for the following body language signs.

7. Preening to look attractive

She preens herself and re-adjusts her looks when you are around just to grab your attention. Maybe she is a nervous wreck and doesn’t know if she’s attractive to you. That’s the reason she looks at herself in the mirror to ensure that her lips, hair, and dress are in good shape. She might adjust her dress and make sure that you check her out or apply lipstick in front of you as she so desires to seal you with her kissable lips.

8. Seductive eye contact

This is another huge sign of a woman who is sexually attracted to a guy. Does she hold eye contact with you? Naturally, human beings desire to see more of what they like. So, if her pupils look dilated, she wants to get your full picture and will be checking you constantly.

Sometimes, a woman who wants you will take glances at you from time to time if you are in a crowd and she looks down as soon as your eyes meet. If you have spotted her doing that, you need to go over and initiate a conversation. But when it’s just the two of you, she will maintain prolonged eye contact. If you are attracted to her, you shouldn’t delay taking action. If you hesitate, fear will start creeping and leave you with no confidence.

9. Smiling is a sign that she likes you a lot

An interested woman smiles a lot when you are near her. This is the most evident body language sign of attraction, interest, and friendliness. You may not be the funniest friend she has but every time you crack a joke- even the dumbest- she smiles and giggles. When she is interested in you, she will laugh at almost whatever you say. You will not even understand what she is laughing at when you are not even trying to be funny.

The signals she is sending is that she wants you and enjoy your company. But if she maintains a neutral facial expression, most likely she isn’t into you.

10. She doesn’t fear physical contact

Physical contact is an indicator of romantic interest. A woman who is comfortable with you will share her personal space with you or invade your personal space. She will make excuses to touch you subtly and ensure that your bodies touch. She will hit your arm when laughing or pretend to fall so you can hold her waist. Whenever you hug to say goodbye, she will cling fully into you. How can she recoil when all she wants is to have some contact?

11. Directing her body and feet towards you

The human body indicates what it wants in the direction it faces. If you are having a conversation and she points her feet towards the exit, she is looking for a way to run away. But if she really wants you in her life, her feet and body will be directed towards your direction. Her feet are perfect indicators of her intentions because they dictate where she is going. They help her move to where she wants or run away from what disgusts her. So, in as much as you focus on her facial expressions, don’t forget to look at the lower body signs.

Find out if she crosses her legs when around you or if she sits closer to you than when she is with other people. These are major attraction signs.

12. Lip biting

If she bites her lower lip while looking you directly into your eyes, she is attracted to you, in many ways, sexually. Some ladies are very subtle when it comes to revealing signs of attraction while others are extremely flirtatious. Lip biting is a very strong red flag of arousal which is quite rare. If she doesn’t show it, there is nothing to worry about.

After Your First Move: Does She Maintain Communication?

So you found the signs and made the first move. How do you have the assurance to take the next step?

The sure sign of a woman who desires to know you better is one who continues to communicate with you after you made the first move. It is a sign that her interests towards you are strong.

This is how that communication looks like: she comments regularly on your social media, sends texts and calls you, and asks to hang out with you once in a while. The rationales for her constant communication are that she thinks of you always, she is interested in a future with you, and wants a serious relationship. Of course, reciprocate her actions by returning the same communications so that she can get your signs that you are interested in her. If it is one-sided communication, she or you will appear desperate rather than mutually attracted.

My Final Thoughts

Some signs are as clear as sunlight but given a fast-paced society with so many distractions, we do inevitably miss the physical attraction signs that she has been sending over. Once you have noticed these signs, it’s high time you pull out your romantic arsenal and make a move. Don’t forget that dating entails a lot of stages, and sending the signs that she likes you is an indication that she is ready for the next stage. Be smooth and win her like a gentleman!


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    • curiousdestiny profile imageAUTHOR

      Muriel B Tewes 

      5 months ago

      Hi Mavis! It really depends on his character and your relationship with him. Is he a passive person - maybe that's why. Otherwise, I am not optimistic about it.. It seems like he is not interested to reciprocate.

    • profile image

      Mavis Dee 

      5 months ago

      I’ve been giving some of these signs - intentionally or sometimes unintentionally to my crush but he is not doing anything!


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