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Asscher Cut Engagement Ring – A Man’s guide to buying one

Updated on August 29, 2010

If you think you're ready, start shopping Asscher Cut engagement rings

Asscher cut engagement rings are an old and exquisite style of engagement rings that are becoming popular again.  Basically, an asscher cut diamond is a special cut that takes an otherwise square diamond and bevels the corners so it looks more like an octagon (see below).  Several celebrities (like Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson) have drawn lots of attention to the uniquely styled ring.  What women really love about the asscher cut diamond is the way the rings sparkles because of all of the facets.  A nice asscher cut engagement ring will catch the attention of just about anyone in a well lit room.

If you’re looking around online for an asscher engagement ring, chances are you already know that she’s interested in one.  That’s great.  Now the tough part is finding one.  Because they’re an older variety of engagement ring they tend to be in short supply at local jewelry stores.  However, they are becoming in style and therefore you may still have some luck.  But since you’re online already, the best thing to do is look around the internet.  There are a lot of good resources online that can give you a good idea about prices for each carat weight that you’re considering and all of that.  You shouldn’t have any trouble ordering a ring online so long as they have a secure shopping cart system.  Even though it’s pretty difficult to drop all that money on a ring that you only can see through a few pictures, most stores won’t give you any problems returning the ring.  Another good idea would be to order the ring online and if it doesn’t work out you can return it to the brick and mortar store.  Just make sure to read the agreement before you hit the buy button.

I’m not going to make any assumptions about your situation so I’ll cover both real diamond and cubic zirconium diamonds.  The price difference between the two is amazing.  The cubic zirconium diamond can be found for under $100 and it’s very similar to the real thing.  If you decide to purchase a cubic zirconium asccher cut engagement ring, you may want to consider telling her about the ring upfront.  If your sincere about it, she may understand; however, if she finds out on her own you may have hell to pay (but if you’re married by that point it won’t be that bad).  You can always tell her that it’s a substitute for when you finally get a real asscher cut diamond engagement ring.

If you decide to go for the real deal it’s going to cost you some big bucks and there’s a good chance you’ll have to special order it.  A lot of online retailers have asscher cut diamonds so you shouldn’t have to worry too much, but if you want something special or prefer to go through your local jeweler it may take quite a few weeks.  In terms of cash money, you’re looking at dropping between $1000 for a half carat to over $2500 for a full carat.  If you need some guideline on what to spend (don’t be too cheap, but also be reasonable) they say around 2 month’s salary should do it.  Whether that’s before or after taxes that’s up to you.

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