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How to Attract a Cancer Man and Keep Him Happy

Updated on July 22, 2015

What Attracts a Cancer Man?


Cancer: June 22 – July 23

Read on for insights into the physical, mental, and other attributes that attract Cancerian men. Learn how to make yourself more attractive to a Cancer!

Understanding Cancer Personality

Cancer men want stay-at-home partners. Their tastes and what attracts them are very straight-forward, but with fewer and fewer women staying at home these days Cancer men are increasingly lost in single life. They rarely go out—unless it is to work—and they shop online to keep communications to a minimum.

If the man you have decided to pull in is a Cancer, the only possible way to succeed is to buy the house-next door. Once purchased, this house should be refurbished – even extended – to make it the perfect home for a Cancer. On top of all things comfortable—such as spongy cushions, cuddly-up blankets and rounded corners— throw in some audible water features. Once the house is ready, invite him over (perhaps to help with a household "emergency".) In most cases, he’ll never leave your home again, but if he does you’ll just have to sell-up and accept your losses.

If you can’t be bothered to go to this extent, ask yourself: Is he worth it?

How to Seduce a Cancer


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    • profile image

      Amanda 13 months ago

      Hello. I see there is alot of negitive commits on cancer men and then when the men read this they get offended of course. The only personal experience ive had with a caner man is from church who is working on being a pastor. He wants that Godly, spiritual family traditional life but he also seduces every young female in the church. I mean he sleeps with all of them! He left me alone for the most part when i wasnt single, but everytime he thinks im single he comes right after me too. His fiance of 2 months from very far away state came to move in and marry, goes through his phone and finds him sexing many women and packs up her stuff and leaves. He had done this to her before and she gave him a final chance. His father (the pastor) always excuses his sons behavior (hes 40) and truely believed hes the victim. He likes to tell people woman "break his heart" all the time. Ive only known him for less than a year and met a half a dozen woman he slept with, he was engaged twice. He to me seems very selfish, wants praise and adorement for accomplishments, has a higher than thou attitude, has made ALOT of sexist commits "thats a womans job" etc. His family made fun of him when he became a christian 4 years ago because of the way he is with woman. And he does keep their stuff, keeps texts, doesnt let go. It was very hard for me to get to know him im the beginning. He would always ask about me, but not respond to any of my questions. So i had to astrology to get to know him. I enjoy being friends, i think he makes a great friend. He just has a disconnect with friends and "more than friends" . i think he has alot of love to give and wants to recieve alot of love. So hes a loving person. He tells woman they have a "piece of his heart" my husband tells me i have "his whole heart" now which one sounds better? This cancers sister told me when he was a teenager, he would ask her to bring her friends over for sex. So he was screwing a different girl everyday. And apparently, they were all fine with it. So, cancer men in these commits think woman are just picking on the sign cancer becuase they personally were hurt. But ths cancer man i know (who is ruining the church right now) does this to soooo many woman ALL the time. And his dad backs everything up he does maybe because these are "lower class" woman im guessing. But this last finance was the "prize" woman the pastor really wanted his son to marry. And he treated her the same way he treats everyone else. To me, all the woman have feelings, souls, spirits, no matter who they are and shouldnt be treated like this. I hope the church doesnt go down because my pastor is a great and wonderful pastor (except for this one little problem)

    • profile image

      starfish12 21 months ago

      I have never dated a Cancer but I have a crazy Cancer sibling. My former doctor, whose been married 20+ years is a Cancer. He was the most cunning, manipulative, sneaky lying man I have encountered. He was active in the church, a good Christian family man on paper, married to his college sweetheart and he pursued me relentlessly.

      He even met my husband, KNEW I was married, knows it's unethical because he's a dr but he didn't care. It took me a few visits to realize what was going on. He made it very clear he wanted a sexual relationship. I feel so sorry for his wife. I cared more about her than he did. I fired him as my Dr and moved on. He's was nothing but drama. Very insecure, manipulative, used his position to inquire about my sex life (I never took the bait), zero integrity. Nothing but a loser.

    • profile image

      cancer man 22 months ago

      Ima July 4 cancer and i love these comments and stories kmsl sour patch kids fareal

    • profile image

      wanad 2 years ago

      I dated a cancer for 6 months. I was nice to him, but it seemed like the nicer i was, the meaner he got. when i stroked him, he acted cold. sometimes if i couldnt do what he wanted, he would say Well i dont need u, and it wouldn't hurt me at all if you Left. So, i figured he didn't want our relationship. But when i asked for my things, he wouldn't give them back. He tried to keep them so i could keep going into his presence...i wound up leaving my things with him to get out of the relationship.

    • profile image

      PIQUARIUS 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Mani.Pakistan. 4 years ago

      As a muslim I trust Allah, as knowledge horoscope based on analysis, research, I feel that's good, cancerian, sensitive, creative, adventure, kind, helpful, amazing, strong, as we'll as sexually, a different sex to capricorn, and scorpions, its mean cancerian sex related with relationship his own mod, its why I m cancerian 2. Bye

    • profile image

      whittatl 4 years ago

      Well, well, well!! Im a leo chick confused about the cancer man. I met my guy a year and a half ago. At the beginning things were slow. We talked a few weeks then he disappeared for 3 monthz and went back to paris.(his birth place) to continue running his familybusiness.I get a text 3 months later with him saying he just returned and how he badly he wanted to see me. We met and had an awesome time. We continued dating seeing each other rarely bc we both work a lot. We ended up having sex the following month a few times. He expressed how he felt like he was falling in love with me and how hewanted to start a life with me. I have 3 kids and he has none and that wasn't ever a problem with him. 5 days before thanksgiving we had the best night/date. It was so genuine, passionate, sweet etc. I knewi was in love without a doubt. I packed up all my things bc we agreed to be together. After that i didn't hear from him for 5 months!!! Smfh no response to calls,text,emails NOTHING!! I cried andcried an wondered what i did wrong. I told myself everyday it wasn't my fault. I was soooo heartbroken. I got over it 50%.....until i get a text from him in march saying he just got back from paris. Wtf????? I couldn't believe he actually had the same number and he received all my messages etc. His father had passed. I felt so sorry for him so i forgave him. We talked sporatically over thenext few months. Me not wanting to be hurt i stayed a little distant but i still loved him endlessly. We end up having sex again and once again he tells mehow im the most incredible peaceful beautiful woman hes met since moving to the u.s. He disappeared again!!!! This time 2 months. I totally removed him from my mind(i tried). Guess what happen? He was right back. Funny thing is i never told him how he broke my heart. We talk quite often now still but recently we had a disagreement about himnot upholding plans we made on a saturday. He text me at 3am for breakfast and i snapped. Howcan he just think ill jump when he says, he plays too many games i told him. THEN THE TRUTH CAME....He told me he kept me far bc i have kids with another man and he doesn't want "babydaddy drama", which i have none...smh! I think hes scared of being cheated on...idk. Hes said things like, "he can make me who i want him to be", "were gonna still be next to each other when were 80 years old","even if i do marry another woman im still first in his life! He wants to meet my kids and my mom but why if he just put me in the friendzone?? He tells me he knows he will fall in love with me and imconfused. Since he put me in the friendzone i hear from him every other day, i see him a lot and we don't have sex we make love. He says he cant make love without emotion so its clear he cares. Hes cooked me dinner everytime i come over. Hes everything: succesful, driven, strong, dependable, SENSITIVE,expressive, open,etc. I just wonder by him opening up slowly but for surely gonna make things easier or worse for me? I know he cares but at what point do you say fuck it after waiting for the one youlove to realize everything you need is right here. He tells me everything like how dated 2 other women and how theyre not even comparable to me. He trust me with his secrets so why not just take a chance and listen to his heart and not his brain??!!! So confusing he is but i love his sweet, confused ass!!!

    • profile image

      C@NCER 4 years ago

      I NEVER knew people hate cancer men so much!!

    • profile image

      libra girl 4 years ago

      omg so true

    • profile image

      sagibrat 4 years ago

      Hello Everybody!!

      A lot of reading dayumm! Good to know I am not alone! And doesmynamereallymatter, good points about all sun signs having good and bad but, I think this is more then girls wanting to vent! These experiences are with CANCER MALES and if they like me, they just want a sister to know its not you, they are moody and very manipulative! Looksee Look, I dated 3 Cancers and Share the same pain as my sisters here. When they are good they are the best! But when they decide to show their true colors if you do not spoil and pamper they go from sweet to sour. You know that commercial for sour patch kids?? Put it in reverse, there is your Cancer Male! Sad but true. I do believe once they decide to settle down for life they are better although still expect to be spoiled by the woman NOT the other way around!!! They do the spoiling to hook you after that, you better prepare yourself. They are very moody All of them! I have 2 Cancer brothers and a cancer sister. Very sweet to their family yes. Very good friends but they can also be very cruel and manipulative and sneaky! The few I dated were enough for me to say yes if he says I am a Cancer, if you just want a sweet guy for a very short time and going to be ready to move in,, Sure grab you one!!! Perfect for a couple weeks or so perfect! If you want a real man, find a Leo or a Virgo, at least you will know for sure where you stand. They will happily tell you how they feel!

      Those who do find a perfect match in a Cancer Male good for you,. I am sure once they are 30 or 40 they will be ready to act nice enough to keep a mate. Until then, don't expect to understand them, they I don't think understand themselves because they are too busy making the world believe they have been wronged so when they move on the ladies they want to attract will think Oh POOR Cancer boy your ex was so mean and terrible, Please SISTERS don't fall for it, chances are high they hurt their ex's good enough to be sure they wont have to worry about seeing them with anyone for a while because they will be busy licking their wounds. That is my take and experience. PEACE OUT LADIES!

    • profile image

      krysis 4 years ago

      My last 5 boyfriends have been "Cancer Males". They are the sweetest guys ever, everrrrr for the first few weeks or months depending on how long it takes for them to decide they "have you"! Sorry in advanced CANCER MALES who are reading this but. . . I can only speak from my own experience!

      You would think by now I would stop falling for their Bull5h1t! But, they are so charming, attentive and sweet at first and every single time I think, awe maybe he is different then the last, maybe I just ended up with a playah last time. NOPE WRONG WRONG WRONG!

      Once they know they have you they become bipolar!! I swear I couldn't say anything at all!! Everything I did either hurt their feelings or pissed them off. Always having an excuse to ignore me or say we needed to "step off" for a little while.

      It is very hurtful when in the beginning you have this hot sweet guy telling you how beautiful you are. How he can't live without you. How he has never dated anyone as great as you making you feel like a princess only to one day wake up so confused that it seems like you went to sleep and woke up into a bad nightmare!

      Boyfriend number one . . . everything was great!! we never had a fight not even an argument! One day I am with my cousin we went to see the movie Corpse Bride. I had asked him to go, he said he was busy. I asked him are you okay if I go without you? Yes he said you can do whatever you want! So I went. (this was I think in 2005) Anyway We got home late. I text him and let him know I was at home if he wanted to come over. He said No and we said good night. The next day I call, no answer, I text to see how he is.. he says "not good, I am having a bad day".. I said wanna talk about it? Maybe later he says so I left him alone. 3 days go by I hear nothing. So I went to his house. He come to the door and I said "hey what's up can I come in?" What are you doing here? I thought wow, what did I do? So I said are you mad at me for something? He said I don't want to talk about it. I was so mixed I couldn't figure out what I did. Being respectful I said well, I hope I haven't done anything to make you mad. No its not you he said .. so I said call me later? He said sure. I left. Not an hour later he text me and said Why wont you talk to me? huh? I said .. for the past few days nothing? I said the last text you sent you said you were having a bad time and didn't want to talk. He said why you being so mean I am just asking you a question! huh? Now I am thinking what the hell!! He insisted we talk so I call him. he says lately you have just been treating me so mean. I asked, mean? how just tell me what I did? He yells I will not put up with you talking to me this way.. and hangs up the phone!! It took me 3 weeks of texts and calls with him constantly hanging up on me and yelling or accusing me of saying something mean before one day I said, Oh babe I am so sorry, You're right I have been so mean can you ever forgive me? (really I was joking thinking maybe he would laugh as I had done NOTHING seriously not a fight or bad word!) and he said okay I will forgive you this time but we need to talk more and I will not put up with you talking down to me. I brushed it off and decided well at least we are talking again. We went out that night had a great dinner. A night of passion. The next morning I am getting dressed I was going to meet my cousin. he says Oh, are you going to see a movie or find stuff to do without me again? I said what? We invited you, he says OH ya like you really wanted me there!! I said I DID I DID that is why i invited you!! Just go! I couldn't believe what I was hearing we just had the best night! So I said let me just call her real quick and I will tell her I don't want to go today. What do you want to do? He starts screaming don't make me look bad in front of your family! I don't need or want your pitty, I think we need to "step back"! For the next 9 days he text randomly I was as sweet as any girl could possibly be and no matter what I said he would twist it into some horrible thing. Finally I had enough and broke it off.

      The next 4 all the same. Great in the beginning and one day out of the blue MOODY MOODY MOODY for NO reason. One of them got mad and never got over it because I said yellow tabby cats were over rated!! Are you calling me stupid for liking yellow tabby cats!!? huh? Ya it was like that no joke!! And it got worse over time. What I have learned is that unless you ALWAYS agree with every little thing they say, you WILL hurt their feelings!! If you do NOT agree with their likes and dislikes YOU BETTER JUST RUN AND HIDE!! They will get in your brain and make you think you are going crazy because all of the sudden everything you say is wrong!

      Every time I meet a sweet guy he ends up being, yes a Cancer!! And I am so dumb I think. okay he is so sweet maybe it was just because of this or that! I just started dating a Taurus, Oh I know they are players I have heard but you know what? ALL MY EX CANCERS I have found out SLEPT with EVERYONE ONE OF MY FRIENDS either before or after we broke up and every one of them went through the same thing! I guess you can say they suck you in and make you feel like you are the one get all they want from you and move on. I have to say based on my personal experience they are the worst kind of player! Because they make you fall in love with them before they toss you!! Wish me luck!! I hung up my cancer hat~

      In case you are wondering, I am a Cappy! Capricorn. Very Loyal and very secure in myself ;-) Maybe that was too much for the poor moody little crabs I dated ? What do you think?

    • profile image

      Hbomb 5 years ago

      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Hayley from Sydney, Australia and I'd like to know more about the Cancerian man..

      I am a Leo lady and this is my first run-in with a Cancer man.

      I usually attract other Leo's, Sagittarius and Aries, Aries being my absolute favourite! But I think I might be interested in an entirely different type of personality this time and I’d like to know what I'm likely to expect.

      Let me tell you a little about what has happened so far, it’s a little weird...

      {So, I am about as Aussie as you can get. My ancestors came over here on the first fleet which is kind of cool and my descendants are from Denmark. This Cancer Man is half Greek, half Italian but born in Australia. (I love European looking men!).

      We met one night at a trendy bar in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. I had just finished seeing an American man who had just left the country 2 days earlier as his Visa was up. I was feeling pretty sad so I was determined to go out and have a good night with my girlfriend; therefore a pub crawl was in order.

      We reached the second bar of our crawl and had been sitting for half an hour when the Cancerian's friend comes over and starts talking to us. I had already noticed the Cancerian as he had walked by earlier and I thought he was cute. Eventually the Cancerian and his other friend come over to join us and their friend who'd initiated the conversation.

      The Cancerian remained very quiet for many hours, not saying too much but still having quite a strong masculine presence.

      We eventually moved to a more comfortable lounge area and I made sure I sat next to him.

      I was pretty intoxicated at this point but no-one can ever tell as I carry myself very well.

      As we are sitting there he looks at me and asks “Would it be ok if I kissed you..” I giggled and said, "Um.. Yes ok..

      It was the sweetest, most tender kiss and I knew I wasn't leaving that lounge for anything! I was pretty glued to him the rest of the night.. We had a really weird fight, we danced and then we decided to get into a cab, which he stopped 20 seconds later to run in & get me a cheese burger! (very sweet).

      Then like any silly girl with her heart recently in a meat grinder.. I slept with him. I'm sure it had the potential to be amazing, but I felt so bad about it having just said goodbye to my American man that I kicked him out half hour later.

      So a couple of days went by and we started to talk on the phone, I really liked talking with him as he was very gentle and calming. It felt easy to talk to him and I could tell he was really listening to me.

      A week later was Anzac day (a public holiday) and I get a very strange phone call from him at 7am asking me to let him up as was downstairs, drunk and wants to cuddle all day!?

      My answer was NO! Apart from the fact he come over uninvited, he was also drunk and I had plans to go out with my friends and celebrate Anzac day the traditional way, playing 2-up and drinking way too much beer! Not at home cuddling a drunk man while he sleeps.

      He's response to my "NO!" was not a good one, he got a little forceful and said some not so nice things. I hung up on him and went out with my friends. Later I get 2 conflicting messages..

      The first one read 'it's all your fault'.. 5 hours later the second one read.. 'I would like to apologise'.

      I figured he had sobered up and realised he was making an a$$ of himself. I wrote him an 'I'm disappointed in you' msg later and ignored him for a few days. He tried to catch up with me the following weekend but I tiptoed around his invite to come out with him.

      The week we'd been talking on the phone he indicated he was still talking to an ex-gf and he was also looking for a new job so the timing just didn’t seem right for either of us.

      Although I could see things just weren’t right, I thought I’d give him a second chance so I told him what I was looking for in a man and what I was not willing to put up with.

      3 days later I get a msg saying.. “I can’t see anything eventuating so I think it’s best we leave it here, based on what you’ve told me.”

      And that was that..

      6 months goes by and I’m having lunch with my dad at a Café when I hear someone call my name..

      I turn around and it’s the Cancerian. I chat with him a little and then he boldly asks if I have a boyfriend.

      I say “No”.. So he then asks me for my number..

      I hesitate and say “I don’t know about that”.

      He says “Come on, please..?”

      His directness struck a cord with me so I said ok.

      Half an hour later he leaves the café and as he walks past he says “Bye, will give you a call this week.”

      Then he walks over to his motorbike, jumps on and waves as he drives off.

      I must admit I was pretty turned-on by his ultra-smooth departure.. It was like something out of Top Gun and I’ve been daydreaming about it since.

      I get a message 2 hours later saying “Hey Stranger, it was nice to see you again, hopefully we can catch up sometime soon :)”.. and I got a very nice phone call 3 days later.}

      I guess I want to know..

      1. How crazy are Cancerians?

      2. Should I expect him to do these totally weird types of things often?

      3. Are they good talkers or am I going to have to drive the boat all the time?

      4. Is he worth sleeping with again (sober) and what should I expect if I do?

      5. What is the best way to approach him if I am annoyed about something?

      Would love your wisdom on anything Cancer, especially pertaining to the questions above.

      Thanks Everyone! =)


    • profile image

      Orion 5 years ago

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      The vudoo spell caster is great and powerful, now all my friends that knows me before now wants to meet him because they've seen changes and the new me.

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    • profile image

      Aquame 5 years ago

      Cancer man is unpredictable his giving me so much stress I always caught him chatted on adulthsite. I gave my best to appreciate me since he got nothing but to compare my life from him I intend to give him what is making him happy we argue cos he never hear me nor listened on my situation to him instead of telling me that I'm negative and simple put everything to him I'm so mad and feeling neglected , I'm not giving any appreciation he always take and our problem was almost the same his infidelity and not treated me nicely I'm so mad and I told to give my everything back all the gifts that I Trully value and he deny those gifts instead he will put in the bin . He lied cos all of them are expensive and he can't afford to have it . I feel like his using me on his own benefits I'm near yet so far I got the looks and a better life his life is miserable and I don't want to be a part of it how can i share my everything of he only know is to take advantage of me

    • profile image

      macy king 5 years ago

      Never trust a cancer they will kill your emotions and loving nature in one quick motion. IF YOU MEET THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE NAMES





      Peace out!

    • profile image

      mrs dang 5 years ago

      I was not so happy when my husband was gone for over a year,i think all day how will i get the love of my life back again and with Dr. Messiah spell casting i found my help and this spell casting really helped me, now he is back! We just renewed our marriage vows, and are much happier than we have been in over ten years! If you are reading this and need help and are lost not knowing where to turn, call or email You will be so glad you did! His spells work so fast and he knows all about Divinity and Angels and he will even teach you all about that too !

    • profile image

      doesmynamereallymatter 5 years ago

      So, I took some time to read all these posts on Cancer. Just because I am a Libra girl who is currently talking to a Cancer Man. Honestly, He has been one of my best friends for 9 years, he's very loyal and determined to get what he wants. Even though he's not good very good at expressing what he wants.Or, showing his emotions... and he can be mysterious. he is very slow at making the first moves, so i have to be the one that starts up the action ;). But once he starts, he never wants to stop. He is all about honor and respect, all about making sure he doesn't do anything to scare me away and he is very caring and kind. On the other hand he is very stubborn and if he thinks he's right he's right.When he gets mad he really gets mad.But overall he's a wonderful guy.

      Honestly, ladies there is no reason to blame the zodiac signs for some guys who happen to be total jerks. Its not because of their zodiac sign. Its simply because they are jerks. Zodiacs were created to understand a group of people better, not to judge them.**** And for the Cancer fellas out there, guys don't get so offended. I know its tough hearing negative comments about your sign , but these are their experiences. I am sure they are not saying it to blame every single cancer in the world, they just want to share what they went through in hopes of helping other people out there, or just to rant some ....and get the anger and frustration out somehow. You Cancer fellas know you are good guys, so no need to worry. Ladies, Cancer may have some bad seeds but its not simply because of their signs. Every Zodiac has them, there are always people out there that are bad. So don't just focus on one in particular. In conclusion, the point is to take a look at yourself and see if it was all really to blame on that guy or if you had some fault in it too. Don't play the point your finger game, and don't take everything so seriously. Love U All!!! LiBrA OuT!!!

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      been with a cancer man for 23 years! was loving, respectful, caring and always there....downfall, lie lie lie, always catching him in lies! about stupid things that you wouldn't even lie about. 6 months ago, found out he was cheating on me...he denied it of course, but he became very distant, cold, mean, verbally abusive, it was awful, and i thought he was actually having a break down, now he moved out and acts like he barely knows me, 23 years of marriage and for this to happen? and before you go about and say anything about our sex life, it was great, always was, so i'm clueless to why this even happened!

    • profile image

      blondegal 5 years ago

      I am totally in love with a Cancer man. We have been seeing each other off and on for almost 3 years. I treat him like gold, distance relationship I do what I can to make him feel really special. I don't get that back. We are both older. He is struggling w/his business. I don't care, I support him, bolster him up regularly and tell him he is awesome. I get not much in return, altho he certainly is great when we see each other. But no sweet stuff, like complements or gifts. I want to tell him I love him, but it feels like a huge risk. I never nag or give him ANY conflict ( I am 50, have learned life is too short for this nonsense). Hell, can't even tell if he cares, except he keeps coming around and seems interested. I want more, like a commitment. He is generally a great guy, but not willing to divulge his feelings even yet. I am a Scorpio, pretty passionate, our horoscopes match amazingly.... What to do?

    • profile image

      for aquarius4ever 5 years ago

      i agreee with all the traits u have written about cancers n i hve been with a cancer n he has the same habbitss. these are manipulating beings. they are selfish and neva bother for feeling of others. advice for all women don't waste ur life after them. they are nothing themselves, leave them alone.

    • profile image

      Woman2Woman 5 years ago

      I believe @EyesofAwareness and @Mellisa(she did a great job observing the core of her man) did justice not only for bad cancer men, but for emotionally damaged men in general. These men in general regardless of their sign like to treat a woman they are/were interested in as their property. Much like a human saving account. Therefore, they'll keep her emotionally attached (our weakness) and be everything she wants as long as they are getting all the goodies, until they find someone better, trustworthy, willing to give/sacrifice more and loyal. Someone who is flawless in their eyes. Then we get hit hard and start calling them names like liars, manipulators, cheaters, douches..etc. Sad thing is, they find out too late (if they got tired of looking after many trials here and there with other women)that they had just allowed a gem to roll infront of their eyes and now belongs to someone else. For them its time to re-live the past,re-ignite emotions, back to square one and the cycle goes on! I know its crazy but this is life..we're doomed lol. If they can only completely heal that first painful experience (their past keeps haunting them) and drop that 'guilty EVEN AFTER proven innocence' preoccupying I heard many men in happy, stable relationships with great women saying this is too good to be true, something bad should be happening any time now. Talk about insecurities!

    • profile image

      Colt 5 years ago

      I am a leo woman and was together with my cancer man for about a year. From our first meeting I felt like I had never met another man like him. Our sex life was intense I would almost leave my body. He and I together were the most intense and crazy love I have ever/pbly will ever experience. I miss him terribly.

      Our break up was a mess. Our relationship became laden in episodes of physical arguing. I would have stayed through it, but I have kids and he has a son and they were exposed to some awful yelling and eventually physical fighting. He would sometimes even say mean things about my kids. For these reasons it had to end, and the breakup burned all of our bridges to each other and our families. I moved 75 miles away and (following the advice of friends/family) obtained a restraining order. I didn't hear from him for about a month and a half but he did eventually break the order to call. He told me that he's miserable without me and that I'm the only woman he's ever had dreams about and they haunt him every night. I told him that I'm crazy without him too, but there is so much time that is needed for people to heal, not just us but the kids and our families. He asked how long and I told him probably a year or so at least.

      I dropped my restraining order after we had talked for a while and continued on with life. I knew he wasn't coming back into my life but I also knew I didn't need protection from him and that I didn't want it to negatively affect his life.

      Here's the kicker, about 3 weeks ago he sends me a text (at 2am) telling me that he is going to commit to a girl he's been seeing. This turned into a really mean messaging war and I ending it by telling him I didn't want him calling or texting ever. He said he can't promise that, loves me too much, I'm his soul mate. I feel in my soul like he is mine too. He is on my mind throughout every single day. I miss SO much about him. I hate how amazing our relationship was because I feel like nothing will ever be able to compare to the intensity between us.

      I can't help but wonder, every single night, if I will hear from him soon. Cancers don't let things so easily, I know that. Anyone give me a clue what to expect. Will he be able to stay away from our intense chemistry or is he gone for good?

    • profile image

      Genevin 5 years ago

      I have dated a cancer man for 5yrs now and to tell u the truth,we are best of friend.

    • profile image

      Leo girl 5 years ago

      I'm a Leo and my cancer man is extremely mysterious and hard to figure out. I have been with him for 3 years now and there keep popping things up that I didn't know about. It freaks me out that it never ends, I keep forgiving different things and then a new thing pops up. As a Leo I'm not familiar with cancer males extremely selfish ways, I love him so much and I want to stay with him but he becomes so ugly in my eyes when he is selfish and when he lies. Cancer man is a very mysterious and secretive person and Im very loyal and I cope

      with a lot of things, keep forgiving and forgiving but I'm so scared that I'm stupid for staying...? :'(

    • profile image

      azrael 5 years ago

      I'm an Aries, and I like a Cancer guy... I have cancer moon and Pisces rising, and I was raised by a Pisces, AND my midheaven is Pisces, so I think we're pretty compatible. I'm an Aries that acts like a Scorpio- I don't mind the clingyness of Cancers at all! Unfortunately, I think he was into me when I was more focused on someone else, and I don't know if I could get his attention again. :/ I hope I can!!!! He seems like a sweet guy, and I have gone through a lot of therapy, so I know when not to say "mean things". I tend to only be a true Aries bitch when someone is rejecting me...Ehehe....

    • profile image

      Micheala 5 years ago

      I have recently ended a relationship with a cancerian man. We were talking on and off for years and we finally started a relationship. The relationship was amazing from the begining til the very last day. He is sweet, loving, caring, and sensitive. He was my dream guy. From the first time i had seen him, i knew he was special. We broke up because he cheated. Although i got hurt at the end, I really don't have anything bad to say about cancers. They are very jealous and possessive by nature, but that's their way of showing affection. Also cancer man have a way to make women fall in love with them. And if you're lucky enough to have them fall in love back you wont regret it.

    • profile image

      Mellisa 5 years ago


      I thought this was interesting. I read through all the comments, and the last thing I want to do is generalize about any Cancer man. I am dating a Cancer rising (the rising sign being the 'mask' you wear to the world, and how you react to every-day situations), thus the rising sign in Cancer will give a man a lot of Cancerian responses to things. and I can post about my observations of this person, but keep in mind that it's always effected by other strong aspects, houses and sign placements/house placements. Obviously no two Cancer Sun/rising men will be the same.

      Overall, these are however, consistent qualities, and I am not saying anything about other Cancerians, only posting my own observations within my own relationship to give others something to think about.

      Some observations:

      -He does like to stay at home, it seems he always needs to be in a comfortable place, and once he gets comfortable, he gets "lazy" and needs someone to get him going again, especially in the mornings.

      -Seems to lack personal initiative to get moving. Needs a motherly figure to get him up.

      -Extremely sensitive, but does not want you to know it. Your words effect him profoundly. And he will not forget them.

      -This one can only be described as holding a grudge. He does NOT let go of the past. Especially MY past. The things I have done, he holds against me, in arguments, in every day life. "I can't trust you, I can't forget how I had seen you behaving before, and maybe one day I can finally trust you."

      -Extremely forward. He says things that WILL hurt you, because he values emotional honesty above all else. He can dish out the insults, but cannot take them.

      -Very possessive, in a physical way. Also psychologically. He reacts very strongly if he would see another man touching me, and he would make sure to blame it on me, even if I wasn't doing anything at all. I've been called a 'skank', etc. He uses psychological methods to possess also - and constantly tries to subtly undermine my self-esteem - he knows how to do it without being too obvious, and he knows how to make me deeply doubt myself.

      -Emotionally manipulative. VERY skilled emotional manipulator. I had not realized I was slowly being completely dominated by this person until it was too late, and a relationship of attached co-dependency had developed.

      -Seems to get off on gender inequality in the home.

      -Seems he would be very happy if I am home all the time and fulfill a very traditional female role in his life. Cooking, cleaning, and he's overtly made it clear that he wants me to do what he says. When I don't listen, he gets angry.

      -Tempermental and angry when his needs and demands not met.

      -Very "reformist". He made it very clear he thinks I could be a good person, but I'm "not one yet" and it's his job to change me because he is a very good person, and that's what good people do - change others into good people.

      -Seems to constantly need to be coddled and reassured. Constantly, and about everything.

      -Lack of self-esteem and positive self-image, lack of confidence in his abilities, he needs someone to always be there for him.

      -Brags a lot about accomplishments, even small and strange ones. Not afraid to openly brag about all the things he thinks he is very good at. He feigns having the ego of a king, or rather, feels he must re-assert all of his accomplishments, because really, he is very insecure.

      -I was to repeat - very controlling. Possessive. Expects obedience the majority of the time.

      -Has a window into people's souls - has those huge, bright eyes that cuts through all the bullshit and sees you for what you are, your soul and all.

      -Can be a great healer if powers of great intuition are used for good. But it seems he is very self-centered. He has magnificent healing abilities, and always talks about doing good and how great of a person he is, but I have never seen him help others.. Despite how often he says he does it.

      I find that life with this guy, especially in the home (because I have never been a very traditional girl) is very hard because of his extremely high expectations and demanding attitude - it seems that no matter what I do, it's never good enough.

    • profile image

      ebony 5 years ago


      I also forgot to say beware of his lies, the crab is normaly always hiding something.

      Remember ladies- it is better to be with a Cancer man than to be with a fickle Gemini.

    • profile image

      ebony 5 years ago

      Cancer men struggle with communication, the more they like a person the more they want to hide in their shells. Remember they want to know you before you know them. Show them your caring/nurturing side, be patient, check to see if there is a full/new moon looming.

      Catch him when he is eating and start a conversation or talk to his friend when he is there and hope for him to join in. Try to be yourself because they can see though any act.

      keep him happy by being attuned to his emotions, care and love him. learn how to cook, take trips by the sea. Most importantly get along with his mother and have a comfy bedroom!

    • Wilma Proops profile image

      Wilma Proops 6 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife

      Thanks for all your comments - apart from a few which I've denied due to their inappropriate content - they are really useful and will assist me when I work on the HELP with Cancer website and other websites in the series - once again thanks and I look forward to reading future comments.

    • profile image

      why the hate 6 years ago

      !wow excuse me! i have to be honest is it me or all these women that don't like cancer men sound like they have gotten there hearts broken by a cancarian honestly i used to make remarks like that when i just started highschool straight up some of the stuff they say reminds me of going to school al over again it just aint profetional sounds like a bunch of wienning heart broken sodds if you ask me just flick back threw the comments and read the bad you'd think there cancer boyfriend just broke up with them so they went and vandalized there star sighn soon as they left the cancarian and all the coments these witches put here are an exact portrait of what i am girlfriend loves me vary mutch as she don't like me vary mutch at times but that's part of a relationship they say if you don't argue in a relationship check yourself out your not from this planet

    • profile image

      common sense 6 years ago

      Damn... look everyone cancer men who do cheat and lie had bad relationships with their mothers but cancer men who are faithful and caring has a really good relationship with their mom

      Common sense everyone so stop it it with your BS!!!!

    • profile image

      Nvr 6 years ago

      Never cheated on a Cancerian Once they do, they will DESTROY YOU EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALY.

      Talking from experience i did that to my 2ex even they had cried at the end. Cancerian hate to be cheated on like i hate to cheat. So beware!!!

    • profile image

      JessFeldmann 6 years ago

      Wow!!! You people who hate on cancers guys r insaaaane! My boyfriend now is a cancer, I'm a leo virgo cusp, and I'm fairly certain he's the love of my life (aside from my son of course) he is compassionate, kind, loyal, the most amazing father in the world, he's supportive, loving me when I know its probably not easy to at times, not to mention bedtimes haha. He's everything I ever wanted in another person and honestly I'd marry him tomorrow. Only complaint I could possibly have with a cancer guy like mine is they get moody from time to time, and as a leo I like a lot of verbal reassurance which is probably just stupid because actions speak louder then words but I just like to hear things sometimes. And one of my friends I grew up with is a cancer, and is the same way. They are every girls dream, they just don't appreciate being taken for granted, lied to, or betrayed. I'm sorry but you women that are literally sitting here complaining that your guys cheated or were douches cause they were cancers are pathetic!!!

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      I think your a bunch of idiots, judging someone by their starsign.. You definitely made me laugh. get a life losers!!! I've dated every starsign and all turned out the same, so what ur saying I shouldn't date a man ever again? Grow up!!

    • profile image

      insights 6 years ago

      I think it is fair to say that it isn't about a star sign.. its just men in general if you choose the wrong one and he doesn't care about you he will go out and get sum from somewhere else.. some guys just stay in a relationship to have someone there until they find a girl they will settle down for.. which in time they might cheat on anyways if he gets bored. its a male instinct i don't think men where made to be be faithful to one female.

    • profile image

      lol 6 years ago

      i like a cancer man but i think he is nice man but he is taking his time to open up to me , me am a Capricorn, all we did was kissing i didt want to have sex with him i helped him with a mouth treat to make him feel better i don't want to stalk him neither to show am desperate for him but am willing to wait

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      @Liz, there are other ways to destroy someone other than physically...scorpio's are known for being good looking...but not very bright, so i'll let you slide. Cancers can be dicks, but you should give that guy a try,Cancer and Scorpio is a good combo but be careful I firmly believe that cancer is the only sign that can really hurt scorpio, because it plays possum and slowly gains control over scorpio's emotion's, shifting the power from needy to being uninterested. Scorpio's are up their own asses, simply because

      of the great horoscopes they get, nothing more. when it comes down to it the best trait used to describe them is "Selfish"

      I've made it a personal mission to hurt scorpio's and I'm 4 for 4.

    • profile image

      GemGirl 6 years ago

      I am a gemini and I recently started "talking" to a cancer. As a gemini I'm extremely talkative and I'm interested in knowing everything they have to say.

      Well the problem is this cancer seems very shy and he doesn't want to open up. He pursued me though, he made the first move but now he seems like he doesn't care that much about me. I almost feel unappreciated... which Gemini's really can't stand.

      Am I over thinking this and should I give him more time?


    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      Haha, @Mark. Please Cancers can't fight worth crap. I'm a Scorpio I should know. Get in my ad side, and you'll see what I have in stor for you;) anyways, I met this cancer male from a famous musical group, and he was very attractive. Well we started texting each other and he stopped texting me for a whole week. And I know he's a flirt. Thing is that after reading this, Cancers are dicks. Thank you for everyone giving me a warning. I will see his group in a month or so, and me being a Scorpio I'm going to take things into my own hands. Being a Scorpio we are sensual and sexy creatures well I'm going to look very nice for that day; however, I'm not going to put any attention to him but to his other members. He wants attention or so I heard, so I'm going to hit him where it hurts. Mwahaha. Don't get me wrong but I don't like people laughing in my face and him a flirt??? I hate them with all of my heart!!!

    • profile image

      Capricorn Woman 6 years ago

      I've been talking to a cancer man for 3 years now & have known him since we were kids. In fact he had a serious crush on me when we were young & I turned him down because he was younger. Anyways it seems like we just keep reconnecting at bad timings. 3 years ago I was pregnant, but separated from the father & now he's engaged with a child & I have 2 kids & going through a divorce from the same guy. We've been actually seeing each other on an intimate level for 9 months now. Ever since the first time I flew out to see him last September, I knew it was love. He can't stop staring at me whenever I see him (but it's always a creepy stare like he's looking through my soul) and he's always very protective & affectionate when I'm with him.

      What really confuses me though is why he pretends to be someone he's not. After seeing the girl he's with, it's really made me question his insecurities. She's 6 years older than him & looks way out of shape. It made me think that he was too scared to settle down with a good looking woman in fear of being cheated on since he said that the last 2 girls he dated before her cheated on him & so had this one he's engaged to before he ever decided to cheat on her. He even up plays his relationship as if he doesn't want me to know anything bad about what's going on between him & her. For real it's none of my business & yeah that's good that he doesn't say anything bad about her, but why exaggerate & lie if your unhappy?? I mean why else would a cancer cheat? He also exaggerates about how much money he makes, when I've already figured out that he's poor. From what I've observed about him, he appears to be putting on a front for the world to hide his insecurities. He betrays to be so tough & cold-hearted, but I can see that he's the total opposite. He proved that to me one day... I admitted to him on the first date that I had an incurable STD & he brushed it off like it wasn't nothing, but when I tried to brush up against his penis with no clothes on, he was terrified. He almost cried from being so hurt, but til this day it's made me wonder "why would you be willing to continue having sex with someone who has an incurable STD if your that scared of getting it?? I mean condoms aren't 100% guaranteed & he has a fiancé at that, which made me think that he's not really in love with her. I think he loves her & his son very much, and continues to be a devoted father & husband because he knows what his responsibilities are as a man, but I don't think he wants to be with this woman anymore. At the same time though, I don't think he has the balls to call off the wedding or ever leave her. Another thing that confuses me is his arrogance. He never calls me, but always talks to me for hours when I call him. Even when his phone got turned off & he got a new number he didn't volunteer the number, but stated in a random Facebook message to me that he had a new phone as if he wanted me to ask for the number. He acts jealous all the time when I talk about my soon to be ex-husband.

      I feel that he's so wary of my situation & has been for the last 3 years that he's keeping his guard up since I've never actually been single. Almost as if he would have been with me a long time ago if he thought that I was really in love him. I feel like he's still waiting for me to prove that. I finally admitted to him a few weeks ago that I'm in love with him by text message & he didn't respond, but the next time I spoke to him he started talking to me differently like he was dropping his guard a little bit.

      I feel like we're meant to be together. We talk about everything together, work, family, childhood, even our deepest darkest secrets. We have so much in common & we both like to analyze everything & think outside the box. Some of the things I've heard him say about his girl makes me think that she doesn't even know who he truly is. I feel like we both take the time to really understand each other & have a lot to learn from each other, and I've never experienced this before. My husband only ever got to know my weaknesses & flaws just to take advantage of me & til this day can not tell me what he really likes about me. It's really sad how many people are out just to use and abuse you, but this guy is different.

      Can a cancer man please tell me how to get through to this guy's heart?? I can't break his shell.

    • profile image

      Toyrobs scorp 6 years ago

      im completley attracted to cancer men they would make good fathers and he has a sweet sense of mind AND I LOVE HIS VIBES he is ending out i could party all day with that cancer man

    • profile image

      Wiser 6 years ago

      Cancer men are manipulative, needy, emotional abusers, selfish.. I could go on. Yes,, they have good qualities too, but past experience has taught me the bad outweighs the good. Cancer kills, so very true.

    • profile image

      Lovey 6 years ago

      I love a Cancer man whom I have loved since high school. We recently met up again through facebook and although we have gone our separate ways, we still communicate and love each other very much. We had two different adgendas when we met up again but we managed for two years to get along just fine! He was loving, caring, sweet and a great lover. He has kept everything that I ever gave him and feels that there might be a future for us in the long run. I feel that we are soul mates and possibly might just work our way back to each other one day. He is funny, smart and the only person I have ever known that can keep my attention for longer than 5 minutes because he talks about interesting things instead of just about himself. He is also very interested in how I am feeling and how I am doing. We live in different towns at the moment but we are anticipating being able to date again when I move back to where he is.

      He is the one person that understands me and where I come from. I understand him as well. I have known this man for going on 17 years and have never known him to lie or cheat! I think the comment that explains that it's not just the plain and simple Cancer sign that has influence on how this man works, it has to do with if he was born close to the other signs, his sun sign...etc.

      I agree that sometimes it takes a lot of patience to stick with Cancer man. He loves a well groomed woman, he loves to be pampered, he loves to be cooked for (although the one I have loves to cook as well), he doesn't go out a lot but when he does he is a lot of fun! He has spoiled me throughout the years and I return that to him 10 fold.

    • profile image

      Preferednotobenamed 6 years ago

      If you people are having an argument over what kind of personality a cancer has. There is only one reason, REVENGE. Now run along and think about the times you left him alone in the dark.

    • profile image

      Preferednotobenamed 6 years ago

      If you people are having an argument over what kind of personality a cancer has. There is only one reason, REVENGE. Now run along and think about the times you left him alone in the dark.

    • profile image

      Lost 6 years ago

      Male, born June 22 (yes, a "Cancemini").

      Let me start by admitting I am in a state of personal contemplation. I just got out of a relationship with someone to whom my heart was loyal for 2 years after she abandoned me over night, and I didn't even know it until she re-surfaced. The resulting relationship was short-lived because she had not removed herself from the wreckage of her past relationships and I was not able to control the negative emotions in me that arose when her story became my own. I actually don't know what her sign is, and frankly, I don't care.

      I know that zodiac info is supposed to be "all in fun," but for some reason, the stuff I read about myself is almost always very applicable. Which is why it has been so agonizing to read through all of these comments. I see what is true and what could BE true if I allow it to be so. I empathize with every person who tells their story, and true to the Cancer ways, my heart beats in the moment for or against its own vessel due to guilt or shame or outrage or joy... I'm pretty sure I'm not a bad person, but when I feel bad, I surely start to believe it. And so sometimes I have to take a step back - for as long as it takes - to not only process what I have received from other people, but also to give them a chance to address their own feelings that really affect me (believe it or not). Honestly, I think that most people are this way, most often women. But because we're talking about guys, our social constructs force us to infer that there's something inherently wrong.

      If people make the best mirrors, then Cancers are like MRI machines. We can show you what's going on inside - even if it is the bad stuff, like a cancerous-like growth that's taking over your body and mind. And just like the doctors that use them, some of us are professionals and some are hacks. Some can give you the news with a straight face, and others' hearts become heavier every time we have to dole out bad news. The strain and fatigue are real, but so is the caring and the loyalty. Some of us can't play doctor forever. And just like in medicine, if something must be done, it has to be done with consent (or implied consent).

      Going back to the MRI machine metaphor, just like machines, if we break, it seems like "Cancerian men" can't necessarily fix ourselves. I think this is why I don't like the crab euphemism. We need good people - good friends, good family, and a good woman. And to a majority of the angry posters above me, there's a lot of indication that you are not "good" people. And to those that truly are, well, just like everybody else, we have to realize there's a problem.

      Which brings me to my next thought. I can be really optimistic or really pessimistic. It usually starts one way, and then I have to be convinced to go the other way. So if you tell me it's hopeless, but I don't believe it, I'm not going to act like it's hopeless until I see the light. I think this is where some relationships get into trouble - we want to make it work. We desperately want to make it work, but then we have to cope w/ the resulting hardship. Some people fail to cope successfully, some become resentful, etc. Again, this seems like a lot of people to me, but for argument's sake, I'll keep it to "Cancerian men."

      Continuing the aforementioned thought, I cannot lie unless I don't know it is a lie. It may be that this is the case for most people like me. Maybe they are convincing because they themselves are convinced. Either way, when I see the truth for what it is, I try hard to act accordingly. Even if it kills me inside.

      My motto is, "Do what's right, because it is right." But sometimes what's right isn't always obvious. This is when maturity comes into play. Being patient enough and thoughtful enough to try to figure out and acknowledge what is right.

      I would like to hear more from actual Cancerian men. Especially those that fall on the difficult Gemini-Cancer cusp. Do you or did you experience an intense pre-occupation with loneliness? If so, can you be or are you fiercely loyal to those who help fill it, or do you constantly seek greater quantity, rather than quality of people, to ease the burden?

    • profile image

      proudscorpiogirl 6 years ago

      Oh dear and i was having doubts about about this cancer guy ive been seeing. He seemed nice at first, despite his reputation, but WHAT a flirt and user!

      A HUUUUGE waste of my time, and im only 17! girls, forget about the cancers- they are NOT worth it!

    • profile image

      Scorpiocutie 6 years ago

      Where shall I start, Cancerian men are straight up bastardssssss....they are full off crap and are surely passion killers. What a waiste of time with these phonies...Run for your life when you meet one and you will keep your sanity..!!!

    • profile image

      jane 6 years ago

      Cancers only cheat on you if you have directly or indirectly hurt him a lot. If he ask if you would wait and you say no, he would leave you behind because he would think you don't really love him. And if you leak it out, he would of course be embarrassed and retreat back to the safety of his shell... If his friend and he likes u at the same time, he would also most probably leave you as he needs more secure love and not one that hangs on a thread.

    • profile image

      Harish 6 years ago

      Hi guys.. see the peoples moon sign not is sun sign...

      moon sign canerians will not look so hard after relationship they are the real lovers in the world..

    • profile image

      Cancer Confused 6 years ago

      I'm a Leo female... 38/married.

      I met my husband and this Cancer man at the very same moment 20 years ago. They were 17 and I was 18. We all became very close, very quickly. They were my buddies and best friends; we did everything together. Little did I know that they were waiting for me to choose one of them as my mate, but that's exactly what ended up happening... I fell in love with both of them, but I chose my husband and we've been married 15 years now & have two daughters.

      The one I let get away is the Cancer in this story. He is recently divorced having had been cheated on by his wife. They have 3 kids. Oh... And before this ex wife, he was married to her sister who also cheated on him. Yes, crazy... I know.

      Over the past 20 years, we've always remained friends... He's been to our house, we've been to his. He and my husband are like brothers. He & I have always had a pretty close bond, but we've managed to keep the sexual tension down to a minimum. My husband confided in him & told him we were having trouble in our marriage, and the Cancer started to text me more & more frequently. At the time, I didn't know my husband had spoken with him about our marriage.

      Ultimately, the texts got more intense & our feelings for each other were spilled out onto the table. I have become completely consumed by the recent events that have unfolded. I went off the deep end. My husband works away most of the time, and with my marriage crumbling, I turned into a 15 year old girl. I could go one day without texting him. Because I'm a Leo, I needed him to communicate with me... tell me that he was "the one" all along & that I had made a huge mistake 20 years ago. INSTEAD I got NOTHING!!! And I mean nothing...

      He stopped all communication between us. I continued to prod him, but he just retreated more.So I drove 400 miles to end up on his door step, where he proceed to treat me like a disease. I left within an hour, drove back home and called my husband to tell him what had happened. Now the Cancer is pissed because I betrayed him? He told me that what had happened between us was sacred, and by telling my husband I had made it cheap. ?????

      I told him that his friendship means more than anything else & I couldn't bare to lose him as a friend, but he has become a rude PRICK. He refusing to talk about anything that has happened. He won't say ANYTHING to me other than he needs time. Time for what? My husband called him, and the only thing he could say to him was that he was ashamed.

      I'm still in love with him... I always will be. But I fear that if I ever mention my feelings for him again, I will lose him forever. And I'd rather he be in my life as my friend, than not at all.

      I would love to hear from a Cancer man that could help me understand what's happening. I don't know what to do.


    • profile image

      BlueReality 6 years ago

      I think people need a reality check. Astrology is suppose to be fun. If you start seeing it as a strict guide on who to date based on the characteristics of their general personality, you have some MAJOR issues.

      This isn't about being a Cancer or not. If you are going to date, don't date them because of their star sign. Date them because they are awesome. If they are douches or bitches, it has nothing to do with their star sign.

      Good luck dating and stop reading so much into astrology!

    • profile image

      SAG_GIRL 6 years ago

      Completely in love with a cancer man... Two summers ago I met this guy who I was not attracted to nor did I EVER see myself liking or loving for that matter. We hung out with mutual friends causing us to be around eachother all the time. He chased and I ran.. I fell for him as time went on and he truly was the most amazing, caring, loving person I'd ever met until finding out he was separated from his wife. They had one kid together and another on the way. He told me over and over that he was going to get the big "D". Our relationship for whatever it was went on for a year soooo happy and always having the best time together. He found out he was deploying over seas and asked if id wait.. well I did not feel comfortable waiting knowing he was still married so I told him no, but inside i was dying because ofcourse I would. He moved everything back into his wife's home.I just thought it woulda gave him a little push. We didn't talk the entire year he was away. Thinking a year would take all feelings away it definitely didn't! I felt horrible! He came back and yes we started talking again just as it left off. He's angry now-still talks to me almost everyday and will come by when he can and stares if he sees me and always calls when he sees me. His comments to us not being together now is I had my chance, but he doesn't want to stop talking. Sometimes we talk everyday but lately its been a week of constant and then nothing. I am so frustrated with this, but for some reason cant let go. Ive never felt this way for anyone and he is just everything I want in a man including his many flaws. I told him I loved him and he questioned me for a few days asking why. I cant explain it not even to him. This cancer mans characteristics- he's very much into his body, controling, has an extremely funny sense of humor, adores his children, loving, caring, gets angry easily, very passionate, great dancer, will not tell me exactly how he feels (I ask if he's happy and he won't answer) and very jealous. It drives me crazy knowing that I cannot have him in my life as much as Id like. I don't know how to get over him and its on my mind constantly. If any of what I said makes sense...I need advice.

    • profile image

      EyesOfAwareness 6 years ago

      Grrr... these bad cancer men, makes me feel like wanting to slap them for being so insecure that they have to fall themselves into being so paranoid, manipulative and unforthcoming. Sometimes deep down inside they're just not strong enough to be stable, that's why most of u guys all end up having wrecked relationships with them. And yes, Cancerians in general do pose a jerkish, cold, asshole front, and that's because they feel the need to 'shell' their vulnerability complexes. Not that I'm not understanding of them, but I seriously think these kind of men should all join self-esteem seminars before they decide to even COME CLOSE to interacting with any of us girls, because we girls expect our men to be strong and emotionally supportive of us. How can they achieve that if they don't know how to be strong in the first place? Oh, and they should all learn not to take things too personally as well. Just because we may come to once a while (unintentionally) hurt your feelings, doesn't mean we don't love you... sheeshh... And please, they should get a good sense of judgment for themselves and make up their minds with who they wanna be with. Scenario example: don't settle for a girl halfway and decide that you don't like her and she's not good enough for you, and that's when you leave to find someone who will satisfy you better and come back to her when you couldn't find anyone in the end. It's a flaw that they can just be too swayed by their emotions that they just don't tune in to apply much rationality to see the errors in difficult situations they're in. And when it comes to lack of willpower in dealing with them that's why they often end up just staying stuck in their ruts.

      Again, not that I'm disparaging Cancerians (every sign has their goods and bads) but I think people should always be open and seeking to become stronger, constantly pursue towards self-improvement and be the best human being they can. So don't say I'm just being vile. It's sad that I'm the girl who seeks all the nurturing and protective qualities a Cancer man has and I am respondingly willing to fiercely be there to support them and where they stand in this world, but I don't because they keep plunging into their weaknesses...

    • profile image

      StupidPisces 6 years ago

      All I can say is, I agree with everything those "Cancer haters" have said. My ex (I guess I shouldn't call him that because we never offically dated) was probably the most horrible person I have ever met. When I first met him, I knew he was weird, he was in a class of mine when we first met. I would overhear him and his bestfriend's conversations on weird porn and female bodies. My pisces physic powers warned me about him. But, he turned out to be one of my friend's best friends; so, my friend convinced me to be more open minded and talk to him.

      From the moment I first spoke to him and he told me he thought I was awesome I felt instantly smitten. Just the fact that a guy I knew had such high standards actually found me interesting gave me this reassurance. That reassurance every pisces wants. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I honestly became obsessed with him. I started talking to him on the phone at night... He told me he liked me. I was stupid enough to believe him, and felt extremely priveledged to have "won over his feelings".

      It disgusts me how much I worshiped this guy. He talked about all these other hot girls TO ME, they were all so much better then me. How could I compete? My flat chest had nothing on Vanessa Hudgen's n00dz. I felt completely unattractive. He told me about his many, many, many, exs and how he didn't actually like them. He even pretty much told me we weren't going anywhere, but at the same time flirted with me and said so many sweet things that gave me hope in an 'us'. He painted me a beautiful serene picture of us, laying together, cuddling in his room. He sent me many "Good morning" and "Good night texts". Being the complete hopeless romantic I am, I fell hard.

      Of course, he was a phony. Everytime we would try and make plans to hang out, he would tell me he wasn't sure and never get back to me. He would get mad at little things I did, and weak me was there at his feet, begging for his forgivenes. I took all the verbal abuse he spat at me, and apologized after every fight because I felt like I deserved it. All of it. He was just to smart for me to argue with (I even told him that), and he was totally right.

      Finally, he decided to stop talking to me. He told me I was just an immature, boring person, who had mistaken him for caring about me. He deleted me off of facebook too, just to make it clear to me. My self esteem had been fully drained. I switched schools. A few months later, he added me on facebook again. My day was made; only to be dissappointed again. All he wanted to know was if he broke my heart. I said 'No', and he was gone again...

      The funniest, most shameful part was I knew he was making a fool out of me; but I thought I was in love with him. Even after all that verbal abuse, all those fights, and all that sadness I felt. I still think of him everyday. I have finally realized that I was a really big freaking idoit. I am definetly not in love with him. Infact, I am pretty sure I do hate him. If I could go back in time when I met him and walk away, I would. These memories are so embarassing to think about.

      He was sooooo concitied. All my friends told him he was unattractive and not worth it. Hell, his friend who introduced us told me I wasn't going to get anywhere with him. If only I listened.

    • profile image

      Mr cancer himslef 6 years ago

      NO NO NO!!! I am nothing like you cancer haters are. I am smart and I love going out, And i treat a women well whatever she wants she can have if its in my budget. Love to a cancer is very crucial since we are a kind gentle loving people. I hate cheating and if I wanted to cheat it would be if my wife or girlfriend was a horrible person like said aquariuses and ariases

    • profile image

      a cancer 6 years ago

      First off, you PSYCHOS that are raging against how bad Cancers are, I can see why they didn't like you! Cancers don't like drama or psychos. If you cross us in any way, yea we will cheat on you and not feel bad about it. But you REALLY have to do something to get us to that point. We would never cheat on someone we truly love. Also, you ladies who are having sex too quickly with Cancers are not going to get far. We don't develop deep feelings through sex, so if you think you're going to tie us down like that WRONG. We're not Scorpios. If a Cancer is misbehaving you can be sure they're not satisfied with something you're doing. We will very rarely be disloyal or lie. Not in character for us. We love deeper than any other sign in the zodiac, though we may not be all in your face about it like an Aries. Our love is more genuine, though subdued.

    • profile image

      sunni (yes im a virgo) 6 years ago

      Im reading various comments regarding cancer men. As I said in my previous post its very "heart wrenching" or in blantant terms upsetting from my head to my toes

      to feel the way I do towards cancer men and generalize them. REMEMBER my ONLY 2 boys are CANCERS also. My mother and sister are CANCERS too. I see the same traits in my boys as someone mentioned in a previous post regarding knowing and being involved with cancers for years. A lot of shallow minded people may not even begin to understand the concept, their faults! My boys do tend to have the same characteristics as all cancers do as so greatly described by others. I have begun to ask myself a most eye opening question, nature vs. nuture. My girls are all earth signs yes I have 3 girls also 2 virgos (me) and my other daughter a Taurus. So I suppose this happened for a reason too rite? two water babies CANCERS (my boys)and three earth babies (my girls) not counting my 3 relationships with cancer men(call it life style,circumstance,whatever) My cancer baby boys seem to be very self oriented and are very well i don't want to say but "sloth" like in nature. Ex: me and my girls are at the bank my son(cancer) is at his friends playing, they get him a sucker to surprise him. Role reversed, My son and I are at the bank girls are gone he gets an extra sucker and hides it in his pocket so he dosent have to share "they wont know". My boys will only help around the house if they can be rewarded (EGO STROKED)or getting something out the deal, and only then its done half as*. When refused they don't care and TRY to take their punishment but cant take the cards they dealt. I could go on for days and to the many that commented in previous posts, I KNOW WHAT IM SAYING IS FACT!!!! I live it. My kids are on the honor role in school and are in a very fulfilling, loving, nurturing enviroment. I just tend to have CANCERS so deeply ingraved into my life I know them. SUNNI

    • profile image

      To you aquarius4ever 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking experience. My sister is married to one who treats her exactly as your ex-treated you. Verbaly abusive, always telling everyone of what he has. the sad thing is that even their 5 year old is verbaly abusive. My sister keeps saying if only she had a job she would live him. My late father-in-law was a cancerean and because of my sisters husband being so abusive, a few days after his funeral I asked my mother-in-law if he was realy a good person as people commented at his funeral? Her answer was yes, he was loving, caring, good provider and so on. I personaly am married to a virgo man for 23years. Boy this man is abusive, dangerous, irresponsible, jealous just to name a few of his scarry characteristics. We have sons whose bills are solely mine. He does not care if their school fees are paid, he doesn't even buy them clothes, never played with them. Honestly I don't even know how I stayed with him for so long. Iam trying to find a way out now but Iam so scarred of being murdered misteriously. A couple of months ago,I met a cancer man who sounds loving and caring. nothing intimate just someone to talk to. But with all these comments about cancereans it sounds like I would be heading for much more trouble if I get myself into a serious relationship with this cancer man. because he even metioned that he wants a serious commitment (he is divorced)I am on the verge of living my irresponsible virgo not because of the cancer man any way and the prospects of being with the loving cancer were trilling. But now after hearing these horrible comments about cancereans. I think after getting devorced I will just be a single momy and enjoy my boys. What a pity!...

    • profile image

      Carl 6 years ago

      I'm a cancer man, have been kinky a few times more out of the request of less then serious relationship, the problem is with that, once you fall for her, you either try way too hard, harder then most women expect, or run away scared to death that it may kill you if it doesn't work. Were hard workers , with the right job we can commit and do what we have to do. We will complain about it, but we get over it. Were loyal, I've never cheated on a women in my life and i'm 33, can you imagine that in this day and age. I feel like the rest of the world thinks I'm some kind of Freak, part of me doesn't care, the other haunts me. I have more love then most people want for some reason, and I've got pressure cracks to prove it. We like to share the most special moments of our life with someone special, and rarely get the opportunity. My shakra is Solar plexis, my planet is the moon, my element is water. I give good advice and care for my friends and family, just not always as good at following my own advice. I feel sick when I'm hungry, and I'm always thirsty, I don't like being alone all the time.

    • profile image

      Ariesgull24 6 years ago

      I have been involved with my Cancer man for about three yrs now. I am a strong, intelligent and independent Aries woman. When me and my Cancer man first got together, I must admit that he manipulated me A lot!!! After paying close attention to him for quite some time I finally caught on to his little devilish ways. Once the cat was out of the bagare relationship progressed a lot. He loves his mother. She is like his second heartbeat. I became his third... :) All Cancer men are not the same. Of course we've had our ups and downs like every relationship but the more I took time to understand him, the more closer we grew. Cancer men love love love women but whay man doesn't. As long as you keep him satisfied that's something you really don't have to worry about due to their extreme loyalty. I think he's the most handsome and loving man that i've ever came in contact with and i've dated just about every male sign of the zodiac except Pisces and Anndjdisj

    • profile image

      Aquarius4ever 6 years ago

      Anyone who is thinking about dating or worst yet anyone thinking of getting married to a cancer needs to put serious thought into what they are doing. The people posting their stories here are not lying nor are they trying to deceive anyone they are just telling their stories. I was married to a Cancer for twenty years. I am an Aquarius. I must say they really are the most deceitful, lying, vindictive, uncaring people I have ever met. Don't get me wrong, when you are dating them they are the most caring and honorable men ever, but that changes once they know you really care for them. Mine would open the car door for me and he wouldn't even pass gas around me. After we were married he would get in my car and pass gas and say "I saved that up all day long so I could do it in your car". They think they are the smartest, the most attractive people in the world. I don't which is bigger on them their egos or their self conceit. They come across as very loyal and honable men but in hindsight you will realize that half the stuff they told you was lies. They can lie very well, it comes very natural to them. Lets just say that I was married for 20 years and have known him 25 years and at the end I was shocked at the lies over many many year that I had been told and really believed. This was very hard for me to digest because being an Aquarius we don't like to feel stupid. A cancer has to be coddled 24/7 in everything they do or they will pout for days. If they mow the grass they expect you to bring them a cold drink and tell all your friends what a great job they did. They expect you to praise them constantly while anything that you do is met with the attitude that it is the least you can do. You see no one is as smart or interesting as a cancer is in their minds. They constantly have this need to brag about themselves and what they have I guess they do this to feel better about themselves. They are the most crass people I have ever met. Don't ever ask them to do a kind deed for anyone including family because the only way they will do anything for anyone including you is if there is something it for them. Everything they do always has a self serving attachment to it.. if they ever do anythig for anyone including you then you better get prepare for them to pull it out years later and throw in your face. Nothing is ever done free and believe me they have a memory that can file everything they have done or you have said away and they will pull it out when they feel threatened by you. I am an Aquarius. I was a stay at home mom who never got a day off, he never once fed our child or changed diapers or got up to feed her...that was beneath him...I got a partime job when she started school because I was stagnating at home never seeing anyone or going anywhere..I asked for help around the house since I was working but he came home from work and threw a tablet on the table and said "I spent my time at work last night writing every thing that you do down and how long it should take you to do it and even though you are working partime I am still working more hours so I think we need to continue on like it has been". So once my daughter got in high school I ran as fast as I could and got a full time job. I then advised him that for 17 years I did everything for everyone and now I was working full time it is finally time he helped out. His solution to this was to go out and start having an affair with the first woman that told him what a wonderful person he was. He didn't give me or his daughter a second look. The amount of verbal abuse he subjected us to still gives me chills. You see he was having an affair and my daughter and I were in his way. There is one thing a cancer can do that no one can do better and that is...when a cancer doesn't get their way they turn into this immature, childish horrible horrible person. First they will turn the charm on, if that doesn't work then they will cry and if that doesn't work they will go off the deep end and start throwing things and try to scare you into giving them what they want. They never grow up. The are irresponsible as they are looking for someone to hold their hand and lead them through life. You lead and do everything and they will follow. You see while they expect their every desire to be fulfilled they could care less about anything you want or desire. They don't care. In my 20 year marriage he only bought me two Christmas present and zero birthday presents. Every Christmas I would sit on the couch and watch him and my daughter open Christmas presents and he wouldn't even feel bad that he got me nothing because to them no one else matter but them. Another great cancer trait is that they are never wrong, no matter what. You can catch them with their hand in the cookie jar and they will say Yeah I did it BUT the reason they did it was because of something YOU did. The are never wrong, ever. If you do catch them in the wrong and you don't allow them to brush it off be prepared to meet with a temper that is explosive. When they are cornered they will come out swinging, they will take anyone down who corners them. Their first weapon of choice is their mouths. They will instantly pull out the most hurtful hateful words they can utter. They will attack your character, appearance nothing is off limits to them. They will break your spirit. I know as an Aquarian he isolated me from society for 17 years, he made me feel so unworthy of anything..To an Auarian this was a death sentence..He knew I couldn't leave because I didn't want my daughter to have a broken home and he knew it and took full advantage of it..That is how they operate. At the end of the relationship, every bad thing that happened in the entire world was my fault. It is very difficult to discuss or argue with someone who is perfect because in their minds they are. I would just say "Don't waste your breath, you are right and I am wrong and you are smart and I am dumb". Cancers are the biggest liars ever....I found out after we separated that for twenty years all he did was lie about everything. He once tooted his own horn for days because he passed a test at work. He went on and on about how hard the test was and how no one else passed it. He didn't say anything about his friend giving him the answers to the questions before hand. Even my daughter has asked him if his back ever gets sore from kissing his own ass. My GOD are they conceited...So to recap...if you want someone that you have to coddle, pacify, coo over and hold up twenty four hours a day. If you want someone who will make you feel like you are living in a dream world (you will be because it is all lies they are telling you), if you want someone who will demand that you be subservient to them, if you want someone who do everything in their power to mold you into what they think you should be, if you want someone who is never ever wrong no matter what, if you want someone who thinks nothing of cheating on you and ditching you as soon as new Mommy for them comes along that they can start their game all over again with, if you want someone that has an explosive temper when they have to admit they did something wrong or that they are not as smart as they thought they were, if you want someone that will not blink an eye as they shred your confidence and will say and do the most hateful, hurtful thing they can think off just because you ask for something. Then by all mean run out and grab yourself a cancer man. Me personally when I go out with a guy the first thing I ask him is his sign and I have been know to walk out after they say they are a Cancer. I for one never want to experience the nightmare that I had to live for many many year.....and I hope you don't either.

    • profile image

      crazycrab 6 years ago

      read some posts above....individual experiences of course...but having loved a cancerian guy long back...all I would say is cancerian guy was one amazing person capable of loving truly.we shared the emotional connect that was simply unbelievable..he was just a bit insecure...I hurt him bad and we never talked since..yet i know him to be the kind of guy every girl imagines of...loyal and loving..cancerians are sensitive and emotional but that does not mean they are weak...unforgiving and never forget the wrongs (personal exp)but capable of the kind of love every girl would all who have loving cancerian guys in their life...value them.:)

    • profile image

      SagGirl 6 years ago

      Being that I have been recently begun a relationship with a Cancer man, these comments were incredibly scary to read. Luckily after reading a good dozen of them, I noticed a pattern emerging and started to think to myself that maybe, just maybe, the issues resided within you and not just these men or their birth sign. Phew!

      The first few posts described a women's worst nightmare, yes, but the sheer hatred and vindictive venom pouring out of your bitter words was far more alarming then the story you recounted and was probably a big part of the reason you could not keep your Cancer man at home in the first place. Perhaps he got a glimpse of this and made up his mind about you from that point on. Or maybe he just treated you exactly the way you taught him to treat you. After all, no one can disrespect you without your permission.

      As for the rest of the Cancer bashing posts; you ladies (and I use the term lightly) need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Half of you are having casual "flings" with them, some are cheating on your current partners for them--I mean, are you serious. It's not because he's a Cancer that he's running around or not committing to you, it's because you are showing yourself to be a sleazy, untrustworthy person! What do you expect from him? I'm sorry to burst your Cancer hate party, but MOST men would run from women like you regardless of their horoscope sign.

      And as for the one with the three past Cancer relationships; darling, you get knocked up by one, have a casual / friend with benefits relationship with the other and then strike up a third one with a "pimp" who reminded you of some other people in your life? Come again? The best part about your story is how you calmly told it and somehow thought that all of that was shining a bad light on the Cancer zodiak??? You cannot be serious. I think you need to focus more on the people you are letting into your life and the kinds of inappropriate relationships you are having and less on generalizing a zodiak sign. As with most of these posts, I don't think the problem was them--it's definitely You.

      I hope that my Cancer guy doesn't turn out like some of the men described here but if he does and things go to hell for us, I most certainly will not blame it on the fact that he was born in late June! Let's all try to get a grip, shall we?

    • profile image

      Halle 6 years ago

      This is to A Passing Cancerian, THANK YOU! I have obliged him because I like him. I want things to work out between him and I. I agree tough love should surface.

    • profile image

      APassingCancerian 6 years ago

      Jeez, some of the comments on here... If some of y'all think you can pin the specific blame on 1/12th of the male population, you're nuts. Astrology is an incredible resource for exploring personality, but each of the twelve signs carries basic, foundational traits... the rest of a person is guided by upbringing, background, genetics, you name it. Cancers come in many different kinds. They're all still crabs. They're just different types.

      Halle, you're describing a Cancerian that hasn't hardened his shell or developed his independance. This isn't an inherent trait of Cancer. It's a possibility, one that occurs when emotional damage or poor upbringing is in the picture.

      Cancer is indeed centered on the self mentally, but how that goes varies. In the most well-developed Cancers, it unlocks their inner confidence and is used to project the compassion and strength of the sign. Crabs that haven't developed their inner security become as you describe, constantly leeching reassurance from others and becoming absorbed with themselves.

      Speaking as someone who constantly strives for the former, you need to be tough with your guy. Don't just come on sites like this complaining about "Cancer men" in general. Every sign has its capacity for insecurity, negativity... Why have you obliged him this long?

      Wanting children, patience, understanding, lifetime commitment - those are the hallmarks of a mature Cancer. You do not have a mature Cancer. Kindly restrict your accusations to him, not everyone born in late june/early july.

      If you want more out of him, you're going to have to show some tough love. He needs to develop. If he can do that with you, spectacular - you just might unlock his inner crab. If he can't, leave him, girl!

      As for the article above... total rubbish. Makes us all sound like stone-age misogynists that never leave home. I'd like to have a few words face to face with the person who wrote this... show them who a REAL Cancer is. They've obviously never met one.

      I'll leave y'all with one last word to the wise... For every one of these poorly-cobbled stories about how awful those lousy, cheating Cancers are, there's a number of extremely happy, successful couples with a Cancer or two included.

      Think twice before you generalize, kids.

    • profile image

      halle 6 years ago

      I think all you guys are right when you speak about cancer man being self centered. i have been talking to a cancer man for about a year now,and what I have come to realize is that he wants me to do everything sexually to him and does not have the confidence in himself to return the favor. He never gives me answer when I am asking him something of importance,but feels i should answer his dumb ass questions. he needs his ego stroked at all times to help him fit in with the rest of the world that he trys to keep up with. this was such a big dissapointment for me ,because I thought when we met I felt a much deeper vibe from him like- him wanting children, patince, understanding, and lifetime commitment. WAS I WRONG OR WHAT!? Cancer man seem very insecure and follow someones elses beat.

    • profile image

      Halle 6 years ago

      I think all you guys are right when you speak about cancer man being self centered. i have been talking to a cancer man for about a year now,and what I have come to realize is that he wants me to do everything sexually to him and does not have the confidence in himself to return the favor. He never gives me answer when I am asking him something of importance,but feels i should answer his dumb ass questions. he needs his ego stroked at all times to help him fit in with the rest of the world that he trys to keep up with. this was such a big dissapointment for me ,because I thought when we met I felt a much deeper vibe from him like- him wanting children, patince, understanding, and lifetime commitment. WAS I WRONG OR WHAT!? Cancer man seem very insecure and follow someones elses beat.

    • profile image

      lolo 7 years ago

      hey, it seems to me that you are talking about a Virgo Male here, so in love with himselves, cheating effing sneaky liars, emotional cheats!!! at least Cancerians are more sensitive and sensual, while Virgos do it all in cold blood and then lie looking at ya with non blinking pig eyes!

    • profile image

      hi 7 years ago

      hi all cancerians all not the same ones some live a virgin life even after he is thirty

    • profile image

      sunni 7 years ago

      Turning the tables on a cancer man usually doesn't work for long. They can go the distance on waiting believe you me I know Ive played years with them doing just that. When your fling contacted you after two years,it could be for many reasons which you probably will never know,im still involved with mine(fling) of 10 years now. The one thing that seems to ring true about cancer men is that they don't want to let go of their past,but be very careful here its for their own reasons and you will probably not get the truth from him even if you asked. Although I have turned the tables on 2 of my cancer men and they really don't like it. The chase is on but once they get you back in their good graces they usually become more distant. My sons father is now finally opening up to me after he completely f'd up it took him 9 years. I spoke of him in my last post. Now because Im truly done with him he said hes willing to wait for me.WTF!!!!My fling cancer man of 10 years i was just with last night I finally asked him if he loves me his reply "I have respect for you that's deeper than love I'd rather have someone respect me" I told him im getting tired of his b.s. and if he didn't go back to the man I knew before i was about at my limit with him. He told me when I was leaving that he loves me and hes not going to lose me ever again, He knows Im in a relationship with someone who I really love and he told me hes never seen me this happy with anyone my mans just involuntarily gone for a min. I don't know im still dealing with all 3 of these cancer men to this day rather it is friendship,or intimacy sometimes im dealing with them all in one day!!! Talk about crazy. Then Im living with my only 2 sons whom are cancers!!! At least I know they will never let their momma go(:

    • profile image

      calykoo 7 years ago

      i'm in a fling with a cancer man(my idea) i got the feeling he was a player and still do, i messed with him 3 times then he texted me all the time and i blew him off(had boyfriend) and after 2 years he contacted me again! if they are such players then why bother contacting a girl after 2 years? doesn't make sence, he's hot he can and prob does get a lot of girls so why bother with me? i don't get it, i don't see him much but ive made it known to him and his friends he is just a booty turn the tables and he wont know what to think of you.

    • profile image

      sunni 7 years ago

      Im speaking of years of heartache and friendships that are one sided when it comes to cancer men. For some reason i have had 3 very close cancer men in my life. Before i begin my in depth story i would like to say my only 2 boys are cancers and also my mother so really i have trouble being so critical of this sign but i just cant get past it. I have a cancer son with a cancer man who was by far the most self centered man i have ever dealt with.i met him at a really bad time in my life,my boyfriend had recently passed away and through a lot of work from mutual friends tying to make a love connection i gave it a shot with him.One of the wost relationship mistakes i have ever made in my life. At first it was too perfect(long enough to try to get in) and it turned bad overnight(his true cancerian self began to surface). Since im not one to put up with a lot of b.s. our relationship lasted a short 7 months which out of that I gave birth to my second cancer son. When my son was 4 months old another friend of mine was casually dating this guy,we would all 3 go hang out quite a bit.So i guess my friend got sick of me being the third wheel so she made a comment to her guy pal that he should hook me up with somebody he knew. Mind you im not unattractive by any means i have actually done quite a bit of modeling so really i didn't need the hook up im just picky and had a new baby(with a cancer) and was really still numbed by the death of Jason (my boyfriend) and a shitty 7 month run with a cancer man who left me pretty much "holding the bag". Once my sons father reached financial independence he was out of our lives on to screwing multiple women including ALL of the women i thought where my friends,he used me as a stepping stone along with his child and never had a guilty thought about doing it. Any way on with my new hook up,so we all planed a double date it was more of a blind date for me i knew nothing about him, but hey i had my girl there in case things went bad. Much to my amazement he was extremely handsome,polite,soft spoken,seemingly concerning, so hey i gave it a shot this time nothing serious just sex with friendship nothing else that's all i wanted and that's all he wanted it worked for the both of us.Come to find out he was a cancer. We would go to movies go to bars hang out at each others houses and had a great courtship. He even kept it honest with me. After 3 years of doing what we where doing he turned and looked at me very meaningful and said "you are absolutely the perfect woman for me and I would love to be in a true relationship with you but you have been through enough b.s. and im a whore and i would break your heart". when a man tells you that take it for what it is that's honesty in pure form,believe him its true. So from that point on i knew we would NEVER become more than what we where and that was fine with me. After 5 years of doing what we where doing he got into some trouble and ended up going to prison our ties where severed there, i was not his girlfriend I had no real obligation to him,i did write him here and there though because we where friends. He got out of prison after 5 years and we found each other,much to my amazement he was not the same friend. He was very short with his expression, rushing me off the phone, no time to communicate,extremely conceided about his physical appearance, and only coming over when he wanted sex or to give me money if i needed it.Our friendship is currently deteriorating very fast to be quiet frank. My third cancer male well to just put it out there is a true pimp,no b.s.!!! anyway we started out just them same as me and the previous cancer man i mentioned friends nothing else and he also was very open with what he was "a pimp". I think deep down inside I had men of his caliper figured out. To be honest with you I didn't know what caliper of man he was I just sensed from his ways I guess you could say that he so oddly but yet intriguingly reminded me of a few close people in my life.Guess what? yep hes a cancer. Hes been a friend of mine and a great confident for 6 years now but here's the catch with him,he only wants to be my friend out of sheer i would say opportunity,convienience and/or just strictly on his time and his only his time. So here's my take on cancer men,are you ready? They are not a one woman man they're opportunistic and just like a true crab they come out when its only feeding time,scurry around to get their fill(what they WANT) and disappear into the big ocean of opportunity and enjoy themselves only to return out of the water or sand when its feeding time again.They shed their shell as they grow...just like the users they are,using people as stepping stones as they climb their way up to get what they so selfishly feel they deserve. Either self enjoyment or self fulfillment. Its all about them, they are truly emotionless thoughtless creatures that have no empathy other than for themselves(when they're hungry).Hey I guess the brain of the crab is the size of a grain of sand so me being the optimist that I am maybe they just don't know any better.

    • profile image

      DTaurusGirl 7 years ago

      I am a Taurus girl born April 25th and im in love with a cancer he was born on June 23rd. We care about each other soo much! we never fought and the sex was great! In our relationship we moved everything so fast. We were together 3 months before we moved in with each other and have 10 months things became a routine. Sex got boring but was still good. I tried to solve our problem by suggesting we don't live together and that I love him and I want to work it out. He straight up broke up with me saying he doesn't love me the same and he just wants to be alone. We've been broken up for a month now and we still talk to each other everyday, we've only had a few days where we stopped talking to each other and I was right after we broke up. I am heartbroken over this man. He never wants to talk and work out the problem he just says he wants to be happy again. He hates talking about his feelings. Lately he's blowing me off for his friends and he says mean things like "sometimes I don't feel like kissing you" and "I don't see us back together" but the truth is when were not talking about our feelings we have a great time together with so much affection! The sex is amazing! Now that he's single tho he texts with other girls and his ex a lot:/ he tells me he doesn't want a gf right now tho. I don't know what to do I love this man too death. He cries with me and when were together it's bliss

    • profile image

      CancerWoman 7 years ago

      I've been dating a Cancer Man for 4 months now &he is great. We haven't been in one single argument. I think this man may be the love of my life. He is a rapper &I am a singer/exotic dancer. We have so much in common. When I bring this up he just looks at me and tells me we are the same. We both are insanely creative and sexual people. I am so happy with him and he reflects the same emotion towards me.

      At first, we were supposed to be in a friends w/ benefits situation but now its just unknown and it feels so good. He's sweet, opens the door for me, loves to make me comfortable, respects me as a woman. He loves to hold me real tight at night which makes me feel secure and wanted. When I leave his sight, I'm always thinking about him and wanting to be with him. He shows me he feels the same, showing lots of affection, staring deeply into my eyes with a glare that makes me melt.

      The Cancer men you women may have been hurt by just didn't want you, wasn't attracted to you, and didn't love you. Sorry ladies lol but these men are good 'in love' and you just didn't make the cut for him, otherwise he would have treated you like a queen.

    • profile image

      A secret agent 7 years ago

      All comments are interesting!! The first one was hilarious!!

      I fell in love with a cancer man more than 1 year ago. I am a virgo with Cancer rising sign. Very practical, elegant, intelligent and sharp. My boyfriend is Cancer with virgo rising sign. After falling in love through internet for more than a year, we first time met in our country. He is clingy, homy, dependent on me every ways. He is also very secretive, but told me things later a bit by and bit. He takes care of me also in many ways. Too romantic, taking me for shopping, walking with me everyday, sometime very quiet and thinking a lot.

      I am very jealous type, giving him hard time whenever I found him flirting with women. He likes to flirt, but does not go more than flirting. He is sticking to me like a glue in fact.

      In short, he is a perfect sex and romantic partner as well as very good friend to talk with. This is what I am looking for. He is not a rich guy, and I am independent. So I hopefully we can make it.

    • profile image

      king 7 years ago

      extremely stupid article

    • profile image

      sag 7 years ago

      the 1st comment is the funnest thing i have read in a long time oh boy it brings tears to my eyes,,,,,,,

      im a sag woman whos just meet a cancerian guy and its only been a cpl of wks and im already finding him to be hard wrk.

      he seems to blow hot n cold he only txts once a day and will not relpy to anything more than one txt. never calls so i don't call him,

      i meet this guy on a dateing site and he seems so nice??

      but the only way he will really talk with me is if its over this site we meet on, and we have exchanged numbers and email add,

      he says hes a faithful guy and single which iam too single, but there is sumthing strange about him which i just cant figure out. can someone pls help me understand the cancerian man,, thankyou in advance

    • profile image

      Mr.cancer 7 years ago

      geminigal - Best tip I could give you Don't hold anything back. Cancer men are Good with emotional attachment defense, depending on how mature they are if he's just a kid emotionally you'll be fighting and he will fall quickly but if he is a Real Cancer man, lady Your in for World War 3 Before that man actually falls for you. Personally Dating a Gemini was the most challenging date I ever had, After every encounter...We fought using all we had for 2 months 2-3 times a week Until my armor felt to pieces...Had to buy a new bed...Sometime after her Need for novelty took the best of her. Unforgettable woman - Great experience.

    • profile image

      Cancerdude 7 years ago

      I'm a cancer man im 21 years old born 22nd July and yes we are very emotional, and we love our house badly and our mommy too :)

      When it come to someone we love we would not go ask him/her out directly because we fear for being reject by him/her. I will tell you people we are quite difficult to understand to be honest (sometime I have hard time knowing myself haha :P )

      When we are not quite sure what step in life we should take we withdraw from everyone.

      Someone tell me personal info about them I didn't know how to anwser them I was feeling incofortable about what they ask me so I've lie to them. I've think about it for over one month and i've feel bad I didn't tell them the truth.

      I hope i've help someone knowing us a bit more :)

    • profile image

      geminigal 7 years ago

      hey a gemini and im just mad behind a cancerian seems he has no interest in me and insults me behind my back but i can surely say that hes really caring.i want him so desperately and i don't know what to do...please help me out guys!!!

    • profile image

      Austin 7 years ago

      im a cancer guy that's only 17 and i don't know how or why any other cancer would do that unless they felt betrayed it makes me sad at the thought of all these guys runining our name. but there is the possibility of them being in a cusp and that might be why don't hate all cancer there are the bad some at least. but there are more good keep looking i know from expiriance that some may be bad you have to take more chances.

    • profile image

      Teen Angst 7 years ago

      So iv known this cancer guy for about a year because we are in the same youth group. Oh yeah, I'm a Taurus & we were both born in '94 . I really want to be with him but how do i know how he feels? Sometimes I think he likes me but then I talk my self out of it. I see him every Sunday..& we hav a service project on the 4th of august...what should I do??

    • profile image

      sally 7 years ago

      i met a cancer guy he called me set up a date when we got around each other the chemistry was incredible it had been a year since i had sex so the second date we you know what it was great he said he enjoyed the time we spent and blah blah blah then he didn't call or text for 4 days then said he tried to reach me to make a long story short we had sex again then he hasn't called me yet this is 2 days after even tho he said he lovedddd my sex hmmm so what's this about i didn't ask about a commitment he cant feel pressured what could it be i thought cancer guys where the sweethearts

    • profile image

      Mr.cancer 7 years ago

      I was born on June 23rd. I'm a one women guy, one thing that seems to be common in the cancer men I've met is that we love our home and we are appreciated a lot by our relatives (family and friends). We are late boomers (meaning we where not very popular with girls and ladies when we were younger). As I was growing up older and older it seemed like girls became more and more crazy about the idea of becoming part of my life. Very awkward at first I was clingy and girls fled. I got better and more independent. I have a touch with women I know exactly how to swipe them off their feet and making them beg for my attention. I'm an excellent dancer maybe that's why (haha). My main weakness is a women who are very comfortable with their femininity and is intelligent(knows things that I don't and shares her expertise).

      I've dated:

      A Virgo (intelligent) (very career oriented and normally has lots of friends).

      A Cancer (Most Nurturing) (Very gentle, compassionate, understanding and loyal).

      A Scorpio (the wildest of the girls, Very spicy personality, Lie detector, very emotional and Clings to the past).

      A Gemini intelligent/sexy, they are like a guy in attitude but with very feminine looks...She is hot period, but they are not know for their loyalty. They don't stop dating until they find a man with the best characteristics of the previous men she dated.

      If giving women pleasure beyond their wildest dream is a sin then send me straight to hell. I understand the pressure that women go through everyday (Am I good enough?, what did I do wrong?, What is my boss gonna think of me?...worries after worries). My duty as a Cancer is to make only one women, the queen of my kingdom and to make take away her worries for ever.

      My main problem as a Cancer is That I need to feel that you love me back or its all over (cheating and betrayal becomes legal - I'm single).

    • profile image

      libra 7 years ago

      holy crap, SAME here!!! my now ex boyfriend always do that as well!!! it made me felt like he didn't care about me that much, i don't really know what the deal with that is either...and after reading all these negative comments about them being cheater, im kinda of shocked and scared....i've read more storied that they do that, but have no clue why:S:S

    • profile image

      April 7 years ago

      i(Aries)am only 5 weeks in a relationship with a cancerian man. wow..! i love this man so much it hurts. i raelly want to see this relationship working. what i dnt like about him up to this point,he is not returning my calls and when i phone i again, he is always apologetic and will always tell me that he was about to call me. i love him so much.Is this the way cancerians are? sometimes i feel asif i am too needy. what should i do?

    • profile image

      Cindy 7 years ago

      That's beautiful, Diana. :)

    • profile image

      diana 7 years ago

      i don't agree with most of you. the cancer man is the best man ever.

      he is very protective and romantic. he will never cheat. he hates betrayel so much and he will never betray.

      he is very honest and sincere. sometimes his honesty can hurt the other person however,im sure that each woman will enjoy a cozy and happy life full of love with this man.

      i think that if you are in love with a cancer man you have to do your best not to let him go. just let him love you and that's it.

      may be he will be a little possesive if he loved you but not in a bad way.

      im in love with a cancer man. and i will fight the whole world to stay with him.

    • profile image

      JERRY 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Real woman 7 years ago

      Lets keep it real lady's most men cheat!!! So it doesn't matter what zodiac sign they are, its in their blood to be dogs. I have dated Libra's, a Scorpio, a Virgo and a Pices and they all did the same thing..cheat. A lot of the time, it has nothing to do with whom they are dating they just need the self satisfaction of sexing other women. They gegt off on it. You could be giving them unbelievable sex, cooking mean meals and taking care of the home, they will still have that urge creep!!!! Now women are doing the same thing so....I guess they consider it payback. Good luck and keep your head will need it. Peace....

    • profile image

      stuknaz 7 years ago

      I don't know what all of you are talking about. Not all Cancer men are whores or cheat or disrespect their mate. I am with one now and he is incredible. Yes he is moody and can be an introvert at times. But he is the best man I have ever met and I am so in love with him. He is fuuny, smart, sensitive, sexy as hell and is th elove of my life.

      Yes he tried to dump me because he was afraid but being the strong Leo woman that I am I changed his mind and we are better than ever.

      Not all Cancer men are dogs! You were just unfortunate to run into the wrong Cancer man!

    • profile image

      En_serio 7 years ago

      Who is the Cancer man

      He is the man who is attentive to details (sensitive).For women who are looking for a man who is insightful, passionate and creative, then the Cancer man is the partner for you.

      Cancer men are generally, courteous, kind and considerate. They tend to dress conservatively but hate to stand out in a crowd. He is highly protective of both himself and his family and, although generally peaceful by nature he possesses powerful emotional drives that can arise where his family becomes threatened.

      The Cancer man makes for a gentle, caring, sympathetic and understanding father, projecting exceptional patience, pride and protection toward his children.

      If you want to attract a Cancer man.

      Discover what he is passionate about and become part of his passion. Be true to yourself, be determined, make the first move if necessary, Be playful, Flirt a little bit and play hard to get. The dating game is a duel of Sexual tensions. Finally but not the least be honest about your intension's every step of the way.

      In short he is a traditional man.

      Just beware of the bad Cancer men because of their Insight they tend to be manipulative and sneaky (mind games).Don't fall for their tricks.

      You'll eventually realize that he was worth the effort (for the Good cancer man that is).

    • profile image

      En_serio 7 years ago

      I find it kinda Cold hearted the way you are able to abandon your husband who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer for another guy.

      If that Cancer man (your ideal man)told you " I cannot see you, I am back with my wife." It means that he may have made his final decision about who he loves the most. Cancer men are known for their Loyalty (even if some aren't). When the cancer man feels betrayed he normally severs the bond, by stopping to talk to the person period (he will stay friendly on the outside but in his mind you'll stop existing).

      Reasons that makes me think you betrayed him in a sense "My Cancerian got to know about this affair and started to treat me as someone discusting and worthless".

      Hope i'm wrong about this, if not let me tell you that

      " The greatest pain that comes with love is loving someone you can't have."

      I learned it the hard way dating a Gemini Girl ( I loved her for teaching me that valuable lesson ). She was flirting with another guy while I watched and got my insides torn apart(all gemini girls are not like that just one I met).

      I hate having to break someones bubble...As comfort know that you'll grow much stronger as a person.

    • profile image

      mai 7 years ago

      Hey Guys! I am in a desperate help. I am a crazy Sagittarius who have been in love with a canceiran for over five years. I am crazily, madly, desperately and passionately in love with him.

      So how the story goes:

      in 2005 we spent 2 weeks together, getting to know each other, fliting non-sop, having fun and laughter. It was fantastic. I was under a divorce, and he was married.A year later we mat again. One day we had fun, and the second day I told him how I felt towards him. By this time I got engaged and married to someone I only felt for as a fried not as the love of my life.I spent one year away from the Cancer, but he was in my thoughts every day. One year later I decided that I wANTED TO BE IN TOUCH AGAIN. wE HAD SOME DAYS OF ROMANCE.Kissing. and touching I was so desperate for him to hold me and caress me, he had this unbelievable power,he would just touch my skin and I would moan with pleasure, but he came across as an iceberg- "he is not ready to get out from his relationship, he is all mixed up, he needs time.Later on that year I went back again to look for him, his appartement was empty. I left him a message: please wait for me Monday pm. ( only forgot to say which Monday!!!) Two weeks later he got back, but I already had left the region. Within those two weeks I went to his place everyday looking for him, just to find the palce deserted. Went to sleep crying every night, wanting him there beside me, just to feel and smell him. Even just thinking about him made my female senses scream with agony and excitement. But we did not see each other.

      Another 6 months passed and we met again, the husband I was living with has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. When I met my Cancer after that agony of 6 months, all he said was:" I cannot see you, I am back with my wife."

      I was not alive by then, it was all too much. I spent the following two weeks just burring myself into grief. I could not care aanymore, I stared a love affair with someone else who was more like a friend, (even upto today), than a lover. He gave me some hope that life could go on.My Cancerian got to know about this affaire and started to treat me as someone discusting and wothless. It was heatbreaking. Walking pass him , and he ignored me as clean air, having his eyes fixed into the opposite direction, I was in screaming pain.

      Then again a year passed and we bumped into each other again. He was waving hello at me several times, but would never egnage in a conversation. Always has an ice rock hard expression on him, it is so frightening. I want to approach him so much. I go crazy without him. I just want to srtand infrront of him and say: yOU ARE THE lOVE OF MY lIFE, I cannot bewaqr one day without you. You drive me absolute crazy. My big worry is, that he weill say: Sorry I am back with my wife." That would kill me forever.

      Pklrease, someone give me some hope, cannot beqre this existance anymoer

    • profile image

      En_serio 7 years ago

      The mistakes that you did in the past with the other cancer guy I don't think you are going to let it repeat it self, so stay confident about this new guy. As for how will you know that he likes you. If he is a good cancer man he will make you feel like a queen. Best tip: Take your time

      good luck

    • profile image

      ellllz 7 years ago

      I totally dated a cancer back years ago, was with him two years and during this time i was bullied till I became anorexic, trapped, bullied and felt so lonely, he was a complete dick!! he hated going out and threatened me non stop. he started off all lovely and sweet but from day one i knew he was a jerk.

      On the other hand, I have known another cancer male for as long as the jerk above. He is my friends brother and is sweet and romantic, though he does show a selfish side, but with all his gfriends he has had, he has always seen to be a nice friendly guy.

      I like him a lot, but ONE - i don't know if he likes me, and TWO - im so scared and not sure whether to go there because of what's happened in the past with a cancerian,i know they are not all the same but it does put a strain on things.

      How do I even know if a cancerian male likes me anyway?

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I would like to say that not all cancerians are bad, it depends a lot on their upbringing that make them turn out the way they are. I am with a cancer man who is actually a wonderful family man. I am a taurus, we have our ups and downs as no relationship is perfect. We have been together for 5 years, and let me tell you it has not been easy sometimes. Yes they can be moody, they can be fickle, they can go into their shell when hurt...However, the way you project to them is exactly the way they will be with you (this is the healthy cancer I am talking about). You show them love and respect, you will get the same back. I am sorry to hear that there are women who have been hurt by cancer men, but hey we all get hurt in love at least once. Some get more than a fair share, but ladies you have to be strong in life. Some women deep down know the man is not right and they still make every effort, okay make effort once, twice heck three times, after that if he doesn't man up then leave, there are so many good men out there, why sell yourself short for someone whom you are not happy with. Anyway it is wrong to say 'all' cancer men, because it really isn't all of them that are like that. If you don't have patience in you then the cancer is not for you, as it takes a long time to truly know this sign. They are not weak, only weak for their family and the ones they love, and even then they are still not weak. These folks are very strong and they can nurture you in ways that will make you flourish. Being with them is all about team work. They are serious people that want a strong solid relationship with a strong woman who isn't afraid to love them and show them emotions, all controlled of course.

    • profile image

      can u Read 7 years ago

      Wow! Ignorance, plain ignorance, cancer racism? Some of you sound like bitter old ladys/man haters who've been treated wrongly by a guy who happened to be a cancer sign. After reading these post, it wasn't hard for me to imagine what may have brought the behavior on shown to you! Grow up! 1 shoe does not fit all! Instead of wasting my time defending the cancer, how about a reality check? Were U even worth it, doesn't sound like it. I could turn around and sum up my few relationships, and say they we're gemini, aries etc. and because it didn't work out, women suck! But that wouldn't be fair, there are plenty of great women out here! So I can cook, yep (I'm a cancer), so I love my kids, so I get emotional, (makes me human) every 1 does, so I'm protective, touch what I love and ill show ya.. that makes me kinda rounded/human huh? So I don't need you, I might want you but don't need you. Mom taught me that, right along with never be dependent on anybody! Something any good parent should teach. Weak.. maybe for those I love! Nurturing.. I could run around and smash things, ppl, beat my chest, but I'm secure in who I am. I prefer to kick it with my kids and girl over 13 yrs. Grill, play games and hang w/my guys. Whores are fools that screw anything.. like a lot of ladys I know.. I wonder what sign they are. Last I knew, that was pretty much 1/2 the world all playing that game, what, there all cancers? Let u embiciles tell it! Stop stereotyping and admit you got screwed over, everybody plays the fool of all zodiac signs! Says something about you as an individual and your choice making? A man with character is not weak, but strong, the ability to shoe empathy is kindness when ya don't have to! U probably wouldn't know a real man, if he dropped in your lap, as your to busy whining and placing blame on zodiac sign! If your unhappy, probably your partner is to, there's two sides to a coin, what's your part in it, or is it the typical, "I was perfect, I did everything, I was so wonderful" if that were true he or she wouldn't have left your azz and if they did,, maybe they're the fools or weren't ready for a relationship of that magnitude! You should be happy in that case, and dim witted and blame on the juice or alcohol or the Zodiac sign! Grow up and realize this is a part of life, we win some, we loose some, don't like it, don't play the game, get out and save him the headache as well! Be warned.. No Risk, No Reward .. It was the Bad Cancer guy. Hell I'm proud of everything I've learned, its made me who I am today, oh, I could be the dog, but that's not me and I have the respect of my friends, family, what bmatters most, I'm not to bad out here with life, as a kid who had nothing, college educated, street educated, relationship educated and stiill learning by the way. A man is a man, what he's been taught & how he gos about it is an entirely different story. You have to grow and learn from trial and error to become a man. We are not just born mean because we come out as boys, nor does being a girl mean you'll be a grown woman! There are many grown 20,30,40 and 50 yr old women and men that are idiots out here, but not MEN AND WOMEN YET, that's a mind thingy. Ya grow up when ya grow up! I'm still learning like I said earlier, but I knew a long time ago, don't judge a book by its cover, all races are not bad because of a few! An apples an apple, some are bitter, some are sweet! TIGER WOODS is blamed for his actions.. by the same people throwing stones that will go home with someone "other" than there partner at home waiting! What he did, he did, I'm not gonna judge him and it don't matter what I say anyways, I have my opinion, but so what! Everyones pointing the finger, I guess it keeps the "light" off them and the dirt they do huh? Remember we are all human and screw up sometime, lest you be judged so quickly! Tiger will be fine, so will his family, together or not! I suggest "we" work on ourselves and leave the finger pointing and ZODIAC SIGNS CRAP, OUT OF IT, BUNCH OF RUBBISH.. THE BIG BAD CANCER HAS A LOT OF POWER I GUESS! I had to respond, I couldn't believe how UN-intelligent people really! Sound like a bunch of bitter star gazers with a ton of (low self- esteem) and a shot out to the ones who actually had some substance/intelligence, all is not lost! Better to be alone than miserable w/someone, maybe that's why a Cancers in no rush, if your worth it, your worth it, & U will know when you are loved by a real man that happens to be a Cancer. A man of all signs under the Zodiac...should be able to show his weakness and let his guard down around his woman, she should be his rock as he is hers, she should be woman enough to embrace that quality. Be tough out there in the world, be and get loving at home!