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Astrology: What is a Good Match for a Cancer Sign?

Updated on January 10, 2014

Cancer signs are known to be the most sensitive and emotional sign in the zodiac. They have a tendency to hold onto things of the past and have fond memories they often look back on. They crave emotional security and need to be reminded of how much they are wanted and appreciated. They will go above and beyond for the ones they love. Are you or have you ever dated a Cancer? Are Cancers compatible with you?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon
Cancer is ruled by the Moon
Cancer represents the Element-Water
Cancer represents the Element-Water
Cancers are very loyal friends
Cancers are very loyal friends

Cancer with Other Signs

Cancer + Aries = Cancer is doomed from the start when being with an Aries. Aries tends to be selfish and self-centered, something that Cancer is the opposite of. Cancer will be bossed around by the leader Aries which then makes Cancer crawl to the other side of the ocean. Cancer will view Aries as an invasion of their own personal space.

Cancer + Taurus = Cancer and Taurus can have a harmonious relationship, but the Taurus may be too into their routine to make any accommodations for Cancer. Taurus enjoys to be catered to, and Cancer’s eagerness to please the one they love will leave Taurus feeling a senses of appreciation. This pairing in the long run though is that they are better off being just friends.

Cancer + Gemini = Cancer and Gemini may get along very well. Gemini enjoys talking, and Cancer enjoys listening. The difference is that Gemini gets bored easily and needs a change of scenery most of the time. Cancer is usually content with the way things are without a desire for change. Gemini is a very fast-paced sign and definitely too quick for Cancer to keep up with. Not much of a future with this pairing.

Cancer + Cancer = Cancer paired with Cancer may seem like a good match, but don’t forget they are sensitive, emotional, and moody. When you have two of these same signs together, they may both be left unfulfilled because their needs consist of the same thing while waiting for the other to deliver the attention and affection. On the up side, they both love deeply, so once a Cancer is in love, it will be hard and sometimes almost impossible to let go of no matter how much time goes by. They need lots of communication for this pair to work out.

Cancer + Leo = Leo loves to be admired and Cancer is the perfect candidate to provide that for dominant Leo. Cancer and Leo get along well together, but Leo can be very outspoken and sharp-tongued that it may wound sensitive Cancer. Overall, this match does fairly well for Cancer and they can have a relationship of pure harmony and satisfaction.

Cancer + Virgo = Virgo adores Cancer’s compassion and appreciation. Cancer can calm down flustered Virgo and give them peace of mind. However, Virgo is too picky to settle for just average and it may drive Cancer crazy, but Cancer understands a lot of Virgo’s views. They have a deep understanding of one another. This is a positive pairing.

Cancer + Libra= Cancer may be too sensitive and emotional for a Libra to handle. Cancer’s have possessive tendencies and Libras would rather keep their deep emotions to themselves and only express it as they see fit. Also, Cancer’s moodiness may be a turn-off to Libra even though Libra can be just as moody. Libra avoids confrontation whereas Cancer would rather sit down and talk it out. This relationship may seem great in the beginning, but as time goes on this is not really a lasting couple.

Cancer + Scorpio= Since Cancer is a possessive sign, Scorpio wouldn’t be bothered by it one bit. In fact, that may satisfy Scorpio’s jealousy and insecurities. They are both an intuitive sign and can read each other’s mind without even saying a word. Scorpio is very passionate and Cancer is very affectionate. This is a great match. Together they will go above and beyond.

Cancer + Sagittarius= Sagittarians don’t like to be in one place for too long and may find Cancer to be insecure. Sagittarius is turned off by Cancer’s need for emotional security and lost-lasting affection. Cancer is easily wounded by Sagittarians bold demeanor and finds them to be on the cold side when it comes to matters of the heart. This pairing serves well as friends than as lovers.

Cancer + Capricorn= These signs may start well, but won’t exactly end well. There is a good mutual attraction, but they have greater differences rather than similar characteristics. Cancer loves attention from his/her mate, and Capricorn has too much to do rather then spend time trying to satisfy their Cancer mate. There isn’t long-term potential in this pairing.

Cancer + Aquarius= Aquarius seldom, if any, has patience for Cancer. It has been mentioned of Cancer’s emotional, sensitive ways and Aquarius will feel trapped by Cancer. Aquarians like to be unpredictable and would rather do things alone. The Aquarians cool, calm approach will leave Cancer wondering if there is something wrong and will constantly hound Aquarius enough to leave them going in the opposite direction. The sexual aspect of this relationship is all they will seem to have in common in the overall picture.

Cancer + Pisces= Cancer and Pisces can have a great, happy, harmonious relationship with one another. They are both sensitive and emotional and they can help each other feel secure. Pisces provides Cancer with the love and affection they crave, and Cancer in turn protects Pisces which makes him feel content and happy. They have a deep mutual understanding of one another and get along great like peanut butter and jelly. This is a great, lasting union. However, if problems arise, Pisces may go the other way without turning back.

Cancer is a sign that is easy to get along with, but differences between them and others signs differ in big ways. It takes a sentimental and compassionate person to lure in the infamous emotional sign. They are very genuine and warm unless they are betrayed. That is when the pinchers come out and they have a hard time letting things go; forgiveness does not come easy. No matter the outcome, you will always have a good friend with the sign of Cancer.


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