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Atlanta Dating

Updated on January 12, 2011

Just a really neat romantic spot in Georgia...

Ok folks, here’s the deal. If you have a date with that special someone that you really want to impress, don’t do the dinner and a movie thing, it’s outdated, and shows you are highly lacking in the creative area. Taking a date to a dinner and movie is like naming your cat “cat”.

I’m not sure where the old dinner and a movie came in as a staple dating option; I guess it has just become a tradition left over from years ago. But the main point is that to have a great date often time requires slapping on the old thinking cap, and pulling some creative thoughts from that forbidden right side of the brain.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend a week’s paycheck to be romantic, fun, impressive, or thoughtful. My theory has always been if a date is judging me on how much money I spend on a date, I am out with the wrong person.

Here are five thoughts to help get your creative juices flowing:

1) Find a nice place to grill out, yep that’s right, real simple, just don’t do it at your house. There are plenty of well lit parks in every city, usually ones that also offer a great scenery, and plenty of people around to make your date feel comfortable, so carry a small compact grill, stock a small cooler up on some really neat food items, and if you want to add a funny flare, find a goofy chefs hat and apron for a good laugh. Nothing beats a date with a good sense of humor. I don’t drink, but to add humorous flare, I always would carry nice romantic wine glasses, and fell those suckers full of good old Coca Cola.

2) Music, wherever you go do not forget the music. Music is everything. With today’s technology like MP3 players, and portable speakers you can carry music in your pocket or even on your cell phone, but get together a nice romantic play list, I personally go for seventies love songs like the Bee Gees, and Chicago.

3) Look in your local newspapers or online for free or low cost outdoor concerts. If you choose this, plan ahead. Drive out to the area where the concert will be held, look for the perfect affordable romantic little restaurant near where the concert will be, and fit the dinner in with the concert. Quite often, the park where the evenings concert will be held, often times offers picnic areas with grills for grilling out instead of eating at a restaurant. If you can find a restaurant within a short walking distance from the concert area, that will make for a perfect little stroll after eating.

4) Check around your city, outdoor wide screen lawn movie showings are growing ever more popular. These are much better than sitting in a movie theatre. Spreading a blanket out on a big lawn at a local park, and watching a old re-run of E.T. just has a fun twist to it. In most cases these outdoor movie showings are either free, or very low budget.

5) Check your local newspapers for other activities such as plays, art showings, concerts under the stars, small coffee shops that have weekend evening poetry readings, or acoustic guitarists. The small coffee shop scene always makes for a good relaxed date.

Here’s a date I pulled off quite successfully. I took a date to a Krystal Restaurant, put a clean white tablecloth over the table, and lit two candles. She and I had the best little date right there in the Krystal Restaurant. Every one there was impressed, and found it funny. My date thought I was so bold, and had such a great sense of humor about me, and a creative personality that she decided to marry me. That same night, we went to a free outdoor acoustic concert, and had the perfect funny, and romantic date which by the way cost me all of about $12.00.

And trust me to the fullest extent on this one, a genuine partner could absolutely care less about how much money you have, what your position is in the professional world, how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive. A true love will look at your heart, and if you really want to impress a date, be willing to just show your heart, leave all the crap that you think makes you so great at home.

So anyway, here’s the point, you really need to think out of the box. Get colorful, and imaginative, think real, think fun, think humor, think romance, think down to earth. Show that special someone there’s a whole lot more to you than just how much money you can spend, how fancy the car is you pick them up in, or what you do for a living, or what your future plans are. Date from the heart. If you really want to impress your date, come up with some truly creative ideas that focus on just having a great time doing something unique. Trust me, even if you later break it off, that person will never forget all the great dates they had with you.

Also, try to remember that if it’s a first date, don’t opt for anything that would make your date uneasy, such as suggesting a overnight trip somewhere, or a romantic night time walk through a dark park, you get the idea, you may be the hopeless romantic, but your date though fond of you, has not built any level of trust to feel comfortable with that.

And whatever you do, NEVER forget that you and your spouse are still dating, and you must be just as excited about the romantic adventure as you were on your first date. Believe me, marriage is a constant renewal process; you must have a desire to continually strive to impress your spouse.

Atlanta Dating

Georgia Attractions


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