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Attracting Attention Through Online Dating

Updated on September 21, 2013

Getting Attention Online!

We used to meet love interests at school, church, through mutual friends, or community events. We knew the rules of the game; we knew how to dress, how to flirt, and how to attract attention. People do still meet face to face and the majority of the rules still apply but how do we apply the rules to online dating? Some people might argue that online dating has no rules but I maintain that etiquette applies to every situation and that the old rules of dating might be readily applied to online dating, albeit with a twist!

The first step to meeting someone is to attract his attention. Online dating sites might, at first glance, appear anonymous and too distant to provide a venue for attention getting but they truly are not. The first step to generating attention is to post 3-4 friendly pictures on your profile. Arm a friend with your digital camera on your next few outings. If you enjoy biking then post a picture of yourself on a bike. Maybe you enjoy dining with friends, hiking, gardening, or reading. The key is to post photos of you being you. You might also want to post a more formal pose that shows how nicely you clean up after hiking or camping! Include both close-up photos and full body shots.

The next step to attract attention is through your moniker. Think about this one. You have a narrow opportunity to make a good first impression. Choose a moniker that is fresh, unique and very you. It is a good idea to present one that might invite questions. What does that mean? How did you choose your moniker? Avoid choosing a moniker that might reflect hostility or arrogance. Many potential viewers will by-pass your profile if you present yourself as "Pretty Woman in Portland" or "Little Fox for You." Your photos speak for themselves concerning your physical appearance; let your moniker reveal your personality, interests, and wit.

If your guest's interest is piqued by your moniker and heightened through your photos then he will read your introduction. Honesty can not be over emphasized. Be positive throughout your posting. State what you enjoy as opposed to what you do not enjoy. Be imaginative and different in your presentation. Many men introduce themselves as a good-looking man who loves walks on the beach and is loved by children and pets. All of that is very nice but try to present yourself in a way that leads your reader to come to the conclusion that you are someone worth meeting and not just like every other profile. When you are satisfied with your writing, read it through carefully and correct errors before posting. An introductory paragraph full of errors does not reflect well on the writer. Now is the time to put your best foot forward.

After you post your profile, take some time to peruse through the site. Send a message or two to interesting profiles and wait patiently for responses. Above all, have fun as your make your first good impression.


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    • profile image

      Mary Stuart 8 years ago

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my posts. I hope you have good experiences with online dating, should you try it.

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 8 years ago from australia

      Love it you have great hubs

    • Kind Regards profile image

      Kind Regards 8 years ago from Missouri Ozarks - Table Rock Lake

      Mary Stuart, Good hub. I like it when you wrote, " I maintain that etiquette applies to every situation and that the old rules of dating might be readily applied to online dating." Kind Regards

    • mamun155 profile image

      mamun155 9 years ago from Dhaka

      Dear Mary Stuart,

      I would like to thank you for your beautiful hub.

      Best Regards,