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How to Make Yourself Attractive & Magnetic to Women

Updated on November 23, 2016

Have Women Approach You

Many men want to be more attractive to women. This can help with dating or romantic relationships. There are a variety of steps you can take to make women more attracted to you. Keep in mind, however, that women have varied tastes. Nothing will universally impress or attract all women.

Many men wish that #women would make things easier by being willing to take the initiative themselves. It’s really great when a desirable woman comes up to you, smile and start conservation. But, despite social progress and the ardent wishes of such men, the accepted cultural perceptive places the onus on men to make the first move. And in fairness, there are women who simply prefer #men to be the #aggressor and won’t be the one to approach you. But there are also plenty of women who can and do #approach a man, provided he’s the right guy.

It is difficult for a #beautiful woman to just wake up, risk her #social value and risk being #rejected, to approach any man. It’s not that easy. For many women the thought of being rejected by a man is so great that they simply #refuse to approach man. Too often women are simply too #nervous to approach a man because of the extreme amount of #uncertainty involved.

The woman doesn’t know how the man she wants to approach is going to respond. Imagine what runs through her head when she wants to meet a man? Am I his type? Does he have a #girlfriend? Will he find me #attractive? Maybe he’s too busy to meet anyone? Will he be receptive to me talking to her? So she could be scared because the outcome might be #negative. One of the reasons why women don’t approach is because of how many guys react badly to women making the first move. There are many men who react badly to women who they feel are “too forward”.

You may not belong to this category, but she has no way of knowing that. #Self-mastery is the #greatest task to which man has ever set his hand. Every earnest, sincere soul has attempted it and has experienced both #success and #defeat. So if you want women to approach you, you have to understand how to make women feel #comfortable enough to make the first move. It is true that women can and indeed #approach a man, but there is a way to get women to approach you and a lot of them will if you do it right.

Be Intelligent

An attractive guy who can’t hold a conversation is like art in a museum — we like to look, but have no interest in touching.

The Eye Contact Opener

The next time you see a woman you want to meet, lock your eyes on her. Seriously, just stare at her eyes, even if she’s not looking at you. Eye contact is important; people are #compelled to respond to them in some #fashion. When it comes to women, you can use eye contact to find out, if she’s open to meeting you. Averting her eyes or avoiding eye #contact means that she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Simply smile at her when she comes up to you, because her eyes will invariably meet yours, and you’ll be locked in #eye contact. It's very important to #smile and present yourself in a positive #manner. If she smiles back, then she’s open to you meeting her. If she doesn’t, then forget it. And when she does smile back, say Hello! And if she #responds, you’re in! Go right into your opener.

Be inviting

To get a woman to approach you, with a very little effort on your part send out the right #vibes. Body language is good weapon, being #relaxed and calm is the main aim. We pick up far more information about a person – #consciously and subconsciously – from non-verbal cues than we do from just about any other source. If you want women to approach you, then you have to make sure you’re not waving them away with closed off or #unfriendly body #language.

First of all, get rid of that serious look, it doesn’t #impress at all, it actually scare them away. One of the most important things of how to get women to approach you is your appearance and #personality. If you have something about you that makes you easier to approach, the possibility of her making that approach goes up. If you’re #exciting to be with, a woman will be willing to do something unusual, even if the man doesn’t have a lot of money or power. Women are drawn toward you when you smile, are happy and know how to have fun. The aim is to be the guy who she #dreams of and can’t get unless she makes the first move simply because you are enjoying your time and don’t have the time to notice her.

Be Confident

Explore and enjoy women approaching you by exhibiting #confidence. Women like men who are #confident and who know what they want. Making eye contact and giving a #relaxed, genuine smile is a sign of confidence and #friendliness. You need relax. When you’re coming off as tense or upset, you’re going to end up making the people around you feel uncomfortable.

Work out

Biologically speaking, sexual attraction is rooted in who would make the best mate. Men with a stronger physique may appear healthier to some women. Women also associate strength with protective, dominant men, which many women find attractive. Spend some time at the gym weight lifting and try to get more protein in your diet to promote strength training

Be a leader

Show yourself as the leader and start a group on just about any subject you want even if you are not an #expert on it. Just by being the #leader of the group any woman who wants to be a member of the group will already have pictured a good opinion about you. Knowing you are the leader, naturally, they will have to introduce themselves to you. Simply this will make women to approach you.

Consider getting yourself a couple of props

This will get women and people in general to be curious about you. These may be really cool #clothing, or #jewelry items that are a bit unique of out of place. Another cool prop how to get a woman to approach is weird looks. Women seem to be attracted by exotic #looks.

Dress Well

Look, there’s no getting around this: if you want to be the sort of guy that women approach, you have to put some effort into your appearance. There’s difference in being good looking, and being #attractive. One is about your physical looks and the other is about your overall presentation. If you want women to be approaching you, you have to pay attention to your #style, your grooming and your smell. Make sure you #smell good, have fresh breath, are #well-groomed, and look your best.

Having a good #haircut, keeping any #facial hair neatly trimmed and clean, stylish clothes that actually fit properly. Find something that looks good on you without making you look like you have no concept of fashion #norms. Though, some women do not care about looks, especially when your #bank account swells to the 7-digits. A proper use of #deodorant will make you far more approachable than the sloppy-looking man in the baggy sweatshirt and dirty #jeans reeking of cigarette smoke with three days stubble. Dress to suit your #environment, if you show up to a casual bar in a suit, you're going to look like you're trying too hard and you'll stand out in a bad way.

Share your emotions

While a lot of men believe women are attracted to the aloof of brooding, this is actually not true. Studies indicate women tend to be attracted to men who are open about their emotions. Vulnerability actually makes men appear more masculine and attractive to women. Try to be open about how you're feeling and why when interacting with women. This can make you appear more attractive.

Having Fun

Fun is, hands down, the most attractive aspect of a man and someone who is having fun is going to be more# interesting and more #appealing to others. Our #moods are contagious. A man who is cranky, upset, depressed or gloomy isn’t someone a woman would want to approach. But when a woman is around someone who’s joking with his friends, laughing, #dancing or otherwise having a good time, she’s more likely to be enjoying herself as well. Someone having fun with their friends is more desirable than someone sitting on their own. We look at people who are happy and enjoying themselves and imagine that they’re doing well for themselves because; they’re clearly in a good mood – another thing that makes women less likely to approach.

Be Emotionally Available

If you’re not over your ex, don’t date. Simple. Beyond that, most women want a guy who can be there for them, emotionally. If you’re someone who shuts down every time someone asks you how you feel, that’s a.) unhealthy, and b.) not grounds for a good relationship. Working on your emotions and communication skills is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s healthy, attractive, and a sign of self-respect.

Be supportive. Women appreciate men who are supportive and understanding. Being genuinely invested in a woman's life can make her more attracted to you.

  • Allow a woman to express herself how she sees fit. Allow her to take selfies, take pictures of food, make jokes, and laugh without judgment. Be supportive of her choices.
  • Be nice to a woman's friends. Female friendships are important. Be supportive of her fostering strong relationships with other women. Allow her to spend time with her girlfriends on occasion.

Don’t expect her to do all the work

The cold hard truth is that you can’t just sit around and expect women to do all the work for you. Too many people use “women should approach more” as an excuse to avoid risking getting rejected. When you endeavor to be more appealing and more #approachable, try to catch that #special someone’s eye, she’s going to be intrigue and she’s going to be more likely to come over and talk to you.

Keep her guessing

Women like mystery and some puzzle. Feed her information about you in bits but always keep her curiosities growing, and her interest in you will be impact. If a woman thinks she has you figured out, she will get bored, but if she wishes to know more about you, she will look forward to seeing you again and again.

Indulge in romance

Women are often attracted to men with a romantic side. The occasional romantic gesture, even something small and simple, can go a long way in getting a woman's attention. Bring her flowers on a random day. Light candles for dinner. Plan a fun date night. Send her a sweet text during the day that say something like, "Hey, just wanted to let you know I think you're pretty


But most importantly after revamping your #wardrobe, completely revamping your body language and fixing up your smile, you will join guys that have lots of women chasing them. So from today act as if women are always approaching you and that every evening always ends up with you deciding who you want to go home with.


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    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      3 years ago from Benin

      Thanks dashingscorpio for adding more situations that can make a woman approach a man. You're versatile.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      You've offered some excellent tips here! Voted up and useful!

      Guys should also try to position themselves within a reasonable distance. Not many women are willing to swim out to an island to greet a guy. It pays to be standing or sitting within 20 feet of women.

      Flying (solo) also increases the odds of being approached. Rarely will a woman approach a man who is with a group of guys. They don't want to risk seeing guys wink at each other or give one another "high fives" because the woman approached one of them. Being alone also shows confidence.

      Another tactic men might use is be in places where women predominantly attend. Wedding receptions, book clubs, certain charity events, church social events, aerobics/yoga classes and the like.

      If a guy is in a place where all the guys are swarming women then be the guy who is not! As you said women are attracted to mysteries and sometimes not acting like everyone else makes them want to know more about you.

      I would also add that it doesn't hurt to have an online dating profile on one of the popular sites. A lot of women tend to find it much easier to approach/contact a man via online sites. The rejection stings less too!


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