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Attracting Women On Chat Roulette

Updated on August 4, 2011

Me on

Waiting for a nice woman to appear...
Waiting for a nice woman to appear...

Meeting women on is harder than one might think, if you're unfamiliar with using an online chat system that includes video.

Chatroulette has very little supervision, so unless you click the "Clean Chat" box you never know what part of a man's bare anatomy you might be flashed.

And even with selecting "Clean Chat" you could still be in for a surprise because not everyone plays by the rules.

If you're a clean guy, and you do want to meet women on Chat Roulette it's hard because you cannot select the sex of the person you want to see, it is a roulette game after all even if there are functions that might support you seeking a date on chatroulette.

The load times of the chat game are quite slow, even at the best times, so be prepared for a bit of a wait while the chatroulete system logs you in and seeks someone for you to see.

There are a couple of servers that share the distribution of the audio and video chat, many are working harder than they would otherwise be, as a web site server, so you could end up waiting quite a while.

When you do see a woman, smile, but not freakishly, like you just expected another man's face to appear but were surprised by a woman (which happens a lot, sorry to say).

If you have audio enabled, which allows you to speak to her, say "Hi, I am in..." and mention the country where you are.

Then talk about how hard it is to meet nice people on chatroulette, because everyone has some funny stories to share.

You will have fun, if you don't mind the wait and the weirdos that seem to make up the larger part of the user base on chatroulette, but it is the most fun you can have with your webcam, unless you have a video diary on even then that might get stale!


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    • wissamidrissi profile image

      wissamidrissi 7 years ago from Everywhere


    • R Pseudomen profile image

      Robert Lee 7 years ago from Canada

      At least after "a little" conversation... LOL... what, cblack, are you stalking me?


      But seriously, I've had my share of "web cam" chats that were, to say the least, inspirational. (But I married her, so it's OK, right?)

      Guys: to close the gap you have to zip your pants.

    • cblack profile image

      cblack 7 years ago from a beach somewhere

      Tip: Women don't like to watch close ups of men beating off on web chat. UUgghhh. Ask to watch the woman instead but only after a little conversation first.

    • profile image

      cris 7 years ago

      a culiar