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Avoid Stress. Get Married in Cancun!

Updated on August 20, 2016

Why you should get married in a Cancun resort.

Cancun resorts offer the best in customer service and pampering services. If you choose an all inclusive resort, you will not have to worry about hidden fees and taxes during your wedding celebration. What's more is that you will probably save money by having a destination wedding in Mexico than you would by having even the most simple of weddings in the US. Additionally, your wedding will double as a honeymoon.

How to find the right resort.

Many reputable all inclusive resorts in Cancun thrive due to their social media presence. is a good place to begin your search. Real travelers share their candid experiences and photos to give you a good idea on which resorts would meet your needs. Once you compile a list of contenders for your wedding venue, visit their website in order to contact the resort for information on weddings. Most Cancun resorts have employees who specialize in wedding services, often called a wedding planner, and most communicate with you in English.

Wedding at Excellence Playa Mujeres

Private ceremony or large bash?

Decide on how many people you want to celebrate your wedding with you and with your wedding planner (from the resort of your choice) look at plans that will meet your needs. This may be a good time to decide on how many days you want to stay at the resort and how many rooms you want to book. Some resorts offer free wedding ceremonies complete with basic wedding components such as cake and bouquet if you book a minimum number of nights at their resort.

Apply for a Passport.

Visit the US Department of State website with plenty of time to apply for a passport. Check the website for current processing times.

Obtain required documents or get married in the US.

The process to get married in Mexico differs from that in the United States. You can either research and as your wedding planner for help with this process or just get married in your state and have a wedding ceremony in Cancun.

Be sure to add a photo package.

What better way to remember your wedding than with beautiful photographs with jaw dropping backgrounds? Cancun has the most beautiful landscapes and beach views that will make your wedding photographs striking.

Prepare to be pampered.

Cancun resorts are known for their pampering nature regardless of your reason of travel, but brides and grooms enjoy extra perks. From champagne to room service, booking your wedding at a resort will lead to special treatment.


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