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Avoid Toxic People

Updated on May 11, 2015

There comes a time when we meet that friend that we think want to help us but actually want to hurt us. They give us advice or say something hurtful and claim that they are only trying to help and calling us sensitive. Sometimes when they say things they may not always have your best intrest at heart.

You met a guy and he is cute and things were going good. Then all of a sudden out of the blue one day he acts weird. You tell your friend and she says "He never liked you." or "He lose intrest in you." That is something that a toxic friend would say.

A toxic friend will make you jump to worst case scenerio. They will make you jump to conclusions without having any real facts. They will use their painful past experiences as to what you are going through now.

Guys do get weird and they do play games but not all guys are bad. There actually are good guys out there. Any girl or anyone who tells you that the good guys do not exist do not want you to be happy.

You never know what is going on in someone's life. Some people have depression or issues and they do not want other people to know. Some people are super busy. You will never know the real reason why someone acts the way they do.

A toxic friend will make you doubt yourself. They will make you doubt your choices and your relationships.

Do not tell your toxic friend everything because they will try to mess with your head. If you like a guy but he did not ask you out yet they will time it. They will say "If he liked you, he would have asked you out the minute he saw you." That is not true. Some guys are shy and sometimes relationships take awhile to develop. Not every relationship happens the exact same way. If you start thinking that way your self esteem will plummet.

When you go out do not bring your toxic friend with you because she will most likely cause drama. If she sees a guy taking your number she will try to get in between you two. She will say things like "He was looking at me too." This toxic friend is extremely insecure and your friendship is always a competition to her.

A toxic friend will make you feel bad everytime something good happens to you but if it happens to her you should be happy. For instance you went to California and went shopping on Rodeo Drive she calls you spoiled and selfish. She makes you feel bad that you had a good time. She would never say that's so cool. If it happened to her you have to be happy for her. You are always hearing about her going on cruises and being in the limeight. You are supposed to just sit there and watch but the minute something good happens to you there is a problem.

A toxic friend is always making comments on your life choices. She makes comments about your values and puts you down all the time. Everytime you are in this friend's company all you want to do is cry. You find yourself having more bad time's than good time's when this friend is around. Deep down you know a true friend does not make you feel this way.

Stay away from toxic people they will bring you down and mess with your head. They will put faulse ideas in your head and make you believe things about yourself that are not true. They will prevent you from being happy.

A true friend will protect you but they will also not want you to get nervous. They will not make you jump to conclusions and see the worst in every situation. They will make you believe that there are good guys out there and that you are worthy of being in a happy relationship. They will not make you feel bad whent something good happens to you. They will be there to celebrate your accomplishments. They will accept you as you are so if you want a happy life surround yourself with positive people.

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