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What Does BECOMING A Total Ten Man Mean?

Updated on September 22, 2015

"With great maturity comes great responsibility” - (Spiderman's Uncle?)

How do you attract a mature total 10 woman???

Don’t worry. It’s simple. Just become a total 10 man!!!

You might already be thinking “I am already a man. What more is there to be a man???” There is one thing though-the level of maturity!!!

We carry a lot of boyish thinking and character in our adult life that haunt us or do not allow us to grow into a fully grown man.

There is no end to being mature. As you star evolving or developing psychologically compared to other man of your age who do not, you are sure to be seen as more unique or more masculine.

Now being more masculine does not mean high levels of testosterone. No!!! To understand what masculinity is, let us go back to evolution.

Why do we live?? What is the purpose of being a man??? Well to answer the first question, we live to survive so that we can multiply (Why do you think sex is so much fun???).

Masculinity here has to do a lot with survival and reproduction. To reproduce man in the jungle had to survive first.


In modern terms it goes like this,

There are various levels of maturity depending on your masculinity. If you are an average guy with an average job having an average interest and dating or married to an average girl you belong to the Total-5 masculinity category.

A player who has multiple one night stands with multiple women over a period of a week, month or a year is not considered a total 10 man.

Its close to impossible to take mature women on one night stands. They can easily detect your dark side the moment you open your mouth and use your pick-up line. It’s very easy to manipulate the immature ones.

You can pretend to be a mature masculine man for a day every day with every different woman but you cannot for a lifetime with the same woman

So what level of masculinity do you think you are at??

Where do you think you need to work out more? The career path or attracting women??

Let see some examples of total 10 men from movies here,

1. King Leonidas in “300”,

2.Maximus in “Gladiator”,

3. Sean Maguire ( Robin Williams) in Good Will Hunting.

Real Life examples are: Brad Pitt, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama etc.


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