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Being a Man of Purpose

Updated on February 19, 2016

A man of purpose

In this life there are women and men we admire who have made global contributions to the society. They have a unique will and drive for change not only for themselves but for the future.this leaves us amazed and in awe of the potential and achievements they have must thus far and surprisingly more is still to come. Due to their habits, character and routines some believe they were naturally born with such resolve but this is far from the truth. They may tell you that discipline, commitment, focus, sacrifice etc. are key but this is just the tip of the iceberg of success and wealth

So here is a simple guide on how to achieve such feats…

  1. Stop procrastinating-procrastination is the thief of time and time isn’t a resource you can offord to waste if you want to make a difference in your life. If it’s a new hobby, activity or any form of opportunity to better your life take the chance. If your resolve is clear and true even failure will just be a minor obstacle towards your goal .Don’t live in regret grab any chance by the neck and take control of your future

  2. Believe in your abilities and dreams: every invention or idea we see and hear about is a product of someones dream and their inner drive to deliver it to the world. It’s a journey that’s worth the effort and time. Self-doubt can hinder your the moment you may have little skill and your vision maybe larger than life but simply BELIEVE. Women and men who have shaped the pillars of the society were once in your shoes, undergoing a certain problem or living an average life but soon they grew into the very people we look up to. Their visions may differ but one common theme is the unshakable belief into making their dreams happen

  3. Be confident in your pursuits: truth be told people will at times question why you aren’t as available to them as you once were or even discourage you in various ways. Some fear the new path you are taking others won’t simply understand you at first but take heart knowing the road may be long and difficult but all the more sweeter in the keep your head up high and keep believing that what you do now is shaping a better future

  4. Surround yourself with people who build you up: the people who you spend time with define your very the long run they have shaped you to this very day. It’s natural to meet people who drain you not only emotionally but also mentally .keep your distance but help them when you may not be easy but you must lighten any excess baggage in your life if you want to move forward faster as you invest in people who will not only help you in your quest but also guide you through and support you.

  5. Take responsibility and learn from it: you’ll make mistakes along your way. You’ll start doubting some choices you’ve made but the past is gone. Move forward and try to make the most of the present situations. Though circumstance may have contributed to the current situation be in control of your life and make things happen.

  6. Don’t be sorry for chasing your dream: some people within your inner circle may at times feel left out in your life but if they have your best interest at heart they’ll support you in any way they can with as much understanding and care as you show them whenever the opportunity comes across.its your life and you can't apologize for trying to reach for your'll only be sorry if you chose to ignore the golden opportunities that pass you by.

  7. Take time off to renew your vision: you’ll soon tire out from your relentless pursuit for a cause you’ve given your all to achieving. Take a few days off to rest and meditate. Spend it with the people who you hold dear before your continue embarking on your journey. Don’t be ashamed even the best among us secretly treat ourselves to a well-deserved rest even if it’s just for a day or a even a few weeks. a car must be refueled and given regular checks ups for max efficiency and performance.hence you being human means you have to be all the more careful before you do more harm than good to your body

  8. Seek knowledge and information: you may be the first to start your new idea but you won’t be the last to reach greater heights in this journey called life. Take time and learn from the greatest men among us in history. You’ll avoid some of the mistakes they have made and learn how they overcame their struggles in life. Your fields may be different but you share the fierce fire of determination and iron will to make a difference for the better

The journey you are embarking on will be a difficult test, one which I’m confident you’ll overcome in the long run not only bettering your life but also that of others.

Till next time… M.P.K


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