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(BEWARE)The Top 4 Red Flags That Every Guy Do When Cheating On their Loved One

Updated on May 20, 2012
Nobody Deserves To Be Cheated On
Nobody Deserves To Be Cheated On

So what happened? Where did it all go wrong? Your Interest still seems to linger strong but his seem to be the total opposite. You're trying to figure out mysteries that almost seem impossible to solve.Is It you? Is it because you gain some extra weight that made him turned off by you or maybe it’s because you don’t please him in bed as well as you thought you were doing. Ladies believe me when I say this, "It is so much deeper than your flaws (you are beautiful!!)." It's just that your heart sees everything that your eyes refuse to believe. We just choose to ignore it. So I’ve came up with some scenarios that can give you some hints that your man could be having a secret affair on you. I’ve even mentioned some of the trickiest ones that usually sometimes goes unnoticed…..


It is so many ways that a guy can use a cell phone to cheat on you.Believe it or not ladies (and I know some men are actually going to hate me for airing this out but) if you was to see a long distant number in some cases it doesn’t even have to be a distant number on your man’s cell phone, don’t automatically think it’s a bill collector. Okay. Because anyone can make a call with their personal cell phone while using someone else’s number (androids) to show up on the person that they are contacting caller’s ID. It could actually be the other female that is calling your man but using either a business number or maybe even HIS MOTHER ‘S NUMBER. So if you happen to see a whole lot of strange business or relatives numbers in which you know that he don’t really talk to all the time on a daily basis than these could be red flags.(which leads me in to my next one)

1. Believe it or not sometimes he will actually have the female number that he is cheating on you with listed right in his phone under his contacts… (yup that’s right), Now, he’s not going to use her name directly (of course not) but he will use it under a relatives name, or one of his male friends name, or even a bill collector name that he is lying about just to throw you off. So if you are reading your mans text and it is between him and a relative (or male friend) and they are not talking about things that family or male friends shouldn’t really be talking about than that’s a red flag!

2. If your man has a lock on his phone than it’s a red flag. If you guys are in a committed relationship and you're actually in love with each other than it shouldn’t be no type of locks on anybody’s phone because if you’re not doing anything whatsoever than what is it to hide right!

3. If your man keeps his phone up under him all the time; meaning if the phone is always in his pocket, or always somewhere near him like when he takes a shower , or if he sleeps with the phone underneath his pillow etc. (than my friend these are Red Flags) Basically if him and his phone can never seem to be apart it’s not because he loves the device so much that he don’t want scratches on it or he’s afraid to lose it, it’s simply because this dude is hiding something that he doesn’t’ obviously want you to find out about.

Keep up with your man's Bank Statements ladies It can help you out in to know if your man has a significant other!!!!
Keep up with your man's Bank Statements ladies It can help you out in to know if your man has a significant other!!!!


  1. If you found unexplained receipts in wallet and you know that none of these items look familiar to you and they are feminine products, lingerie, perfume, or even cleaning products in which you know that didn't came into your household because you usually do the shopping in that department.... Red Flag
  2. Check all Bank Statements to determine how much money is actually being spent if they are unexplained withdrawals from his checking account that can't be counted for than this a Red Flag
  3. Check the miles on the car like to his work from home, Once again bank transaction statements can help you to determine his whereabouts on locations that isn't anywhere near the location of where you guys live, if the bank statement says that he had a bag of chips from a gas station that is out of bound from your home than this my friend could mean that he is hiding something form you. (but you can only determine this if this is not somewhere that he wasn't supposed to be at that particular time)
  4. I must throw this in there,..... ladies always remember that they are a whole lot of women these now and days that doesn't really mind being the second woman; some actually gets off on it and 9 times out of 10 it could actually be the one that is always up in your face ( but that's another blog) If you suspect that your man is cheating then 9times out of 10 he truly is just keep track of things even if that means keeping a secret diary of suspicious things that just doesn't seem to add up. WHAT IS DONE IN THE LIGHT WILL COME TO THE DARK!

Do You See Any Of These Signs In Your Relationship

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      My man carries this phone everywhere shower bathroom he sleeps with it hides it under the pillow walk out to throw out garbage so his phone is attached 24 seven one day I was home and he left his Facebook open and he was talking to another woman but he said it was a friend I approach him and all he has to say is am I not allowed to have friends opinions please

    • Barine Sambaris profile image

      Barine Sambaris 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      @Laura89, I could say u should hire an investigator to monitor him all day but that would be extreme. I think you are doing the right thing already. Communication is very important in every relationship and it's good you hear from him. Maybe try another tactic. Don't come on too strong and accusing. But let him know you are serious nevertheless and that his response means a lot to you. Good luck.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have had doubts for a while because my man has his phone strapped to him at all times!! I Neva wana snoop or be paranoid and I have had a peak when he's been asleep ( and snuck around the bed to get it as he sleeps next to it!!) and it's always the same msgs on there never anything new?? I hate feeling like this but I can't help but feel he's hiding sumin Bcoz when I have approached him on the matter he hits the roof!! That's another red flag to me!!! I know if I had done nothing wrong there is no reason to get so angry!! Yea maybe a little upset and disappointed in me but not crazy angry right? Need some advice on this one we have been together for 3 yrs and have 2 beautiful twin girls but the suspicion is killing me and want to no once and for all what is going on with him?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Men cheat when there is a disconnection in the relationship, not necessarily that the sex is bad or that he hasn't gotten any in a long time. Good points here. I wouldn't go as far as #3. I agree with Emmyboy that is better to give a man the benefit of the doubt rather than snoop on his cell phone and or even log on to read his email. Always follow your instinct though but is best not to accuse anyone of anything until you have evidence.

    • Emmyboy profile image


      6 years ago from Nigeria

      Inasmuch as these tips are useful, I still see a situation where these red flags you mentioned here might just make a woman to become so much afraid and start reading meanings into anything her man does or didn't do.

      Teaching women to always snoop on their men will certainly cause a lot of strife in the relationship because the man will start having reasons to believe that she doesn't trust him because men don't like suspicious partners while the woman might just stumble on certain things that will only make her hypertensive.

      I think a better way is for women to give their men every reason to trust them and let's see why he won't return that favor!

    • angelbrownsuga profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @CriticalMessage7-yes, some woman do cheat as well as SOME men, they are some signs of a cheating woman but (that's another article that will be coming soon.)

    • CriticalMessage profile image


      7 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      What are the signs a man should recognize when their woman is cheating ?

      Oh, that's right, women do not cheat.

      Read my article on the Oprah Syndrome.


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