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People Are Born Gay!

Updated on March 27, 2013

Born This Way

Rainbow baby indicates we are born this way!
Rainbow baby indicates we are born this way! | Source
Born This Way!
Born This Way! | Source

What Is The "Right" Saying?

The Redding Record Searchlight has bowed to the right while flipping its skirt to the left regarding the issue of being born gay or straight. The trouble begins with an article they printed in the June 8Th issue titled "Speak Your Piece" by Joseph Busey. It is unadulterated crap. When the battle for equal rights is at such a pivotal moment in history it strongly reads as a political statement being made by the publication itself. (Rupert who?)

What Busey is theorizing is this, sexuality is not an inborn trait. When reviewing the research he presents, it shows a bit like a side-show of spoiled bully's. The research he has seen says there is no definitive proof that sexuality is inborn. The use of the word "proof" in itself is a red flag in the scientific community. Science relies on consensus with intense scrutiny of the information being studied. Scientists are not so comfortable with the idea of something being carved in stone, science is an ever changing entity as are we humans. Apparently Busey is not telling the story in its entirety.

Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation

Some People Should Just Stop Talking About the "Being Born Gay" Debate

Joseph Busey only refers to one critical study completed by a neuroscientist in San Diego named Simon LeVay, who has been considered controversial on the subject at best. In 1991, LeVay told the world, "he had found a key difference between the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men he studied." However, many of the other points within LeVay's study seemed unlikely, and the study ended up jump-starting the effort to prove a biological basis for homosexuality. Possibly Busey's reason for using this study and only this study. Oregon State University has done recent studies on inborn (gay) sexuality that shows similar results to what LeVay claims, regarding the nature (vs) nurture debate and that the hypothalamus is enlarged through overly protective mothering. However, if we look to some other research studies that are not done by special interest organizations (Family Research Institute, NARTH or other right-wing religious organizations) we find a broader more accurate and scientific probability saying yes, inborn (Gay) sexuality does have some merit.

NOTE: NARTH supports conversion therapy (a form of brainwashing to change a person from being gay to straight, through severe emotional tactics) which is NOT supported by the American Psychiatric Association. The Family Research Institute has been falling far behind in its head- count of members and their budget declined to less than $200k, which translates to "no dough" for meaningful research studies. Their website shows only two scientist on staff, no matter how large the administrative staff may be, the site is actually considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Show Me a Broader More Accurate Research Profile on "Being Born Gay"

Within this section we are going to review some research from a true scientific perspective with sound proven results.

How Does Homosexuality Present Itself in Human Beings

When a recent study was conducted on twins, by Boston University psychiatrist Richard Pillard and Northwestern University psychologist J. Michael Bailey, the results found that when an identical twin is gay, there is a 52% probability that the sibling is gay as well. When a fraternal twin is gay, the chance that the other twin is gay reduced to 22%. Finally, if one separate-birth twin is gay, only a 6% to 10% chance that the other will also be gay exists. The indication here is that both environmental and heredity are the causing factors. (it is thought that the hormones in utero play a role in these results in either case). The theory is reinforced when more recent findings from research show that when identical twins share an amniotic sack, almost always the sexual orientation is the same in both twins, gay or straight. Reputable studies found the rate of gays in the general population is 2%-4%, rather than the tried and true "1 in 10" theory.

Is Being Gay its Own Gender

The Gay Gender
The Gay Gender | Source

Another interesting and very accidental discovery comes from Ray Blanchard's team who found that each time a woman has a son, the chance that the boy is gay increases by about 30%. Having an older sister does not change this probability, only older brothers. Blanchard sites this to be indicative of an immunoresponse by the mother that a male child is present in the womb.

We may have all heard the news that differences in finger length exists between gay and straight individuals. But knowing that these studies have been reproduced and then verified may come as a bit of a surprise.

Transgendered Symbol is as beautiful as the people who honor it!
Transgendered Symbol is as beautiful as the people who honor it! | Source

Am I Left or Right Handed or am I Gay or Straight?

Left or right? Sexual orientation is no more a choice than being left or right handed is. Up until the late 1900's teachers would tie a child's left hand behind him trying to make him use the right. It was thought that being right-handed was more acceptable than left-handedness. It is possible for a lefty to force himself to present as a rightie as uncomfortably as a gay person can present as a straight person, it still doesn't make the leftie a rightie or the gay person straight. We don't have any "proof" to what causes left-handedness, just like we don't have any "proof" to what causes homosexuality. More than likely it is similar though, an unknown combination of genetics and in utero environmental reasons and then sustained early on in childhood by what society revels as the norm. But, there is no arguing that whether you're left handed or gay, both probably remain what they are from birth, fixed forever that way.

Being a Homosexual can not be turned on and off like a light switch
Being a Homosexual can not be turned on and off like a light switch | Source

Choice or Genetic Event "What if"

Unlike skin color or eye color, sexuality is not just a genetic trait, neither is it a conscious choice a person can make. Being homosexual can not be turned "on" or "off" like a light switch, anymore than someone can switch from left to right handed. However, for argument sake, let's say just for a minute that being gay is a choice; is this reason alone enough to deny equal marriage rights? Over 1 million gay folks live in the state of California, so it seems a bit unfair when we prevent discrimination against the religion a person chooses to be—there are laws in place for this, and religion is most definitely a choice—while allowing civil rights violations to be placed upon and against gays.

The "Gay Gene"

"The gay gene" was discovered in 1993 by Dean Hamer which was really exciting news for the gay population. Hamer, a Harvard-trained researcher at the National Cancer Institute, didn't quite name the gene as such. He found that gay brothers shared a specific region of the X chromosome, called Xq28, at a higher rate than gay men shared with their straight brothers. Hamer and colleagues implied this would promote a change in the understanding of sexual orientation over time.

Proving sexual orientation is inborn would make a much better case for equal marriage rights for gays by simply creating a civil rights platform. This could be considered true, but again we can not forget that freedom of religion had full federal protection long before other inborn traits did, such as race and sex.

Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation

Why Do We Care is Someone is Born Gay

With the scientific research showing that homosexuality is an inborn trait, gays would enjoy a broader social acceptance and complete protection from discrimination. A greater tolerance is being displayed now that this "biological" discussion has become more wide spread. Polls are finding that Americans - Primarily young adults - are less inclined to discriminate under the new findings and information. This is why groups like The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian think tank in Washington, D.C., are so concerned. They have published a book Getting It Straight that argues the case if finding people are born gay is true, this "would advance the idea that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic, like race; that homosexuals, like African-Americans, should be legally protected against discrimination; and that disapproval of homosexuality should be as socially stigmatized as racism. However, it is not true."

A LGBT World

Understanding our LGBT world
Understanding our LGBT world | Source

If we look at the many research studies and physiological perspectives and the abundant other theorized reasons for homosexuality, it becomes more than clear-- Post-birth social development can revise, refine or possibly emphasize the situation, but the orientation for homosexuality is firmly in place before the child is born. Following years and years of leafing through the abundant piles of data on the subject, British researcher Glenn Wilson and Quazi Raham have made the strongest and a most supported conclusion in their book Born Gay: The Psychobiology of sex orientation, where the point is... well... penned in stone: "Sexual orientation is something we are born with and not 'acquired' from our social environment." Who knew?

Looks like we may be born gay after all!

Are We Born Gay Or Straight? (John Barrowman BBC)


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