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BORN ON THE 2nd of JULY 1953

Updated on July 24, 2010

Prevent Social & Employment Problems Due to Wrong Vital Statistics


This is for everyone who has ever applied for a this country that is largely sexist and ageist - STILL.

And this is also for those of you who have been struggling with online dating services and contacts you make online, only to be rejected because of misinformation given out by poorly informed or misinformed or just plain venal "vital statistics businessmen" seeking to make money from dishing out information about you which could be only partially correct...or incorrect altogether.

I know MANY VICTIMS of both problems in this arena.

So, the digital age is wonderful...AND DANGEROUS...if you are seeking new work or new friends or a special relationship. It overexposes you. It sets you up for disappointment.

Solutions to this vary, now. It's important to delete whatever you can that identifies you line phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, addresses, resumes, last names, maiden names, specialty fields of work, criticisms you may have written that could affect human resources opinions of you. Be as anonymous as you can.

It's your right to be able to present information for a job you are seeking that relates to that job...not to your personal statistics that should never be made public without your permission. Perhaps when such companies are sued for invading your privacy, they'll stop selling information about you and profiting from your private statistics...especially when the information they sell about you IS INCORRECT. I think we should all sue them in a class action lawsuit so that they'll lose these profits and it won't be worth their while to continue to invade everyone in the world's privacy.

Sellers of private, personal, proprietary, confidential information on individuals should be legally FORCED TO REQUEST YOUR PERMISSION BEFORE THEY CAN EXPOSE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO INDIVIDUALS AND GLOBALLY ONLINE.

I, myself, have been so misrepresented by such companies. From a family where some of us have the same names (named after the same grandmother/great-grandmother to me) but are of different generations, my age has been drastically distorted and I've lost many job opportunities as a result. (Sure, ageism is yet another widely-practiced problem by employers and must also be stamped out!) Not only that, my personal social life has been intruded upon by this misinformation.

So, I am here declaring I was born in 1953 and am 57 years old! My maiden aunt has the same name and is a generation older. These facts have been misconstrued by the profiteers of confidential information.

Therefore, many of you who have noticed discrepancies in private information about you that has been publicized without your legal permission, should seriously consider having any personal information you've disclosed or others have disclosed about you, true or false, deleted by yourself (a tedious, long, time-consuming task) or by a reputable "reputation-protecting" company that will do this for you for a fee.

Do everything you can to protect your identity, to keep prying eyes from getting false facts attributed to you or your life, and also to keep the wrong people (as well as prospective employers and new social contacts) from gathering real or phony information about you. YOU DO HAVE A RIGHT to have ONLY THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU TO BE KNOWN...and ONLY WHEN YOU ARE READY TO DISCLOSE IT...NOT when some stranger, identity-thief, or profiteer company decides to use it for the wrong purposes.

Again, I'm 57 years old. And I was born in 1953. Make note of this, all you distributors of errors about me - Helen Borel.


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      Shiva 7 years ago

      Helo beautiful bantering Lady