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Updated on June 23, 2010

Hearing the word "trust" sounds great. This is an indicator to what kind of a person you are in dealing with other people. Your good reputation is your best asset. This is your security to reach the success that you wanted to achieve.

People will always count you and relied on you if they are satisfied of your promises and good values. This trait is a valuable commodity that worth of a price, a building block of a good and long lasting relationship.

But once this trust is broken, you are no longer reliable. They don't have faith in your ability anymore. Losing trust is like losing life. People will see you differently. They put you on negative side. Their feeling for you changed. You become worthless in their eyes. They will ignore you completely. They will not give you a chance to redeem your bad image even how you will try. It became tainted whose color can not be remove even using a bleach of understanding. They will see you in different light. You no longer important in their eyes. Its hurting, but it is true. Your dignity becomes in question.

They will not trust you in giving a free hand in handling money. They cannot enter into a business contract because they are not sure of your honesty and dependability. You become a threat to the life of the business. There will be a strained relationship within your family. Your wife and children are ashamed of what you have done. Accepting mistake can never erase the once in a life trust they give you.

In a relationship, mutual trust is important. This will serve as a solid foundation of great importance In order to regain your already damaged reputation. But there's still a chance if you do the following:

Keep your promise, even how small it is, again and again to slowly regain your image. Make it perfectly clean to erase the doubts of your worthiness. Forgetfulness is not an excuse for such failure.

Avoid repeated failure. They will never believe you the next time. They will lost respect in you. Give an accurate and clear message of what you have promise for their clear understanding.

In the event of inexcusable delay in meeting a certain appointment in a schedule date, tell him immediately. Don't tell him later, it will only irritate his feeling for you.

Make it a point to restore your reputation by looking a way to win his trust. Repair the damage. Don't talk too much. It can only lead to a broken promises.

There are many wonderful things that will come to you if you are trustworthy in their eyes:

-They easily believe you.

-They will give them their all-out support whatever will be your plan in the future.

-They are comfortable in dealing with you. They can trust their secret to you.

-You will have many friends. They can easily recommend you to other people because of your honesty.

-They will trust without doubt and second thought. They will trust you with their lives.


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