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Baby Boomers and Online Dating

Updated on June 28, 2014

Out with the with the New

an Old Dog can Learn New Tricks

When one is watching television hasn't one noticed the majority of commercials are for pharmaceuticals and dating sites? In particular, "mature" dating sites seem quite prominent, or maybe it's just because this author is "mature" those are the ones that stand out. Listening to people in their 40's, 50’s and above there is much negativity in the air about such sites. "How can anyone trust anyone you meet on one of those sites" is commonly spoken. Is it any worse than meeting a stranger in a bar as in the olden days? Baby boomers have lived through the "Mad Men" world when smoking cigarettes was allowed in the workplace and we typed on manual typewriters. Now we are living in a world where all those sci-fi gadgets on "Star Trek" are real. A cloud isn't just a fluffy pillow in the sky anymore. The "boomers" are continually adjusting their way of life and more importantly their thinking. The negative attitude people had towards online dating sites in its infancy has made a complete turnaround. In addition, the attitude of baby boomers has also experienced a change. The baby boom generation has spent a lifetime making adjustments to the changing world. Yes, we may have lagged behind when it came to learning new technology, but we did learn. Men and women are living longer and the baby boom generation is becoming the fastest growing group to embrace online dating. If one thinks about it, online dating is well-suited to the baby boomers. Many feel too old to do the bar club scene, and as for the gym, I really don’t feel like talking to someone when I’m hot and sweaty. Aren’t we all tired of our family and friends trying to play matchmaker with the same people year after year. Do they think if they keep asking that I will eventually say yes? Maybe to some online dating seems mechanical and unromantic, but to older people that have life experience to draw from, they know what they want in a mate and are able to zoom in on suitable prospects. Dating sites offer an alternative to the outdated methods used to meet potential mates, and can be a useful tool to search from a wider pool than methods previously offered. It is time to dive in.


Writing an Online Profile is Worse than writing a Resume

How does one write about oneself when one is not searching for a job but a man? Everything sounds so trite......delete. It sounds like a resume......delete. Leave blank the entries that are not required. Only fill out the required entries and as brief as possible. Upload a photo? The only photo of me alone is about 15 years old. Learn the art of the "selfie". Only took about 100 tries but finally got a decent pic. At least there are some helpful tools to create a profile. A checklist of likes and dislikes. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, smoker or non-smoker, drinks alcohol or non-drinker, sports, gardening, whatever floats your boat. Sometimes the most basic habits are a deciding factor in choosing a companion. If one is looking for someone with common interests, without going through the hassle of going on an endless series of dates in order to discover this information, then one should give online dating a chance. Let the dating site weed out the truly incompatible so I can save myself a lot of valuable time. Some online dating sites seem to have turned it into a science when it comes to narrowing one’s search. Dating sites claim they use algorithms to match couples. Ok……I’ll at least give it try. Last on "create profile". It seemed an eternity before I was able to click the mouse. There it is......member 123456. Will anyone contact me or will I be the last kid picked for the team? This being my first venture into the world of online dating, it all seemed so overwhelming. Within minutes of creating my profile I began receiving winks, flirts, emails and chat requests. This seemed to be moving too fast for me, I just wanted to browse profiles before communicating with anyone. I soon learned not to take every contact too seriously. Taking it slow is most advisable.

Taking those First Baby Steps

Having been divorced for over ten years and feeling too old for bars/clubs, where is one to meet men? After dating two men from work I felt there must be better options out there for finding men. But where? Not being very athletic or even very social it seemed there was an option that was continually being thrown in my face. It only took about a year of pondering the idea to gather the courage to sit down at a computer and "google" dating sites. So many choices, how is one to know which is a good one? A coworker (in her 20's) mentioned one day that she was meeting a guy she met on online at a coffee shop. She asked if I was free that night because her sister was going to be in the coffee shop anonymously and she wanted at least one more person there as a precaution. I asked what dating site she was using and kept that in mind. Days and weeks passed and still had not mustered the courage to create a profile on a dating site. Then out of left field one day a girlfriend announced she was moving out of state! She said she had received a job offer. Months later it was revealed that she had met a man on a dating site and moved to the state he lived. They are now engaged. I asked her what dating site she used and it was the same site as my young coworker. A few months later my birthday passed.......another one. About one week after my birthday while drinking a glass of wine and watching television, there they were.......all those happy, smiling couples in those commercials for dating sites. Took my glass of wine over to my laptop and googled the dating site of my friends. My first baby steps.


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