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6 Best Bachelorette Party Themes Ideas

Updated on April 14, 2013
Having fun with moustaches
Having fun with moustaches | Source

Organize a Perfect Day for the Bride

So the big day is approaching, everything is planned, organized and booked. The only thing you have to do now is go out for one last night of freedom with your closest female friends and family.

Why not take a tip from the guys and organize a theme party. You can arrange fancy dress themes, have t-shirts made and don't forget the all important invitations. These should follow the theme of your party, to really set the scene for what your girlies can expect from the day and/or night.

In this article we have suggested a range of themes, from the more traditional to the unique and bizarre. So whether you already know what type of night you want or you are searching for inspiration, read on as there will definitely be something for you.

Bridal Theme

This is a tried and tested theme for bachelorette parties and you really can't go wrong with this one. Think veils, garters and 'L' Plates and you are pretty much there! The brilliant aspect of a bridal themed party is that it really does help you celebrate the fact that you are due to get married. You will have strangers congratulating you, buying you drinks and the attention that your party will receive when out on the town is guaranteed to make for a fun filled night.


Spa or Relaxation Theme

Whatever type of wedding you have planned, it is nearly impossible to escape the stresses that come along with organizing catering, choosing flowers and making sure you have lost those few extra pounds to fit into your perfect wedding dress.

Because of this many women will choose to have spa treatments, light lunches and perhaps a shopping trip with your nearest and dearest. Whilst they are all great ideas, why not look at blowing off some steam in a different way.

How about going to a combat fitness class, the image of your mum or your auntie kick-boxing is sure to bring some great laughs to the whole group and for the bride, well what better way to De-stress than to let off some steam! If the physical activity route isn't for you, why not try something like clay pigeon shooting or a shooting range, letting off a few rounds will do wonders for your concentration and will restore some power back to your life, getting you into the perfect frame of mind to take that next step and become Mrs...

Covergirl Theme

The main thing that every woman prays for on her wedding day is to look beautiful. So what better way to get you in the mood than to be pampered and looking fabulous, than a pre-wedding day photo shoot.

Perhaps you spent the day at a spa or getting your hair done then why waste that when it comes to the evening. You can even incorporate the idea of fancy dress and go for different looks in your shoot. Its guaranteed to get you and your guests feeling great and more comfortable for the evening ahead!

Holiday Theme

What better way to get geared up for your big day than a girls holiday. There are so many places that you can go and you can really tie in the culture to the theme of your party. How about a long weekend in Amsterdam?

You can explore the historical buildings, book into a bar crawl if that is your ideal evening, or if you would like something a little more sophisticated then you can book a boat to take you along the beautiful canals, taking in the sights and sipping on champagne. Divine!

Quiz Theme

Forget the moody Ann Robinson image that has probably popped into your head when you saw the title of this one, but think more drinking games and playing jokes on the hen. This one is ideal if the bride has been trusting enough to let the Maid of Honor plan the entire party.

How about you each write down a question and catch out the unsuspecting bride, by giving them to her fiancée to answer. Then on the night take it in turns to read out the questions to the bride to be and have her guess her fiancées' answers, if she gets them wrong then of course she'll have to drink! I would suggest doing this theme at least the weekend before the wedding to allow time for the hangover to pass!


Cooking Class Theme

This is an excellent theme that works very well because not only will it teach the bride some gourmet new dishes to impress her future spouse, it is hands on and will have everyone joining in together. You can go out to a cooking class and then perhaps move onto a fancy cocktail bar, or the best option if you have the space for it, is have a cooking instructor come to your home.

You can sip wine while making your chosen dishes and then why not finish off the evening with a sexy stripper dressed as a chef. Even more surprising would be if the instructor that has been teaching you all evening, becomes the evening entertainment after!

Bachelorette Party Themes Ideas

Above is just some of the themes that are guaranteed to make an unforgettable bachelorette party. Whatever theme you do go for it is important to remember a few baselines to ensure it runs smoothly.

Pick a unifying theme because not everyone at a bachelorette party will be the same age or know each other, so bonding can be difficult but easily addressed with the right theme. And finally, the invitations! Custom Invitations are a nice touch because they will give everyone an idea of what to expect for the evening and will really help kick-start the fun. Best of luck Ladies!


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