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Bad Blood

Updated on September 6, 2012

When Sorry Isn't Enough

Welcome Readers! This article is about when someone you really cared for finally makes you so mad and you just know its over. Its always a sad situation when you feel you been through so much together and you just can't reach a point of understanding no matter how hard you tired. It leaves most people wondering what went wrong? The answer to this question usually doesn't have an immediate answer. In time you realize that maybe both of you probably could have handled the situation better. On the other hand their is a point when enough is enough. Sometimes its better to just let it go instead of working it out because the damage is just to massive to repair. The words "I'm Sorry" is just not enough anymore. This article is advice on how to do damage control the right way.

Crossing the line

When you been together awhile you just know what is crossing the line. It's hard to break up the habit of running to that person when you are having a "moment." Especially when you have done all you could to try to communicate with that person and understand where they are coming from. Sometimes you just can't meet someone in the middle because the damage is just to massive to fix. The next thought is can you at least save the relationship enough to be friends? For some people it works out but 90 percent of the time if you have hard feelings when it ends then to be friends its like waiting for the bomb to explode again. In this case, understand that you have to be your own shrink. Your either going to forgive the person or not. Their is no middle. Only you know if it is possible to fix it or not. Remember if you go the path of fixing it, keep in mind that the person went there once and most likely will take it there again the next time.

Letting go

Break ups are not easy. Period. Although sometimes it is a must. Keep in mind that when you let go of one your giving yourself the chance to meet someone else. No matter how much time you spent together you need to let it go when it becomes posion to your mind. Remember the saying the best revenge is when you do better without them! So do it! YOU always have to your focus on because if you don't then its like falling asleep at the wheel. Dangerous. Fighting it out with someone is not healthy when its constant. Your putting yourself in a lose lose situation because nothing gets solved. YOUR feelings just get hurt more and more because of the nasty things being said. Why put yourself through all that? A lot of people are afraid to be alone, instead think of it as YOU time. Time to get busy and build on you. So when it have all you need you won't have to settle down with problems.


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