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The Dating Bait Bucket

Updated on August 23, 2016
H Andelsmen profile image

H. Andelsmen realized her girlfriends were asking advice, often, because she herself has been through so much, so she decided to share.

Fishing. It's all in the presentation.

To fish is to "present" one's bait or lure, actively enticing a fish to bite.

Fishing is a skill that must be mastered by no method other than plenty of practice. Nobody becomes a pro at first cast. Many factors attribute to honing this skill. One must consider the locale, present conditions, and target a specific fish/species. Of course, multiple failed attempts are discouraging and even the most successful can experience dry spells and question their abilities at times. Therefore, it never hurts to reassess, reload, and jump right back in.

It is not my intention to teach you to fish. I want to share with you my interpretation of fishing. A wise man, who I am I huge fan of, presented the concept of ladies choosing what kind of fish they want to be. I disagree with that. Who wants to be a fish? You are not some prize to be hung on a stringer or mounted on the wall. Be the mechanism that makes fishing fun and worthwhile! Digging deep into The Bait Bucket is going to introduce you to many lessons, tips, and techniques allowing you to participate in the most productive and prosperous fishing expeditions possible.

For starters, you must be able to identify the types of fisherman. There are many, many types of fisherman and a vast and varied array of techniques. Throughout this hub, you will learn about the three (3) main types. Future additions to The Bait Bucket will detail intricacies about each type.

1. The commercial fisherman.

His livelihood depends on it. He fishes for survival. He is a provider, rectifier, and a ride - or - dier. This one, my friend, will be there 'til the end and weather the storm. Some methods of commercial fishing are considered one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet...put mildly,he is not afraid to try. Using reliable tools of the trade, he will commit to his task and put the work in.


  • dedication
  • hard work
  • dependable
  • predictable


  • gets lost at sea (stuck in a rut)
  • if it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality
  • loyal to his methods and territories
  • predictable

2. The recreational fisherman.

Fun loving and adventurous, this one fishes for the simple joy of it. He doesn't have to, he wants to. Carefree and worried only about one thing, making the catch. He may even throw it back. Fish tales are common and frequent. No feast or famine with this one, the quest IS his reward. He is going to go where the fish are, but only for vacation.


  • fun
  • energetic
  • spontaneous
  • good location


  • short trip
  • indifferent
  • unreliable
  • unpredictable

3. The sports fisherman.

Akin to the recreational fisherman, this one seeks enjoyment, but mostly, he fervently desires acknowledgement of his skills as he hunts the trophy fish. He will participate in tournaments and try to accumulate the most trophies. His goal is to become a pro. He will keep fish, but only for bragging purposes.


  • masterful skills
  • direct attack
  • exotic locale
  • high quality equipment


  • frequent trips
  • targets one species
  • seeks a prize
  • no loyalty

Now every fisherman will fall under one of these three categories at any one point in time. Keep in mind, fishing is about the presentation. A presentation is a combination of components achieving one end result. Each type of fisherman delivers a different presentation but the ultimate goal is a bountiful and rewarding catch.

Couples should be a team. Should the successful combination of equipment and tackle be paired...the catch indeed comes. You see, the fisherman selects which bait or lure works best for him or her, and under what circumstances, in order to ensure an abundant and worthwhile fishing expedition. Should the location, bait, and technique be successful, he or she will stick with it for years.

Should you find yourself the fisherman, play the part according to type. Fisherman are quiet on the water so as not to scare the fish away, not transparent and unrevealing as to their true objective. Deer hunters are the ones who use decoys and blinds...

© 2014 HanDelsmen


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