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Barry Turner - Super Deacon

Updated on January 18, 2011

Barry Turner – The Super Deacon

I am saddened at the passing of my friend Barry Turner. Barry’s faithfulness to the Ministry was unquestioned. From the early days of Liberty Temple there was not a man more faithful and more committed to the leadership and to the laity.

He had a panoramic vision of the ministry and served in whatever area he was needed. Even though he never had a pulpit ministry yet that didn’t stop Barry from saying, “Jesus loves you, let me open the door for you, and is the family OK?

He was very active in the drama ministry staring in videos like “the Awakening”.

He was a man of many hats of which the world could not duly give him recompense.

He was the church security who sometimes had to stay back while the members went home to their cozy beds.

When it snowed, he was the first to make sure that the walkways were clear.

We depended upon him to open the door for services especially in the early days of the ministry.

He was the one who continually contended with the truckers who often times reverse their semi tractor- trailers into the church’s parking lot.

He was the one who on occasions stood outside the churches bookstore and invited customers to come in and at the same time you could hear him saying, “Jesus loves you!

Barry Turner was a good man and his spirit has been imprinted in every wall of Liberty Temple, every ceiling, every inch of pavement, every parking space and every hand he ever held.

Just as his heart and soul belonged to God, his loyalty was increasingly to the vision of the house.

He never doubted the vision, he kept his focus, always hoping to make that record deal, that movie production that would alleviate the expenses of the house and establish his sister Candy in a prosperous business venture.

I am taking the liberty of saying he did more than what was required of him. Truly he sacrificed himself giving devotion to his Lord and Savior, that the life he lived was not is own but Christ.

Some of the recent members have not known him in his full role because he his not one who pleads for exposure.

He was unpretentious, often quiet and preferred never to make an open display to draw attention to himself.

The last time I went to see him during his Hospital stay, he was propped up on a chair and he asked for paper and pen. I looked around the room and I found his note- book, which I placed on the surface so that he could write and he wrote down the message, “Get rich in love!

That touched me! I did not know if he was giving a word of knowledge or merely coming from his nature as being an exhorter, but I promised that I will work on getting rich on love. I will miss you Barry.

I will miss your genuineness, your humility, your exitement , your laughter, your moments of concern for others, your efforts even when your body said, no.

You were a good soldier, you faught well and I know that the same excitement you had on earth, you have taken up to heaven and now there is laughter among the angels. I will see you after awhile!

PS: Send your comment on how Barry Turner impacted your life!


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    • profile image

      Pam Redwood 

      8 years ago

      This is absolutely beautiful DAD! I agree with Nate this very well said!!!!

    • profile image

      Nathional Warren 

      8 years ago

      Very well said Elder Redwood, Barry was a great man and he will be missed, He was truly a servant in the Kingdom of God!


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