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Basic Techniques of PUA Training

Updated on August 26, 2012

Whether you’re a newbie and have never even approached a woman or a seasoned pro with experience picking up all types of ladies, there are several things that every PUA should aspire to. Pickup artists must go through a strict training regimen to get the confidence and skillset needed to draw in a woman. Many guys simply throw in the towel early on, as they feel it’s too difficult to learn these methods or they take rejection too hard. If you really want to become a master PUA, it’s important to shrug off your failures and focus on the end goal. Keep these PUA tips in mind the next time you’re on the playing field.

1. Find a Loyal Wingman

Many men find a wingman to help him get girls in a non-threatening way. A good wingman can be hard to come by. Your wingman should be confident, reliable, and always have your back as you grow as a PUA. With a wingman by your side, you’ll appear socialable and friendly to the woman you’re trying to pick up.

2. Fix Your Fashion

Without a style all your own, you may find woman appalled by your lack of fashion sense. No need to spend thousands on a new wardrobe, but some new threads can certainly boost your confidence and impress the ladies. What’s even more important than what you wear is how you wear it. PUA’s should appear clean-cut, smell good, and be very well groomed.

3. Set a Strict Goal

Without a strict goal in mind, you may find yourself at the same level as a PUA that you are now. It takes time and effort to become a master of seduction. Practice every week and you will see a drastic difference in your “game” in months to come. It’s also recommended that you set a goal. For example, set of goal of talking to at least 5 women on Saturday and collect at least 2 phone numbers.

4. Work on Your Approach

One of the most important parts of meeting a woman is the approach. Many men suffer from approach anxiety which can result in a poor introduction. Fortunately, it does get easier the more you practice. Many master PUA’s recommend walking up to a woman and asking her a question. This is a great way to initiate conversation.

5. Create a Routine

If you know anything about pick up artistry, you know that routines are the basis to any good “game”. Come up with a routine for common situations that you are often put into, whether you go to bars, grocery stores, or simply want to meet a woman on the street. Your routine may need tweaking over time, but will become natural and all your own once you have become accustomed to picking up women.

There are many types of “game” that you can try. One of the best is direct game. James Matador is one of the experts of the ‘direct game’ which can be read about on his website, PUA Artist. It’s all about being direct with a woman and letting her know about your intentions the moment that you meet her. Matador’s techniques really work and instead of ‘masking’ the individual, he teaches them to become a better version of theirselves. This is ultimately a great way to go about learning PUA training.


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