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" Marriage Life in India"

Updated on April 22, 2015

Bond of Trust

Marriages in india is very traditional type. there are many rituals and procedures in Marriage,it takes minimum 3 months to a year to complete a marriage.Both Bride and Grooms parents takes whole responsibility for the marriage of their daughter and son.

Firstly the bride and grooms parents get in touch with each other when they agree then they exchange thier daughter and sons pictures and biodata,and on one fine day the bride family invites the grooms family to their house and on behalf of some senior family members from both family the the Engagement is done.and the marriage date,time,place,etc are booked.

Till the Marriage is completed the Bride and Groom are not allowed to get in touch frequently with each other.The marriage date is fixed according to the astrological date,time,signs.Then when the marriage date arrives the bride and groom get ready from their respective houses and arrive at the wedding hall and wedding takes place their.some wed at temples,churches and mosques and arrange for reception at wedding hall.

According to Hindus a Mangalsutra is tied knot around the brides neck by the groom and some hindu rituals to the Gods are to be made by the bride and groom together with the help of a hindu priest (Poojari) which completes the marriage.After that a Get together Lunch is arranged for the well wishers who attend the marriage function.After that the groom takes her wedded wife to his house and they start their happy relationship.

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