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Be Anxious for Nothing: Fear Free Single Life

Updated on June 7, 2010

God works in your life in His time. He may not bring you a helpmate, a companion, in the time that you feel you need. It will be in the time that He knows you need it so use your time in the single life for your own personal improvement. Don't allow fear or loneliness to overshadow the plan that God has for your life. When you begin to try to do God's work for him, when you take control of your life instead of allowing Him to guide you, you are destined to fall.

Fear drives people to do desperate things. Many people will make relationship decisions based on fear and this is a recipe for disaster. Don't allow fear and loneliness to drive you to do anything, especially when it comes to finding a mate. Use the time to allow God to prepare you for your mate. Use the time to strengthen these five areas in your life.

1.       Your relationship with God. First and foremost, this should be your number one goal. As you draw closer to God, all areas of your life will improve. When you do find a mate, ensure that both of you continue to put Jesus first, in your lives and in your relationship.

2.       Your spiritual growth. We are spiritual beings in temporary bodies. When you put your life in that perspective, it is easy to see how vital your spiritual growth is. Read your Bible, pray and reach out to others. Ask God to show you His will and strive to follow the path that He lays out for you. As you live for Jesus, your relationships will be all the better for it.

3.       Your relationship with your family. Strengthen your family bonds. Use your time as a single person to improve your relationships with your parents and siblings. If you are a single parent, draw closer to your children. Share the good news of God's love and grace with those who are closest to you.

4.       Your professional or personal growth. Sometimes we may be walking the wrong path in our professional or personal life. By allowing God to redirect you and get you back to where He wants you to be, you are in effect helping to prepare yourself for your mate. Concentrate on your career or on your personal life. Pursue interests that appeal to you and create your own life. Then, when your mate enters the picture, you will be independent and will not feel the need to draw your happiness and contentment from them.

5.       Your friendships. As Christians, we need to fellowship with other Christians to encourage our spiritual growth and encourage each other during difficult times. Forge strong bonds with your Christian friends and do not break those bonds. When you are no longer single and are in a romantic relationship, you and your mate will likely find other couples with whom you can fellowship together, but it is important to each have your own friends as well.

Being single does not have to be a lonely and desolate time in your life. Allow God to work through you, within you and move in your life, directing your pate and guiding you as you grow as a person and as a Christian. Read your Bible and pray daily; get into the habit of visiting God every day so that when you are in a relationship with someone the two of you can do those things together. Prayer, praise, Bible study and worship are the cornerstones to a solid relationship and marriage. But always, always put God at the center of your life and your marriage, then you can't go wrong.


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