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Be Aware About What Divorce Lawyers Promise

Updated on July 7, 2013

How reputable is your "family" lawyer?


What a Lawyer Won't Do

A professor at my Alma-mater made a joke one day in class:

"A study had the purpose of identifing differences between rats and lawyers. What do you suppose is the difference between a rat and a lawyer?", he said to his class.

Several lame guesses were offered by the various students.

"No, no, no!", he extolled. "Individuals in the study group (the rats) and the control group (the lawyers) indicated that there were SOME things the rats would NOT DO".

I hope I don't have to explain that there is ANYTHING a "family lawyer" will NOT do. Plus, consider the conundrum of "family lawyer", a total joke! Family lawyers WANT the family to split up with as much angst as possible, reaping the lawyer great monetary rewards.

Laughter pealed throughout the classroom.

Inept Women (and Men?)

Seriously, friends, what a lawyer will not do for the almighty dollar is pathetic.

In the case of divorce lawyers, making a man OR a woman homeless by making a false report of domestic violence is not too much.

There is no reasonable "proof" in these cases. A mere accusation is enough!

There are far more men who fall prey to these accusations than women, however there is plenty documented in the book "Mothers on Trial, the Battle for Children and Custody", Phyllis Chesler make a case for men seeking custody (and substantial money) from ex-wives. She has also written "Women and Madness", a book that is a great lead up to her latest.

I had a professor who joked to me, "What a rat won't do?" A rat will eat until he is full. "What will a lawyer do?" Take everything their plaintiff and the defendant has until there is nothing left, and hoard all of it in their in their nest "a.k.a portfolio".

Yes, many, but all lawyers seek to obtain the wealth of the Kennedys!

Clearly a Case for Both

Formerly, men merely disappeared when an unwanted pregnancy occurred. Now there is clear evidence that either party may "crank the numbers" and regardless of whether they want custody, will seek it for their financial benefit.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Be Aware About What Divorce Lawyers Promise, informative, well written and one should know about these valuable points, especially if they going through a divorce


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