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Women: Be Mindful of Your Etiquette in a Club Setting

Updated on September 8, 2011

My Observation of Their Club Ettiquette

I am a married woman that do not really get out. One night I decided to go out with my beautiful niece and her friends. There is at least an eight your age difference between us. They claimed that they were looking for men to buy them drinks and possibly spark some type of relationship. I said, “In a club! Really?” I just smiled, sat down and took on the job of the purse holder and drink watcher.

I observed them as they mingled with everyone in the crowd. They made their way to the bar and there was nonstop drinking from there. They were falling all over the floor and talking really loud. They were drawing a lot of attention to themselves. The kind of attention that they didn’t need. It made them look really loose and wild. That is when the guys went in for the kill. I didn’t say a word. I just sat there and watched.

When they came back to the table, I asked them what they were doing. They started laughing and talking about how the men were falling all over them. That is not what I saw, I saw the men waiting until they were completely wasted so they could have their way with them. All the guys did was make bets with their friends and took turns with them to see who would get the prize.

In my younger years, I am guilty of acting the same way. I can honestly say that I am happy to be married. I don't miss any of the club scene at all.


How Not to Act

Here are few suggestions as to how to not act when you are a woman in a club setting,,,especially if you are not looking for someone to go home with.

  1. Get one drink and sip on it.
  2. Don’t walk in the club like you have never been anywhere before. Make sure that you have great posture. When you sit down, act like you got some manners.
  3. Don’t walk away with the first guy that looks at you.
  4. Make sure that the man respect your personal space. Don’t let him bump and grind on you. You will not get the response that you want.

I just can’t stress enough about how silly some women look when they are acting out like that. A person should always try to be level headed anywhere they go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have fun but the line should be drawn somewhere.

Thank you for reading my hub.


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