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Be happy and motivated

Updated on May 18, 2016

lets crack the mystery of life

At some point of time you think everything is right and suddenly something happens and it's like oh God!! Why me?..
Life is such a mystery.. What you'll get what 'LL you lose.... No one knows.
Only You can make your life miserable or happier. It's all in your hand,,,,
You can think positively, you can control your reactions which 'LL creates chaos, you can be hopeful and give hope and happiness to people whom you meet, love, adore!!!
There are several people who don't have hope to live results into very negative actions.
Fear of results is also a major problem, guys don't propose to their love because of rejection.. Funny but true.
Truly speaking, I am facing this and I am so anxious to tell him, but we are not close and he doesn't know me properly so I am taking time but I will tell him.
Fear is something which binds you to do anything which you want.. Let's face our fear and nail it!!!
Everyone has problems and they have no time for others, even to smile.
This makes me so sad that people are so busy they are unable to give time to their families, friends!! Time is precious, but don't be so busy in getting materialistic things which will lead you into a formal relation from casual/closer/loved ones.
I have made some mistakes so I am trying to correct it..
I don't want you people to do this.

mystery of life


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