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He's Looking for the Money

Updated on October 24, 2014

Analyze and Observe


He has Another Agenda

Women, you may be looking for love, but he may be looking for your help. Not all men are looking for someone to spend time with and share their world. Some are searching for someone who will help them pay their bills. Don't be surprised. There's some men who have no problem with women taking care of them. Be careful when trying to select a mate. If he doesn't show signs that he genuinely cares for you than he may be up to some trickery. He may have plans to dip in your bank account. So, keep your eyes, and your ears open.

Listen Closely

If he's constantly asking you financial questions and how you pay for this or that than you better be on guard. He may be thinking that you're his meal ticket. Don't fall for the "I really want to be with you", that's a game, the words are meaningless. You'll know what is what when he only gives you a call when he's in need of something. If he's unable to take care of himself than how will he be able to care for you? Don't give him information about your finances, don't hand over your hard earned money, you have to pay bills just like he has to pay bills. If you have children to support than you better be extra careful with your finances. Don't take money out of your children's pockets to give to a man.

He Doesn't Want Your Love


Keep Those Ears Open

If you hear him constantly asking for money to pay his bills than that should set off your alarms. If he's having trouble paying most of his bills than that means that he's having severe financial issues. You don't want to get involved with a financially stressed relationship. Things will only continue to go down hill. He should be willing to wait until he can stand on his own two feet before trying to enter a serious relationship. If there's money trouble today than there could be money trouble tomorrow. He wants the help not the heart.

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He Demonstrates Mixed Signals

If he shows that he's interested one minuet and could care less the next than that could mean that he will show instability within the relationship. You would probably have to deal with his issues and that could prove to be too much for you. If he doesn't demonstrate responsibility before the relationship progresses than it's highly likely that he won't demonstrate it when you've fallen head over heals for him. Don't allow his words to fool you. People can pick up on vulnerability. If you're not sure what you'll get than continue to observe but don't waste too much precious time on a dead end relationship.

Pay Close Attention to his History

If he had a hard time holding down a relationship than it's possible that he's incapable of supplying healthy relationship qualities. His previous relationships could have failed because of immaturity and instability. If he doesn't demonstrate signs that he's willing to make changes in his life than it's best that you remove yourself from the equation. Some men take a long time to mature and you certainly don't want to deal with that. If he's willing to have you in his life than he'll make the necessary changes to advance.

Learn When to Walk Away

Learn when it's time to let the relationship go. Don't hold on to something that won't offer you what you're looking for. Don't drain your bank account to hold on to the relationship. You deserve to be happy and losing your money certainly won't offer that. If he's unwilling to make moves that will help him grow than there's nothing you can do. You don't need to pick up someone's baggage. End the relationship in a respectful manner and wait until the right person comes along.


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