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Be one of them for once.

Updated on March 25, 2011

Can you feel their pain

I want so much to be an immigrate I am in this country that have so much and yet so many luxury and yet without a dime to help , I feel so horrible, when I call my husband he had a seizure on phone and I felt so helpless so useless hearing him trying to say my name and wanting me there with him and I can't be. I screamed on the phone tried to calm him to say I was there but I wasn't and had to call his parent that are down a block away to go to where he lives to see if he had not gotten hurt with fall how horrible that we have 8 years married and he has seizures which he has obtain them from a meningitis that got here in States when he was living here. Know I am lost without him and he not able to be here and sick makes it so much harder. Every one that are talking about immigration this and that. I would like them to be with a family member to be screaming on phone for help and you stand there wonder how wanting to have with you but because the government don't want them and in the country and you have no money to pay for so many damn immigration fees you stand there feeling so so helpless and you know there in pain and can't help them.


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