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Be wary of Be2 dating site

Updated on January 16, 2012

If you read my previous post on online dating you will notice that I mention be2 dating site. I decided to do a post on Be2 to hopefully help others from the hassle and heartache other people have gone through because of this site. I was lucky because the minute I’d subscribed I realised it wasn’t what I wanted. Getting out of it though took some work and persistence.

I’d read on some forums that a lot of people had been trapped into this subscription. After being on Plenty of Fish and being disappointed I did a search for the best dating websites. Believe it or not Be2 came up as one of the top ones. I guess I was drawn in by the trial offer for only £5. What I didn’t realise was that it was going to be so difficult to get out of it. But I did after doing a few things I will share with you.

The first thing I did when I realised I didn’t want the subscription any more was to ring the credit card company. They listened to me and understood and emailed me papers to start a case against Be2 if they took any money from me. I cancelled my card and got a new one with a new number but unfortunately this does not stop the subscription. The best my credit company was able to do if Be2 took any money was be to try to get it back.

This wasn’t good enough for me, I wanted out as soon as possible so I did a bit of research about Be2. I found story after story about how people had been conned out of money by Be2. According to their terms and conditions they are following the law. In the small print it states that if you wish to cancel your subscription, you should do so 14 days before the trial is due to expire. Thankfully for me it had only been a day. I had time. So I went the Be2 website to try and cancel my subscription, and guess what, it didn’t work. There was no phone number to contact, when I tried to click on cancel it took me to a totally different page. I then sent an email asking them to cancel my membership and gave them 24 hrs to respond. There was no response. This bugged me, £149 wasn’t something I wanted to loose to an online dating site.

It seemed a number of people were struggling to get out of the subscription and no one was giving the answers, just warnings to stay away. I needed answers. So out of frustration, if you can call it that, I rang the ECC (European Consumer Centre). Best thing I ever did. If you find yourself in this situation in the UK it would be a good idea to ring the ECC.

I spoke to a very helpful lady. I told her about the problems I was encountering with Be2 and she wasn’t surprised. There had been quite a few complaints about this website. She gave me a case number then told me what I had to do. Basically if you want to cancel your subscription you have to fax Be2. Yep, believe it or not, in this day and age you have to fax it to them. The fax should be like this:

Account user name:

Purchase Date:



Below this I asked them to confirm my cancellation to my email address and I also let them know that I’d sent a copy of the fax and receipt to my credit card company for their records. I also mentioned that I’d reported them to the ECC and that according to their terms and conditioned I’d followed their rules and that I was within my 14 day.

I got a response two hours later informing me that my membership had been cancelled and that they wouldn’t be taking any future payments. Success!

This was last August and no money has come out of my bank account. So it worked.

My advice to anyone in this position is to fax them. They will cancel your membership. I know it’s ridiculous but you have to follow their rules. This is a very cleaver scam because they make it look like they are following the rules and yet make it so hard to cancel your subscription.

Only join websites that have phone numbers where you can talk to human beings at the other end. Hopefully someone has found this helpful as this worked for me and no money was taken off me except for the £5 trial money.

With regards to the fax number I can’t find the piece of paper I jotted it down on but I do have the fax report. I’m sure that the 9 has to be dropped as I’d faxed it from the library. The number on the fax record for be2 is (9)0207 77859384. I’m guessing the nine is an outside line for the library. If you ring the ECC they will be able to give you the right number.

All the best.


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    • profile image

      Phil 3 years ago

      This has happened to me and the site still are trying to get the money after 2 years i thought i had stopped them put have leave it for so long and then say have are going to take me to court to get the money now what should i do

    • profile image

      Greg 3 years ago

      Join dating sites with debit cards, the odds are pretty high with internet dating, most sites are all now but a scam.

      N great for married men.

    • profile image

      candace 4 years ago

      Hi, i am writing from Singapore and i am a victim too.

      I would like to cancel my premium membership but does not know what is the country code to fax it too. be2 only gave us the fax no. 61 280887326 without the country code it is impossible to fax. Can anyone help? i would be grateful. Also, i will be reporting to the authority in Singapore.

    • profile image

      dippy don 5 years ago

      Dippy don stupid girl i am i to have been scammed by be 2. I omly realised after i had changed my cards i had lost them and had to get new ones. I had tried e mailing them to say i wanted out but all i got was i needed to pay my fees but i had nt used it for months and did nt realise i was still a member. I now am getting debt letter s to say i owe them all this money, i tried to pay and have got this site instead so i will just go to my bank to tell them not to let them take any money from my account.Thank you for telling me about this scam.

    • profile image

      Sheri52 5 years ago

      Be2 have told me their fax number is 0207789384. But to send a fax you need the country and area code (in canoncial format)! So does ANYONE know the full FAX number from the UK please?

    • profile image

      toukieuk 5 years ago

      Typical message from Thomas Brooking, I've seen it many times before. BE2 have no intention of fixing their site, they make it deliberately impossible to cancel. I very much doubt whether such a person even exists.

    • profile image

      Nick smith 5 years ago

      This is bull, can some one give. The fax number to this site, I want to cancel my membership before I am another victim

    • profile image

      Cyclingme 6 years ago

      This site is the worst I've seen. Much harder to cancel membership than any other site. The only messages I have received in 6 months have been generic ones (apart form 1 genuine one and a number of scammers). No replies received from anyone I did message. When I checked out who had actually looked at my profile, nobody had. Considering I have about 80 generic messages in my inbox and have sent a number of 'real' messages myself - I find it hard to believe that not one single person would respond - even if just to say 'no thanks'. All a bit dubious. The fact that you just can't email a membership cancellation also seems non genuine. The 6 month automatic renewal was also a shock as this information must have been buried in the smallest of the small print. I went through all their hoops to cancel and finally got that sorted out, but definitely not a site I'd recommend to anyone.

    • profile image

      CityGirl 6 years ago


      Latest email. If you call Intrum Justitiar in Ireland, they give the number for their call centre which is 00 353 01869 2266 - shock horror, the recorded message is Nigerian.

      Thank you for your message.

      We offered you last ....... to make the outstanding payment.

      Unfortunately nothing happened and therefore your case has now been transferred to the collection agency Intrum Justitia.

      All further correspondence regarding this payment should be sent directly to them. You can contact them via e-mail or phone:

      +353 1 869 2222

      You can find further details in the letter you receive from the collection agency.

      We would like to get your feedback. Please click on the link below to answer us some short questions regarding our service:

      Help is also available at any time by clicking „Support“ on our homepage. Here you can find information about how to use your profile as well as many other interesting themes.


      Steven Turner

      be2 customer service

    • profile image

      CityGirl 6 years ago


      Just to let you know of an email I've been sent by be2:

      You are excluded from using our site – for fraudulent behavior

      Explanatory Statement

      As a Premium Member, you have a legally binding contract with be2 and are obliged to make all payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

      It is apparent that you have made and then cancelled payments to our account. Also it appears you have prevented us from debiting your account while you were still using our site. In either case, this fraudulent behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

      As a result

      • We exclude you from using our site.

      • We are handing this issue over to our collection company.

      • They will be in contact with you shortly.

      • If payment is not immediately forthcoming we will inform the appropriate legal authorities and your financial credibility will be affected.

      Thank you for your understanding!

      Your be2 team

      PS: Are you confused about why you’re seeing this page? If so, please accept our apologies and inform us to that effect at customerservice-uk be2 com

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for your comment Karen. It is a shame that a site has to be so cunning. There are many dating sites that make good money without tricking people into membership .

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I believe that the reason they don't allow us, or give us the ability to delete our profiles is so they can boast in the promotion of the site as to how many registered members they have. The number is enormous, however what we don't realise when we read this is that many, many profiles are seemingly fake and scams. Once you add the number of profiles from members who registered and then trapped, the number just grows. Remember, that our profiles are also included in their claim of "Registered Members", or however they wish to word it! My profile is hidden, but as I can't delete it, it will still count for them as a registered member. Sickening and totally dishonest and cunning!!!

      And Sue, just from what I've researched, apparently it seems that cancelling your membership doesn't cancel your automated payment. You're probably best, from what others have reported, to cancel your card and get a new one and also advise your bank that no further payments are authorised to be paid to this site. I know that other people have supplied their bank with a copy of the cancellation of membership and notification to stop any future transactions from be2.

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Sorry to hear that Sue, this website really needs to be revealed for what it is. I don't understand why they still have to charge you for one months memebership. If you cancelled that really should be it. Email them again and cancel your card and let your bank know what's going on. Even if they can't stop it they can recover the charges. Hope this works out of you and thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      I have sent a fax to cancel my membership immediately and received confirmation that my membership would be cancelled a month later - so I am still going to be caught for one months membership. I e-mailed so called customer services asking them to confirm membership would be cancelled immediately and not after a month- have just had the automated response back that leads nowhere.

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Yes they are twinkle but talk is cheap. The site remains the same.I'm not sure I understand why they wouldn't want you to find the unsubscribe button.

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for commenting Karen, hopefully people will see this and stop using be2. Good dating websites make unsubscribe buttons available. Why this can't be done really baffles me.

    • profile image

      twinkle 6 years ago

      I see they are sneaking in here to see what's going on, if they were legit they wouldn't be doing things like this.Worried that they won't be getting peoples money when they see this.Go and get a proper Job you scum of the earth.

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      What absolute rubbish, Thomas! Be2 is most definitely not an honest and sincere dating site. Very cunning and not to be trusted! Immediately on paying, therefore having access to the fake, scam profiles, I realised this site was definitely not for me. I got a bad feeling as soon as I could see what was offered. I did not join this dating site to be made available to internet scams and fraudsters. I tried immediately to delete my profile and have my money reimbursed (read the fine print, it's very different from the face value on the site), however, I discovered that contacting Be2 was very difficult, with seemingly no way to contact anyone via the site and no possible way to delete my profile. I, like so many others, were trapped and my money for the entire 6 months taken from my account in one hit! In Australia, there is a cooling off period with any contract. Considering I tried to get out of this sneaky contract within approximately one hour of joining, I was shocked to see that Be2 made contact almost impossible and ignored my request via the "Let us know how we're doing" section, the only option I could find on the site.

    • profile image

      What! 6 years ago

      Thomas you are certainly not a legitimate site, not in the UK.

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for your comment Thomas, it's too late now and I've managed to get out of the subscription. I think the site should have working buttons like other dating sites. When you want to unsubscribe all you have to do is press an unsubscribe button, I did it with, why can't be2 do the same. I also think that there should be a number on the web so that if people need to contact the website they can. Be2 may be legitimate but it's difficult to unsubscribe. I really think you should work to improving this for future users.

    • profile image

      Thomas Brooking 6 years ago

      Hello there.

      I am sorry to hear that you have had such a troubling experience with be2. Please be assured that we are a legitimate site and that it is quite possible to cancel your subscription with us.

      Perhaps you could write to me directly at and I will investigate your case personally to see if there was an error in the way it was handled.


      Thomas Brooking

      Team Lead

      Customer Services be2.

    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Angela, thanks for voting up. These websites can be quite sneaky at times. I was lucky I figured it out early. So many people get caught up in it and it's so hard to get out of it. Thanks for you comment.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 6 years ago from Central Texas

      Most interesting Hub -- had a problem with one of these sites years ago (not Be2 but one here in the U.S.). It was an ongoing problem for about six weeks but like you, I finally got my money back and no more was taken from my account. As you said, reading the small print on these sites is of the utmost importance. In fact, I learned such a huge lesson when this happened to me that I now read the small print on everything on the internet. It's amazing what you find there! Good Hub! Voted Up. Best, Sis