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Beach Wedding Theme Decorations: Make Your Own Beach Themed Decorations & Centerpieces!

Updated on June 9, 2011

It's easy to make your own decorations!

Are you considering having your wedding ceremony and reception on the beach? By far, the beach is arguably one of the most beautiful places to get married. You, your wedding party and all of your guests will feel a sense of calmness and the serenity of your day will completely wash over everyone involved. The relaxing sounds of the waves and the softness of white beach sand underneath will ensure that your wedding is the magical event that you have always desired.

This article covers some ideas, tips and tricks for some lovely beach wedding decorations that will help create a wedding atmosphere that will truly enhance your day to remember.

Creating Your Own Beach Wedding Decorations

Seashell Glass Votive Candles

These candles are incredibly easy to make but since they are so beautiful and quaint, your guests will think that you put a lot of time and money into them. Not true!

Your candles can either be used as centerpieces on your table (group 3 together, or simply use a larger clear vase and larger seashells) or you can use them as wedding favors.

You will need:

  • clear glass votive holders
  • clear candle gel (available at your local craft store; it's up to you whether or not to have scented or unscented candles)
  • wicks for candle gel
  • assorted miniature sea shells


Place the metal base of one wick at the bottom of every votive. Trim the wicks as necessary. Leave about ½ an inch of wick.

Cover the bottom of the glass votive holders with a few miniature sea shells.

Heat and prepare the clear candle gel as instructed and gently pour over the shells until you've almost filled to the top.

Let them sit until the gel is firm and voila! You've just effortlessly created some inexpensive yet gorgeous beach wedding decorations.

Beach Bottle Placecard Holders

These beach bottle decorations are absolutely adorable and your guests will love them. They serve two purposes. The first is to allow your guests to find their assigned seats and the second is to serve as a fun take home favor.

You will need:

  • small clear glass bottles (can be found at local craft store)
  • miniature corks
  • white sand
  • miniature sea shells
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • an instrument to poke small, neat holes
  • small pieces of card stock (about 2x3 inches)
  • a calligraphy pen
  • ½ inch thick transparent ribbon for each of your wedding's colors


Fill the small bottles with white sand about 1/3 of the way. Place several as many shells as necessary so they are viewable through the glass.

Use your hot glue gun to affix the miniature corks (or tops) that come with the bottles.

Create your placecards on card stock and either neatly write your guests' names with a calligraphy pen, or you could always print them off on the computer. Try using sea-themed stamps on your handmade cards or sea-themed clip art on your printed placecards to give them something extra.

Poke a small, neat hole at the corner of each card that is wide enough for you to thread your ribbon through.

Tie the card with a beautiful bow around the neck of the bottle.

Ensure the card stays in place by using hot glue to affix the ribbon to the neck of the bottle.

Remember to alternate your different color ribbons that reflect your wedding's colors for every bottle to create a more eye-catching display.

Tips, Resources and Inspiration

Think Simple:

My favorite beach wedding that I have ever attended had a unique display on all the tables. The bride chose small hand-blown ornaments to decorate the tables that were in the shapes of various sea creatures. They looked beautiful on the table and everyone enjoyed being able to take one or two home at the end of the wedding.

Another easy idea for a wedding guest favor that also acts as a table display is to take small organza bags that correspond with your theme's colors and to place a small votive candles inside with a few clear marble rocks and sea shells. You could also add a note on a small piece of card stock with an inspirational quote about love, marriage or happiness.


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Be inspired by this blog that reviews nautical decorations and artwork. You may find some ideas to inspire you for centerpieces.

Beach Weddings by the Knot is a great resource that will help give you ideas.

The Inside Scoop on Beach Weddings


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      JesicaJ 6 years ago from USA

      I just wanted to comment your Hub and say that I really enjoyed reading your hub post here. It was very informative. Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more soon.