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Beach Wedding Ideas And Tips

Updated on April 4, 2015
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Carolee is a passionate writer with a love for learning and teaching. She is a published author, poet, blogger, and content creator.

Simply elegant white accented by red rose petals.
Simply elegant white accented by red rose petals. | Source

So the argument is settled, it's final and I have given my final answer.

There were a few compromises in which I said "okay forget it" or "I don't want to anymore" and these compromises meant that I would eventually get my way.

It started off with me asking what would the menu be and he said he doesn't want reception until our one year anniversary (some superstitious thing). So I asked what will our guests be eating and his reply was that he wants a small private wedding no guests. We compromised on six. So wedding planning began.

How the beach idea came about

We compromised on six guests but knowing that I am a woman he won't mind that have 12 on the list. A small intimate affair without a reception isn't suited for a church. Seems like a waste of space and then the light bulb went off.

Your dream wedding has always been a beach setting. So I decided to share these ideas with you just in case you are planning a wedding as well.

So everything that was being planned before has now changed.

My Beach wedding

I will be wearing a white summer(sunrise) of prom dress(sunset) and he will be wearing a beige or white slacks and a nice shirt (no tie, no suit). My headdress will be a crown of flowers in my wedding colors of red, green and yellow.

I will have a maid of honor in a light shade of green and she will wear a corsage instead of carrying a bouquet. I will carry a small bunch of wild flowers.

Guests will be asked to dress casually elegant and for keepsakes they will receive a gorgeously done invitation. Since I wont be having the reception I won't give tokens.

Tips for your beach wedding

  1. Your beach wedding must be done in the cool of the day whether it be sunrise or sunset.
  2. A beach wedding is best done under fair weather conditions. The seas should be calm and no threat of rain.
  3. Clothing should be light and summery so forget the long dress with train and the suit for the groom.
  4. Small intimate affairs look elegant outdoors so the beach is your landscape
  5. Beach weddings save on decorations and frill
  6. Your menu will reflect the time of day .

You can't have guests without offering some form of refreshments, so another compromise was reached about the reception. Even though we won't be having a meal I did suggest we offer our guests a glass of wine but you know women, we will also be throwing in some fruits and cheese as well.

Beach wedding menu ideas

  • Ceviche
  • Sashimi
  • Shrimp cocktails
  • Sushi
  • Mixed green vegetable or a seaweed salad
  • Grapes
  • Citrus flavored martinis
  • Vodka gimlets
  • Screwdriver (vodka orange juice)
  • Bloody Mary

Beach wedding food

Now unlike me you will be having a reception right? Well here are some ideas for the reception. This is assuming you are having a beach reception as well at sunset.

  • If you are having both ceremony and reception on the beach I suggest something casual. No dining tables. Use loungers and plastic chairs instead with a buffet under an umbrella. More of a cocktail party/beach party setting. It can still be an elegant affair.
  • Serve seafood such as sushi, shrimp, oysters, fish fingers.
  • Have your guests bring swim wear so you can all have a swim. (optional)
  • I suggest cocktails instead of champaign or wine.

Now my wedding wont have an after party but I do plan on refreshments. I decided to serve fruits, champaign orange juice cocktail, tea and coffee if it's sunrise OR fruits, cheese and wine for sunset. The exception with the wine is that there is no real party. Now my wedding is going to be quite small (less than 12) and I might throw in some shrimp in there if I can get the groom to agree.

If you are using a resort that is located on the beach and your affair is big and catered then you can go all out. Still serve cocktails with seafood but you might want to extend the seafood to lobsters and different fish recipes. I would also suggest a shrimp or fish ceviche.

If your wedding is sunrise then you want to serve breakfast items so cut down on the cocktails or make then non alcoholic and serve shrimp and fish only (lightly cooked or raw). Sushi or Sashimi are perfect for sunrise weddings. Also add some fruit.

Beach wedding colors

I know some people think the best way to have a beach wedding is to match the sand and sea with their colors. I beg to differ. If the sea is already blue, green or aquamarine and the sand is already of a chanpaign color why wear these colors? You already have the décor of the sea and sand. My suggestion would be to use one other contrasting to color to accent what nature has already provided.

So we have the sea (blue green), the sand (champaign) we need another that will go well with these colors but not of the same spectrum.

Here are some colors that go well with aqua, green blue and champaign

  • plum
  • red
  • orange
  • burgundy
  • deep sea blue
  • yellow
  • rose
  • merlot
  • berry
  • strawberry
  • teal

Here are some more ideas for wedding color combinations for any wedding.

Beach wedding décor

Basically beach weddings don't take a lot of planning or preparation. They are less expensive especially since you don't need a lot of decorations. If you must, here are some ideas:

  • You can still use an archway that is made of bamboo and decorated with wild flowers and seaweed.
  • You may opt for a circle with stones and flowers and this is where the bride and groom will take their vows
  • A heart shape is also ideal, made of flowers.
  • You can also simulate being in a church by creating a small podium using wood where the couple and minister will stand.
  • You can also make a gazebo out of bamboo and coconut limbs
  • If you have space make a large shelter for you and your guests. Make with bamboo and coconut limbs. Decorate with driftwood, shells and wild flowers
  • Or you can just let nature be your décor and say your vows under the clear blue skies. With a sunset wedding you don't need anything as the sky will be bright and orange and the sun will be reflected off the ocean.

Notice that décor called nature in this background. The magnificence of the palm and coconut trees and breathtaking landscape mountains.
Notice that décor called nature in this background. The magnificence of the palm and coconut trees and breathtaking landscape mountains. | Source

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