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Beat ur man or woman !

Updated on August 4, 2017

The beauty of it all is mesemerising ...

relive those moments , tender and sweet !
relive those moments , tender and sweet !

The title seems quite misleading right? well what i truly mean is beat ur partner in romance ! bring out the 'once oh so romantic dude or babe' in u once again !

u know its quite sad and pathetic to see a lovely couple drift away from each other , its pathetic when we are stuck up in this kind of relationship , where we never stop loving , but still feel something is amiss..a huge hollowness. Scary ? u bet !

what happens over the years ? what goes wrong? where does romance, intimacy get lost? something in us screams to get out still we feel it will be too dramatic to express love , romance and intimacy in this way or that way ! we hold ourselves back ! and go on living as if nothing happened !!! our partner becomes 'someone' we were truly intimate with , a thing of the past and we think we have got in a soothing comfortability!

or perhaps we even resent our partner for not showing enough emotions or intimacy towards us and clam up even further...what can be done ?

well i have read a lot about tantra and intimacy excercises, they do work if u set ur mind to it and its all not tantra only ! here are some tip and suggestions to rekindle the past embers .

first of all u have to admit that there is something amiss in ur relationship, honestly peek into it and dont just take sides or judge on whos right or whos wrong ! just honestly admitting that theres something wrong which u need to fix is the first step!

we are looking at something of a permanent nature coz fancy lingeries, exotic perfumes, a six pack ab set , diamond jewelry can just hold the attraction for some time :(

now lets begin --sit or lie down comfortably , close ur eyes and deep breathe .imagine ur partner ,all attractive , kind and smiling .enclose him/her in a red frame and say'' i want more love , romance and intimacy from my partner''. repeat this several times and walk into the frame and hold ur partners hand and look into their eyes lovingly for some time , stay there enjoy the moment and say ''thank you'' .

keep at it for one week atleat then graduate to step 2 which is again closing ur eyes , deep breathe and imagine ur partner sending color rays to ur heart, red, silver,green,golden and pink. recieve them with love and gratitude , feel happiness building within u!! SMILE ! and say thank u .

send the colors and lots of love back.

keep at it for a couple of days and dont forget to burn some perfumed candles like, sandal, rose, vanilla, a quiet and clutter free spot to do these excercises. u can enhance the experience by taking a scented bath before u start this .

i wish u all the very best and wish u warm love and and a love filled life ahed, keep reading my blogs ! i will write some more on this topic and impart more tips and powerful excercises till then beat ur man or woman at romance ;)


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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Your hubs are really really nice , Thanks for reading my hubs too !

    • Tajy profile image

      Tajy 8 years ago

      I love the tittle very catchy! Thanks for reading my hubs!