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DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Updated on June 23, 2017
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Anan Rivera is an upcoming wedding and event planner. She is also a blogger and You Tuber since 2009.

Elegance at your fingertips

As a wedding designer, I know that after the bride's dress the second aspect of a wedding that will create an impact is the decoration of the ceremony and reception venue.

This is the part were the couple expresses the tone and style of the event. Depending on the budget, this can easily represent a big part of the budget after the big expenses are laid down. For many brides that have a knack for the whimsical can bring to life their vision at a lower price.

It's in these cases that we have seen stunning versions of a much expensive look.


Real or Fake flowers

To be honest this is an individual choice. There is a reason why silk flower arrangements are among the favorites in business and homes.

They look amazing and need little to no maintenance. The quality is what will mark if any, the end product.

On the other hand, a fresh cut bouquet of flowers evoke elegance and romanticism.

Never the less this could go into the thousands of dollars with a dozen of arrangements for the reception tables.

So it's safe to say, making your own arrangements makes sense. Especially if you can use your own design and save a ton in the process.

It's a matter of inspiration

What looks best?

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Can you tell the difference?

Candles and Candlesticks

One timeless prop are candles. Needless to say how beautiful and romantic they look, specially with a touch of flowers.

You can achieve this look with pillar or tea candles. They can be dressed up as you like using accents of color, glitter and even water.

Any candlestick can be used to achieve a more dramatic look. Either to add height or a more formal feel.

DIY centerpiece. This look works with both natural and silk flowers.
DIY centerpiece. This look works with both natural and silk flowers.

Combine fruits and flowers

This beautiful arrangement can be used in a rustic themed wedding. The combination of flowers and citrus fruit gives us a refreshing feeling of organic flow.

To combine fruit, flowers and a clear vase showcases a specific theme that would look amazing for a summer wedding outdoors.

Recycle, reuse glass bottles

With just a little imagination and paint, you can turn any glass bottle into a beautiful centerpiece. Add flowers, foliage or even branches to complete a unique piece.

It does not matter if you paint it or just use other materials to create a raised feel, this is a great way to decorate any table.

Using glass bowls

Looking at this anyone would assume that this would cost easily $40 or even $70. When in reality this arrangement could cost as little as $6.

Go crazy with this particular idea, since the combinations are endless.

Topiaries, topiaries galore

This is one of my favorites. I have made a couple of these for my own home and this version is quite whimsical and delicious too!

Combine floral foam, wooden dowel and a simple pot to create the base. Then decorate it with your chosen colors and attach candy to the foam. Magically delicious!

Floating candle centerpiece

© 2017 Anan Rivera


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